Chicken Manchurian / চিকেন মাঞ্চুরিয়ান / Chinese Chicken / Recipe #33

Chicken Manchurian / চিকেন মাঞ্চুরিয়ান / Chinese Chicken / Recipe #33

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I’m Salma I welcome you all to your favorite channel SalmaTheChef Today, I’ll share with you Another popular Indo-Chinese recipe Chicken Manchurian If you like the recipe, plz give a LIKE And subscribe my channel SalmaTheChef Come, let’s see How easily we can cook Chicken manchurian Ingredients we need to make Chicken Manchurian First we take a look at these Took 500 g boneless chicken Cut chicken in 1 inch cube Washed the chicken & strained water well 5 g grated ginger 15 g grated garlic Garlic flavor in Chinese dishes tastes good So, I comparably took more garlic Finely sliced 1/2 onion Chopped finely the lower white of Spring onion Took 20 g of it 1.5 tsp ginger paste 1 tsp garlic paste Chopped the upper green part of spring onion 10 g needed 2.5 tbsp soy sauce 1 tsp black pepper powder 3 tsp sugar Salt as needed 1 tsp red chili sauce Finely chopped 4 green chili 1 egg 3 tsp vinegar Refined oil to fry chicken 2 – 3 tbsp sesame oil Sesame oil enhance taste of Chinese dishes If you like, you can use any other vegetable oil 30 – 35 g corn flour 3 tbsp tomato ketchup And 100 g white flour needed Now, we will marinate chicken Adding 2 tsp salt You add as per your taste Adding ginger paste Adding garlic paste Adding 1/2 tsp black pepper powder Rest we will use in gravy Adding 1 tsp sugar Adding 2 tsp vinegar Added 1.5 tsp soy sauce Now, mix all the spices with chicken After mixing Cover and keep for 15 mins So, the taste of spices get inside chicken 15 mins over, now in chicken Add 1.5 tsp sesame oil And mix thoroughly I added the oil last Because, if we add oil earlier Taste of spices will be prevented to get inside Now, add 1 egg and mix again Then, add little lukewarm water And mix thoroughly And let it season for 30 mins 30 mins seasoning done Now, in it Add 3 tsp corn flour Mixing the corn flour well I need little more corn flour I’m adding another tsp & mixing again This gives a nice coating Be careful That the coating does not get too thick Else taste will reduce Mixing of chicken complete Now, put the chicken pieces In flour one by one To dust lightly Shake off the extra flour Doing like this will make.. Chicken Manchurian will taste like restaurants’ Dusting the remaining chicken pieces similarly Flour dusting completed for entire chicken Now, I’ll fry chicken like pakora Heating a pan on medium flame Adding needed oil Oil has heated up I’m adding chicken pieces One by one My pan is small, so I fry in 2 cycles We will fry chicken till 70% Turning the chicken pieces upside down Fry the chicken on medium flame For 2 – 2.5 mins So, chicken is uniformly fried inside out Chicken now 70% fried I’m straining out chicken Similarly, fry rest of the chicken on medium flame For about 70% I have now fried all chicken about 70% Now, in very heated oil on high flame Fry 2nd time all the chicken at once Due to frying in high flame in second lap The outer coating turns crispy within seconds And golden in color But it remains juicy inside By this, Manchurian tastes splendid If we fry chicken on high flame from start By the time chicken gets cooked The outer side would become very hard The juicy nature inside will disappear Again if we cook on medium flame continuously The juicy nature inside disappears too So, I fried the chicken in 2 steps You can see the chicken turned golden in flash Straining out the chicken Putting chicken over a tissue paper So, extra oil gets absorbed And chicken remains crispy for longer time Showing you one chicken [piece] Look, the outer side is crispy And so juicy inside Heating pan on medium flame Now, we need to make Gravy of chicken manchurian Adding 2 tbsp sesame oil Oil heated up Adding chopped ginger & garlic Lightly fry for 7-8 secs Adding chopped green chilies Stirring a bit Add the chopped white part of spring onion And the sliced onions Be careful, we cannot fry much As soon as the onion turns transperant Add the spices Onion turned transperant Turning flame to low & will add spices Spices will burn, if flame is on high First added the Soy sauce And chili sauce added Mixing everything well Adding 1 tsp vinegar Add 2 tsp corn flour in 400 ml water And mix well So, no lump is present Pouring the corn flour mixed water in pan Adding remaining black pepper powder Increasing the flame to high Adding 2 tsp sugar Adding little salt Add salt carefully As salt is present in ketchup & sauces Now, boil the gravy very well So, the rawness of corn flour disappears Gravy got boiled very well Turning off the flame Now, add fried chickens to it After adding fried chicken We will not boil gravy any further Because, if we boil gravy The outer coating will get soft Now, I’ll sprinkle green part Of spring onion & mix Our restaurant like Chicken Manchurian is ready Now, I’ll serve it hot Goes well with noodles & fried rices I hope you will try this recipe at home If you like this recipe, plz give a LIKE Please share with friends Give comment And to get update of my new recipes Subscribe my channel SalmaTheChef Also click the BELL icon So, as soon as I upload new recipe You get the email notification Please keep well Good Bye!

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  1. 2 nd biryani er mosla ta janlam .kintu tomar prothom biryani r mosla j ta tomar home made otar ki ki pariman r ki ki lag be. plz janio.r alu bokhra r function ta ki biryani te .etau bolo.ota ki sudhu muttun biryani tei lage?

  2. Again really sorry for late comment. Kintu Darun yummy hoyeche… chilli chicken aar manchurian e parthokko ta ka ki go? By the way background music ta bhalo laglo 😉

  3. Bah!!! Sheta ki eggless??? Please dear kichu mind korona… amake eggless cake beshi pochondo aar eggless cake amra khayi ekhane. Kintu recipe ta darun hit hobe ami jani in advance 😉 cake kakei na pochondo? Ami dekho eggless kore cake ta try korbo.

  4. Tomar Chinese dishes khub khub special aar dekhar por nijeke samlano khub mushkil😀😀😀😀😀 please kichu notun Chinese recipes share koro… onek din hoye gelo kichu Chinese share korle na😉😉😉😉😉 what's upcoming? ??

  5. Thank you didi.ami rannar show te sunechilm kintu patta deini..but tumio jokhon bolecho same thing to I will follow your suggestion.

  6. Chicken manchurian khaoar pore eto bhalo laglo ki ami ekhon kichu chinese order kori to chicken manchurian aar fried rice order kori… chilli chicken thekeo beshi tasty hoye Manchurian 😉

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