15 thoughts on “Cab Driver Fatally Stabbed In Burger King Parking Lot

  1. Probably some hoodlum who couldn't pay the fair and the caby wasnt going for it! That's right next to skid row..you can disappear quick in Downtown LA too ..sad story.

  2. That's messed up the Man was just trying 2 make a living for himself and his Family… The world is just to Cruel R.I.P to the victim and my condolences 2 the family…

  3. The older I get the more I question things that I am willing to die for and some things are not worth dying over. R.I.P. to the cab driver. Just trying to make an honest living 🙏🏼🕯

  4. People are so cruel. With no emotion of feelings towards others and their life! My condolences go out to the victims family!🙏🏽hope they can all as a family be there for one another and get through that rough time. I pray for peace in their hearts❤️

  5. This murder wont get the USA weaker. Lots of drivers wished them would get a job in LA. Just one more day has passed by in the city on the ocean' shoe.

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