Chicago’s Best Burger: Lodi Tap House

Chicago’s Best Burger: Lodi Tap House

(fast rock music) (train wheels clacking) (fast rock music) – Guys when I say road trip,
I mean out of the city, winding roads surrounded
by cornfields. Now this is a road trip. And today we’re in
Maple Park on our way to Lodi Tap House for
burgers, beers and possibly the best cheese curds
in the whole of Illinois. (crickets chirping) (fast rock music) A lot of times
we’ll do a road trip and it feel like we haven’t
got a proper journey but the Lodi, to get
here driving through the cornfields,
through the farms, it really felt like it
was a true destination. (fast rock music) Yeah, I mean it’s
a small little town just past all the
buildings in the suburbs. But then when you
get here, we got one of the best beer offerings
of Illinois craft beer in addition to some of
the best food in the area. (fast rock music) – Maple Park is a
little gold nugget. – It’s kind of in the middle
of nowhere but it’s also somewhere once you’ve been
there, you don’t forget it. – It’s one of those locations
that you can come to that’s kinda like
off the beaten path. – Look I’m a hungry man,
I’ve made a hell of a journey to get out
here so I feel like it’s time to get
back in the kitchen. Plus we heard from
our buddy, Darrin, who is basically an
honorary member of the show, that you guys have
a killer burger, outrageous cheese
curds, so, that sounds like the right
thing for me to get. – Absolutely.
(fast drumming) – This is Chef Stu, he’s the man who’s gonna replenish my hunger. – First thing we’re gonna do,
we got our burgers in here. We take our butter
and bacon mix. Toss it on the grill.
– Whoa, rewind. (record rewinding)
Our what? – It’s a 50 50 blend of
butter and bacon grease. – [Man] Bacon. – I love you, I love
you and I love you too. (fast rock music) – All right, now all we
gotta do is wait for that to just kinda melt a little bit. You wanna hit that
perfect stage of melt. – And while we wait
for that perfect melt, I think it’s about
time I get my curd on. You guys make them.
– Yes, sir. – Curds, dry mix, wet. – [Chef] Into the fryer. – We got ourselves a production
line going, my friends. (train whistle blowing) (fast rock music) – A friend of the show,
basically a family member of the show, Darrin’s been
on the show more than I have. – I mean you’ve made our
lives so much better. I mean when we see
somethin’ on the episode, it’s like on the list
for the next week. – You’re the first person
that has ever told me that I’ve made
their life better. – (laughs) – [Elliott] What is
it about this place that you wanted
us to know about? – When you come here this
is one of those places you take a bite of the food and you’re like, what,
and your brain just kind of explodes
and that’s it. I tell ’em you
have to come here. (fast rock music) – This is akin to what my
last meal might look like. – [Chef] Heck,
yeah, let’s hit it. – Okay.
– Cheers. – Clink up.
(fast rock music) Mm, holy (beep). That’s a damn fine
burger, not just the fact that I was blown away
by that 50 50 bacon butter grease that’s
going on in there. It’s a burger worth the drive. – There you go. – Which moves us onto our
second part of the last meal. Made in-house cheese curds. – [Chef] Heaven
pillows, they’re great. – Oh my good god.
Cheese for days. Are there any properties
for sale in the area? – (laughs) We’ll find you one. Consider it done. – Okay.
(glasses clink) Done deal. (fast rock music) (whooshing)

42 thoughts on “Chicago’s Best Burger: Lodi Tap House

  1. Awesome video but whoever did the editing dropped the ball on this one too. There is a minute or two of no sound and no video at the end.

  2. I thought it was called Chicago’s best not road trips best? It can’t be called Chicago’s best when the place is 70 miles due west of Chicago, how many viewers are willing to make this journey? And the best cheese curds are in Wisconsin, virtually equidistant to this place…

  3. If that's the best they got, they can keep it!!! Flame grilling is the way to go!!! Flat top burgers are not that great!!!

  4. Ok so it’s smashburger. In 2009 that was a unique burger in 2018 it’s noting special. I’m sure it’s good but this show is running out of restaurants to feature.

  5. I go on vacation every March and I've only ever gone to Chicago and I really wanna go here next time it looks soooooo good

  6. Was passing thru and stopped for lunch but like most places that predominantly whites occupy they were racist asf and let me know my money wasn't good there… that's America for you.

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