Chicago’s Best Dumplings: Qing Xiang Yuan Dumplings

Chicago’s Best Dumplings: Qing Xiang Yuan Dumplings

no trip around the world in Chicago is
complete without a stop in Chinatown and Kevin sent us an email saying that if we
think oh we had to stop for the best dumplings in the city at qxy shechet
Kevin anymore the subtitles Eric I’m going to say this once get out of the
way okay because I’m gonna make a mess of it okay ching chong young yep there
we go yeah all right I did all right what is the name of the restaurant main
because my Chinese is a little bit thinner King in Chinese means to the
healthy charming so delicious you I kind of a good place just unique place it’s
really authentic sometimes with a hum take would come here and reminds me of
my hometown Chinatown is obviously where a large portion of Chinese people
settled the dumplings here they tweak for American taste but are you guys
serving authentic traditional style Chinese dumplings it’s not a traditional
Chinese this kind of quality our company you can’t get anywhere off in Chicago
it’s not like a normal dumpling there’s five handmade the meat the juubi part
not on the whole so it has to be a really good Islander to have a good see
you guys do a whole host of different dumplings yeah well he’ll like a 48 48
different dumplings yeah we need to focus in on just one you know the
Rimbaud numbing or the ultra Cola Company is white right the rainbow one
where these are colorful and this episode is nothing if not colorful let’s
go meet Eric Santy Ariana in the kitchen unfortunately you’re going to teach me
how to make dumplings yes it’s very very excited about the prospect of putting me
through the kitchen qxy hand colors all their rainbow
dumplings with natural veggie juices and rolls them out fresh to order yeah well
I can do the rolling out pie I’m just curious to know how difficult is going
to be filling out I know know if I can do it
then it’s easy easier said than done I’m sure
today we’re stuffing our dumplings with a rich flavorful lamb and cilantro black
seed to skip a low ban in today you see I love how you keep on telling me it’s
really easy through this yeah look at that pinch
pinch the back why is no one watching me then I believe hahaha
there we go appreciation from the from Road clearly my adoring public awaits
all I can see and crew finish up while I go have a word with the fan how do the
dumplings here compared to dumplings you’d find in China it’s easy to make a
dumpling it’s difficult to make a good something mm-hmm I know that this
dumpling is like soft I’ll say but like really juicy inside very juicy very
testy they’re really soft and the skin is really seeing and then he has to open
the medias really French too I just like the taste Eric apparently making dumplings is very
skilled and I’m not very good at doing it ya know it’s tough these are
beautiful though they’re what’s the best way to attack these in China will do
like obviously put some vinegar and some chili to warm up evey if you needed any
reinforcement that these are packed with a soupy delicious interior the mess I’ve
made in here proves the Hat that is so good that is a remarkable dumpling with
England we are the only one could amaze us in thunking in komak for a reason
well the best in Chicago I was being washed away the best be already told me
no I don’t even need to do that what we need to do eating enjoy is eat the more
dumpling yep

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  1. You should see what passes as chinese dumplings in south carolina. I'm pretty sure they buy them from the frozen section in Walmart

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