Burger King’s Anti Bullying Commercial

Burger King’s Anti Bullying Commercial

So I think at one point everyone experienced bullying in their lifetime whether it was in a joking manner Or it was constantly like every single day this so ,I think at one point everyone experienced bullying in their lifetime whether it was in a joking manner This advertisement is a bully awareness ad from Burger King very weird that is coming from Burger King But you guys really wanted me to react to it and let you guys know what I think about it So we’re gonna watch and then we’re gonna discuss it you’re watching reaction time and today We’re gonna arrise some awareness for a bullying scrawny chubby short. We’re getting caught up in bullying It’s so easy cuz you’re just glad that you’re not being bullied It’s been hard for me to stand up for other people because I feel like I’m already a target. It’s just easier to do nothing Before I begin I just want to let you guys know I don’t really talk a lot about my personal life, but I in sixth grade I did have a ball cut and there was like these two eighth graders. I guess they thought it was pretty funny I mean it was pretty funny and every time I walk by them They would get close to each other and try to make sure I can’t walk through so essentially knocking me down So that’s just my personal story I mean everybody has their own personal story and a lot of people have it way worse guys Don’t be afraid to let other people know in the comments if you ever Experienced something similar there might be people in the comment sections that can actually help you resolve the situation 30% of students worldwide are bullied each year, that’s almost a third of every single student We bullied a high school junior and a whopper jr.. They fake bullied a real human being and then a burger I don’t know they were referring to burger. They said to see which one received more complaints What are you even doing here Jesus So there’s physical bullying, and then they’re just like harassment I feel like what these kids are doing right now It’s pretty much harass me. I mean they destroyed an entire meal of course they’re actors, but there’s different types of forms of bullying So I’m guessing he’s gonna serve the customers that didn’t complain that kids are getting bullied or tried to help the kid getting bullied He’s gonna serve them that beat-up burger Virginia meal I Just open it up, and it’s all smashed did you order the bullied or un-bullied bullied or un-bullied? Yeah, what? How this is supposed to be like comedic? Maybe it is bullied or un-bullied Is there a manager that I need to speak to you because that doesn’t make any sense? Hey Mike how’s it going I was given this Did you bully this burger? Well, yeah, this is a defenseless whopper Jr.. it can’t defend itself. I don’t mean anything by it. It’s just for laughs Just give me my (bleep)ing burger man. They’re getting pissed. Did you bully that burger? Did you bully this burger All right, can you just imagine you got a burger served mashed up, beat up And then you’re like hey, can I get a different burger and the guy just stares at you and goes? what is going on here? And just stares at you and punches it again, what are you is there something wrong with you cause that’s clearly what happened 95 percent of customers reported the bullied whopper jr. you cant be serious! had you seen me bullying this burger, would you have stood up and said something? Yeah, it’s good to know Twelve percent of customers set up to the high school junior being bullied That’s a very low percentage are you ok? What’s your name hi race We’re just having fun ya’ll havin’ fun He’s not having fun so therefore. I think that you guys should leave him alone. My man, that’s I that actually gave me goose bumps They don’t know they’re being filmed obviously they’re real customers So I mean this guy just went out of his way to help that little kid you should leave em’ alone Somebody else seems like something weird happening that they’ll come over and be like The feel defenseless, that’s the one of the worst things in the world Chelsea came and She would just tell them that it’s not okay because it is it something. I’ll never forget is my friend sending up for me I’ve been that kid so if I see it. I’m gonna I’m gonna do something about it, and I hope there’s more people out there like that. You know I really like this guy I mean he speaks the truth, and I think a lot of you guys should follow in his footsteps And I hope there’s more people out there like that You guys can actually help stop bullying at no bully org and you can also buy a whopper jr.. So that’s how that works I think Burger King is pretty smart We’re trying to make an advertisement raising awareness because they know it’s probably gonna go viral which I think it did and They don’t have to spend a lot of money on pushing the advertisement. I’ll just go viral by itself and at the same time They’re actually promoting Burger King so that’s actually a very smart strategy guys like I said share me your Experiences with bullies even if you’ve never gotten bullied Let me know down the comments below, and that’s probably gonna wrap up the video And if there’s any other videos you guys want me to react to whatever They are let me know by sending it to me our reaction time videos Gmail calm, but in the meantime That’s gonna. End the video here Hopefully you guys are subscribe to the channel infront subscribe and also check out my second channel right here, and yeah That’s gonna wrap it up guys. Thank you so much for watching and peace out

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  1. Well somebody tried to bully me but. I beated he's f ass up
    The same guy was bullying my friend
    Then i kinda was going crazy
    Where not kinda. I WAS GOING CRAZY
    Bruh then he literally stop bullying
    Well lets just say the bully was not feeling that great that time

