BUTTER KIMCHI FRIED RICE 🍳 | Kyuho’s Ugly Kitchen Ep.#1 버터 김치볶음밥 만들기

BUTTER KIMCHI FRIED RICE 🍳 | Kyuho’s Ugly Kitchen Ep.#1 버터 김치볶음밥 만들기

40 thoughts on “BUTTER KIMCHI FRIED RICE 🍳 | Kyuho’s Ugly Kitchen Ep.#1 버터 김치볶음밥 만들기

  1. 잘 보고 있습니다
    선남선녀 부부 참 잘 어울려요
    영상 보면서 같이 즐기고 공감 하고 있는 50대 임~^^
    규호님 목소리가 맑고 정확해
    일을 하면서도 듣는것만 으로도
    영상 그려짐.

  2. Thank you for sharing this content! I cooked it for my husband who is Korean according to your recipe and he loved it 🙂 looking forward to episode 2 🙂

  3. I am so excited for more episodes to come!! Can't wait to see what you will cook next. Kyuho's little mistakes in this 1st episode makes it more interesting. Lol. Thanks for this cooking video (:

  4. This looks amazing! I love this idea! I know you won’t have a set schedule for this, but I’m really excited for them 😄

  5. I was waiting for this for a long time ! Loved the cooking session & the name of the cooking show !!!
    💁🏻💁🏻💁🏻don't worry about the state of your kitchen cause :
    1- all the food you guys cooked looks amazing & delicious 🍖🍖🍖
    2- all great chefs start creating their culinary masterpieces ….. from their own kitchen 👨‍🍳🍴👨‍🍳🍴👨‍🍳🍴
    Ok !!! Already drooling on my phone 📱🤤📱🤤📱🤤📱 hahah..!!!

  6. I love Sarah's face when she make the first bite, I really love your marriage. And how humble you are. We don't care if your kitchen is whatever you think it is, I really enjoy this type of videos 😀

  7. I absolutely LOVE this new segment!! One of the things I enjoy most about your channel is seeing the food, especially the meals you make at home. Sometimes they are so simple but they seem delicious. Thank you for teaching us!! And no need to worry about the kitchen. In a way, it feels closer to home than those fancy kitchens. I cannot wait for more episodes! If you can, I would love to learn nice stews to make since here in Uruguay we’re in winter. Love you both!

  8. No, Im sorry but the ugly kitchen name is so wrong. No. No. Other suggestions: Meow kitchen, or special kitchen, or real down to earth kitchen, would be better 😋 just kidding but in all seriousness, a small kitchen is not ugly, i actually find it more relatable and realistic and feels like i would be able to make the same recepies unlike other fancy channels/recepies that i will never try. Please do more videos like this one and dont down play your awesome kitchen and your awesome cooking skills 😊

  9. i fully support this segment! i love casual cooking channels and i always enjoy watching kyuho prepare meals so i'm glad you're making these videos now ♥

  10. I loved this so much!! definitely gonna try, thank you guys 🙂 kyuho keep going, you're doing great!

  11. I‘ve been waiting for this for so long 😱 Please continue the ‚Ugly-Kitchen‘ corner segment! I think it is especially cool to get to know authentic Korean everday recipies and how you get them done with limited space and tools 😊

  12. no need beautiful kichen. i just need your new vlog. sometimes beautiful kitchen just for show off😊😊😊

  13. The kitchen is clean! That's all that matters to me. Kyuho's love for cooking really shows and I love that!
    I made kimchi fried rice with brown rice before and it's good!

  14. Can you please tell me what kind of rice and especially grains you use (in what ratio, too). It always looks extremely delicious and i wanna try 😭💕

  15. Thank you for this recipe – I use it every time I make Kimchi bokumbap….this time I made it with a twist and added Shitake Mushrooms instead of ham! It tasted great 🙂

  16. Your cooking show I enjoy more.Keep it up.Loved the Pajeon.From Cape Town ,South Africa.Going to try all this at Seoul restuarant in Cape Town.More,more recipes please…

  17. I just made this for my brother and me today 10/7/19 I made mine with leftover spam and it’s delicious definitely would make this Again.

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