Cabbage / Gobi Manchurian | Marathi Recipe | Shubhangi Keer

Cabbage / Gobi Manchurian | Marathi Recipe | Shubhangi Keer

Namaste Im preparing today ‘Cabbage Manchurian’ These are all required ingredients These are ingredients to make bhajis(cabbage balls) grated Cabbage (100-150gm) Ginger garlic paste Red chilli powder(my home made konkani masala) Corn flour( you can use Rice flour also) Gram flour(Maida/besan) Salt These are all ingredients required to make ‘Chatni’ 1 Green Capsicum Oil Schezwan Chutney Soya Sauce Red chilli sauce Dried red chillies(without seeds) and Garlic ( soaked in water for 10-15 mins) Water Oil

86 thoughts on “Cabbage / Gobi Manchurian | Marathi Recipe | Shubhangi Keer

  1. can u please share a recipe of soya chunks or granules ( nutri nuggets) vegetable if possible and tomato omelette (without egg).thank you

  2. Kaki please ajinomoto vaparu naka. Te khup harmful aste. Nahi Vaparun Kahi chavimadhye Farak padat nahi. Ghari Chinese recipes tar always without ajinomoto Karavyat.

  3. This is what i wanted, mine favorite , Thank You very very much , and best thing is that it is an home made recipe 🙂

  4. Chaan,tumi UK laa kaawa haazri denar haw?Mee you all reside in waat ? .Tumi nai aylaw taw me shewet posing Indialaa fursa machinations.Maji holiday due hai November teen ihaftaaI need your address & which ide at,please as I wan to book a S/C apartment one bedroom near your place to enjoy your & your families company,please just let me know,thanks Naamaste to you all.😘✈️

  5. Maast chaan.Excellent mango achaae.I will try it in the morning, thanks.Was just thinking it today.😘😘😘😘😘👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  6. काकू मी तुमची प्रत्येक रेसिपी बनवते खूप आवडते तोंडाला चवच येते असेच आम्हाला शिकवत राहा खूप चहान

  7. काकू माझी रेसिपी सांगते तुम्ही नक्की बनवा खूप छा न लागते तुम्ही कोबीचे पिट भिजवले तशेच तयार करायचे फक्त त्यात लाल तिखट नाही टाका यांचे लाल फ्रुट कलर टाकायचा त्याला कोबी टिक्का म्हणतात सोस नाही टाकायचे तसेच शेजवान चटणी बरोबर खायचे

  8. छान ताई.👌👌 मला ही आवडते.पण बाहेर खाल तर तेचात तेल खूपच लागते.

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