  2. This was last year but I have a hair pulling disorder called trichotillomania and it could be a sign of stress, anxiety, or depression, and I went to a school (I'm not saying what) and it got so bad that the school let me start wearing beanies to school. A boy I'mma call Jay even though that isn't even close to his real name and he normally after class when going to my second period would call my name and do a motion with his hands like he was shaving his hair because I tore it in around the same area, and then in class, I sat in the middle of the classroom and my teacher sits in the corner (Any corner you want). Then Jay comes to my desk, and he's been known to be a troublesome bully and student for his peers and teachers, and he went to an alternative school which he can't go back to, and he goes over and rips of my beanie and him and his friends start laughing, and out of rage I legit yelled: "(His real name)!!! YOU PIECE OF…" I actually called him a piece of poop (Cuss word version) in front of the whole class and teacher. I didn't get in trouble but the school called that assault. I was really emotional after so I got permission to leave to go to the bathroom to put the beanie back on, and my friends went to go check on me. Anyone who is going threw trichotillomania or just can't stop pulling your hair (Which is simply an easier way to say the huge word I just said.) know you're not alone. Thank you for reading this ridiculously long comment. 😅

  3. I got bulled in first grade. I was going home on the bus and a 3rd grader wouldn't let me off the bus so i cried and hit him in the head an i ran to my mom.he got suspended from school for a week and his mom yelled at him in front of the bus and hit him 👋

  4. I got bullied cause these girls thought I was Chinese and they bullied me for a year but one day I didn't stand for it so I stood up to them and told a teacher and they got suspended

  5. I was bullied cuz i was short. I literally don't know what is wrong with being short. And my friend was once bullied and i stepped in cuz i was feeling sorry for my friend and I think there needs to be more ppl that defend anyone from bullying 🙏

  6. 1I woke up
    2I went to the school
    3I saw my crush
    4I kiss my crush
    Read number 2’3’4’1
    Read it OK this comment
    From other people comment

  7. I got build and the bully took it too far he stabbed me in the hand with a wood pice and now I have stitches in my hand

  8. my cousin came home from school a few days ago, and her arm was bleeding and im talking about a lot of blood, and i asked her what happened and she said people kept really hard things like water bottles and stuff, like that at her arm and then her arm just sliced open, and i wouldnt let her go to that school for two months and neither would her doctor, after a few days you could see what happened to her arm and her bone was actually sticking out of her arm, and the worst part was that her parents went to visit family in Europe, so i had to care for her, but the hardest part about it for me was the fact that this happening for twelve days and she didnt tell me, the hardest part for her was not the fact she was in pain, but it was the fact that she used to be friends with one of the kids that actually threw a rice crispy treat really hard at her arm when she didnt notice. Eventually my cousin got haphephobia (fear of being touched by another person in anyway or form and is very rare for someone to have) so now i home school even though im still in high school and shes in middle school

  9. I'm homeschool and I haven't been bullied but c I saw a kid being bullied I would stand up for them so never feel alone no matter what people think of say because always know you are never alone👍💜💙

  10. thank god i am not defencless once 5 kids of 8 grade tried to bully me when i was in 7th grade but two of my friends stood with me and we scared them away

  11. I get bullying taking about me remember😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  12. When I was in 5th grade A 7th grader push me I GOT PISS SO I PUNCH HIM SO HARD I KNOCK HIM OUT


  13. I was bullied so much I stopped talking to other people and I had to stop hanging out with the very few friends I had because I was afraid that they would get bullied with me. The worst thing my bullies done to me was whip me with a stick and I still have that scar on my cheek

  14. I was bullied before then my friend came in and slid through one of the bullys legs then choked him out then he tried to steal my personal school laptop then me and my friend ran off…

  15. I got bullied when I was 6 by seventh graders…hitting my head with a ball, pushing me, laughing at me, spreading rumors about me and then telling lies to teacher which would get me in trouble cause even if I said "it wasn't me" they never believed me. That's one of my experiences with bullying

    Note: no one stood up for me, but I did when I got 12

  16. I am being perfectly honest.

    So here's what happened to me. I was in a new state and had a new school. In Shillong the language was different. So in class no one would even look me in the eye. The teachers were OK but they too sorta ignored me and at lunch break I was always alone either sitting in class or going to the library. One day there was this school event were there was competition between classes. I applied for the class team for soccer. When we gathered for practice the next day the other students were annoyed just by my presence. Some of them even got physical in a few moments. I wasn't a pushover so I fought with them. After the teachers came in all was blamed on me and even though I was the one most injured and the most innocent, I was the only one suspended. Thank God I got outta that place.

  17. i got bullied because of my hairline and cuz im fat. They wouldn't even let me get my lunch, and one of them punched me and said "ewww your white, that's DISGUSTING"

  18. I was bullied in second grade by a girl two years older than me. Everyday she and her friends told me that I wasn't loved. Not even God loved me, she said. Fast forward years later, and forgave her for what she did, and it no longer caused me pain. To all those who are bullied, know that you are never alone. You are strong, you are worth it, you are loved.

  19. All through my school life I have been getting bullied recently I got beaten up at school for no reason and I am now out of school because of it

  20. I was bullied at school they would pinch me and we have tyres at our school and I had that tyre and she wanted it so she decided it was a good idea to squash my face into the ground with the tyre and bite me on the arm

    PS: The bullying has stopped now and we are kinda friends

  21. In 3rd grade, everyone in my class was in a group , and the girls I looked up to tried to sort of make fun of me and not let me into their group because they wanted to try to prove I was weird

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