Chicago’s Best Burgers: Boba Burger

Chicago’s Best Burgers: Boba Burger

typically bowling alleys don’t have the
greatest food the classic Bowl in Warren Grove has two brothers dishing up some
killer fusion burgers it’s boba burger okay like we have to acknowledge link
first of all people might hear strikes and pins and bowling balls in the
background we are in the bowling alley is my brother died were bowling a
classic Bowl I had a hankering for some cheese fries and the restaurant was
closed and I decided to open up a burger place a necessity is the mother of
adventure my friends at a typical bow now you just get the old normal bla car
boarding land here the food is fresh juicy flavorful it’s amazing isn’t any
better than this what needs your plates all about what is it you guys do
basically most of the recipes are for my mother so we try to take all the Asian
influences and put it into a home American burger a really good fusion of
Asian and like American like flavors won’t be a good reflection of what you
guys do here we’re gonna do the barbecue l’chaim burger
it starts off with a brioche bun a 5-ounce patty pork belly that’s been
roasted until it’s tender then flash-fried to its crispy Oh topped off
with the onion ring and barbecue sauce barbecue LaShawn burger is phenomenal
look how beautiful it is just look at the bun look at how big this meat is if
I feel like a boy right now you salivate just looking at it and when you put in
your mouth then oh this is pure heaven dude that burger sounds amazing come
again the kitchen right now sure is gonna make it do I need to change my
shoes cuz we’re in a bowling alley no I don’t think so cuz I hate that sprays
stuff in the smell when you change them over here’s a difference maker right off
the bat all right up the bowling ball you guys make the patties on-site yes in
else everyday we start with the ground so if the patties is one important
aspect what you guys do here for this burger this is the other main ingredient
yes this is the children it’s a Filipino style pork belly I’m just struck by her
beauty slice little Chum what do you think a little bit too generous for us I
like generous look you’re generous man all right I’ll trim them to actual size
get our flash fry on and hopefully the skin will pop up just a little bit give
a little outer crust and it’s time to hit the grill then we take our burger
fries constantia smash on the grill so pepper yep should be ready in about a
few minutes okay well my phones blowing up so I’m guessing that means the Jordan
and Jason I’ve got the shoes and they’re ready following so you want to finish
this up over the line market in eighth dude you might that Freeman eight you
are entering a world of pain my friend we heard on Twitter Facebook and email
from Kari who said when she’s falling she just can’t do the frozen pizzas
anymore and you guys a true gem so let’s find
out you got this yeah great okay that is ridiculous
okay that’s our day oh that poor belly alone is a real compliment the patio is
so well made that is so damn good why do you think you guys Chicago’s best
for burgers our berries are totally different from other places I mean you
couldn’t compare to us you stand alone you’re a shining beacon a burger light
of fusion mayhem in a sea of pretenders who’s that is that what you’re trying to
say yes yeah I knew it

24 thoughts on “Chicago’s Best Burgers: Boba Burger

  1. As an Asian I can honestly say I've NEVER thought about putting pork belly in a burger; makes my mouth water thinking about a multi-tier burger like that…

  2. Elliot's cool when he's chilled out a bit. Seems a lot more friendly than the earlier episodes, when he appeared to be hopped up on speed. I hope this continues.

  3. You can definitely tell they're trying to advertise the shit out of that beer.  Every video it's the same beer, and the label is always facing out so the camera can see it.

  4. All the cooks are annoyed af to have to deal with anyone coming back there for any reason who shouldn’t be back there

  5. I watch this only with Elliott Bambrough, his humour is so dry, 
    most unintelligent people do not understand his wit.

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