China’s Communist Kindergarten: VICE INTL (China)

China’s Communist Kindergarten: VICE INTL (China)

this nicely Hi, I´ m Ben Anderson at the Vice headquarters in Brooklyn, NY. China is the world’s largest country and the world’s largest communist state. Our colleagues at the Vice China office went to check out a school that teaches the wonders of communism. This, is the “Red School”. music playing bells People don’t really need that much. All we need is food and shelter. This type of satisfaction really has nothing to do with materialism and wealth. This is my basic understanding of Maoism and traditional values. I have always had a passion for Maoism. You could say I got most of my education from the radio.

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  1. Capitalism is a failed state. Capitalism is when a country can only control it's population by pretending that money has value. When a country begins to fail it becomes more capitalist, where the leaders make all the money and the people make nothing.

  2. STFU Vice, Communist Kintagarden? The Whole country is communist. There are communist college, communist primary school, communist high school , communist public transportation etc. You call this NEWS?! wtf!

  3. and the superstitions and maoism is gonna save America WTF? ok this is not a communist school, this is a NUTJOB SCHOOL, this guy is not qualified to be educator, he's mental…

  4. Advocating mass murders and running a kindergarten….please donate to communistic leftovers finally enough rope to hang themselves.

  5. As being one of the kids who is Chinese and went to these schools 1 through 3 I can relate to these schools at my school 1 table, bench for 2 students test are on one giant piece of paper 30+ kids to one class no recess equipment, learn fractions and multiplication (advanced) when in 1st and second grade, no free time basically at home come home each day with stacks of homework, kids/students fail grades or school and don’t even care. You kids in the U.S are getting off lucky.

  6. Incredible that Chine still does this kind of shit despite the fact that the country is state capitalist.
    China hasn’t been communist for a long time.

    And this is pure brainwashing in its purest form.
    You shouldn’t need to brainwash your people into believing in your ideology, if the ideology was executed correctly or was actually decent then they would be loyal to it without influence.

  7. As a Chinese person I don’t really see a problem with mao on the wall because he’s fkn everywhere it’s hard to move from everyone needs a mao to man nevermind he was a bad person but he was polished to a god. the teacher is a really nice guy but if all you were only taught your entire life mao is a god you would end up like this you may say I’m different but remember that all you know is taught to you.

  8. This is sad and depressing. I am worried for those poor children being indoctrinated at ages when they cannot distinguish between good and bad.

  9. The guy's not evil but outdated, poor-educated and close-minded. What's so scary is that he's in education industry, teaching and influencing hundreds of children,young people,future generation.

  10. I find it weird that he describes Maoism as "traditional values". Makes me think that he is just reliving his childhood. I feel bad for this guy, he seems sad.

  11. I’m Communist and internationalist and i fell bad when i see things like this called COMMUNISM thats not communism, that is what Lenin called Imperialism, that is what china is now, people have to know that communism never been existed before, and that Stalinism Maoism ARE NOT MARXISM!! Stop put shit on Marx and Engels tomb and read some of their books

  12. During the cultural revolution didn't Mao ask for intellectual properties to be destroyed? So doesn't it contradict to bring intellectual properties back? Might as well change to farming schools

  13. China is very sucks country china our island and time of Korean war Filipino soldiers kill thousand in filipino side no one kill

  14. 8:42 Iooked away from the screen with my headset still on and i though there was some anti Maoist attack

  15. 1989 Tiananmen Square protests

    For all yall chinese communist sympathisers whose government watches them constantly. Begoooone

  16. Mao is probably the greatest leader in human history. He saved 1 billion people and their souls

  17. I work in another Far East country, and I can say that the students learn only by repetition and copying what the teacher writes on the board-no independent thinking or creativity. Some students are bound to spend their lives working in the fields and small factories due to backward education.

  18. Teacher: Chairmen Mao isn't God, but Maoist thought is more powerful than God.

    God: don't make me come down there you punk

  19. All communist countries did/do this. My mom grew up in communist Romania and they had this throughout all of primary and secondary

  20. So this so called "Sofisticated" teacher loves a man that starved 100 of millions to death, and think his ideas are great? cmon now ….I know there are nuts in the world but this one takes the cake.

  21. 中国は共産主義国家なのに小学校から教材費や学費を生徒から徴収しているんだよな、

  22. An avid believer of Maoist ideology placing Deng xaio ping's picture alongside Mao's picture ..that's some sort of utter sarcasm.. should I term it dengeist Maoism.. 😂😂 these people's makes me laugh…

  23. In India communist are anti nationals and atheist… Here in this video that's man is good human.. He loves his country and praying buddha… In India communist creating terrorist and naxal who want with government

  24. Canada is a friend of China. Why. Because Canada and China have the same boss. The same sovereign. Great Britain. Both China and Canada gave their allegeance to the British. Americans are being played like waged crazy fighters in a cage.

    Something to make them go all insane.
    I told you to remove the fucking psychiatry before it's too late for everyone.
    Thank you everyone.

  25. Imagine a democracy that had mandatory pray time for the leader of the country.
    Well that is China a Comunist propaganda machine.

  26. so an average man builds a school where he aims to somewhat improve the absolute dire condition of some poor village kids, does exactly that and more, having been inspired by mao and you shit on him for being inspired by mao hmmmmmmmmmm

  27. Keep in mind, only 100
    Years ago or so Chinese folks were still riding Yaks and living in Huts. One of the bloodiest days in any war was when Japan invaded into China. Killed over 100,000 Chinese in less than a days daylight. China was just a huge country of no wealth, infrastructure, military, exports, or technology. So when this chinaman starts stating that all people need to live and be happy is food and shelter, he is proving just how oppressed and oppressive they are by nature as a culture. Godless heathens who worship the Dragon.

  28. okay the first thing he told us is that it teaches the "wonders" of communism. This is going to be a fucking joke.

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