Burger King® | Crispy Tacos | Food Review! 🍔👑🌮

Burger King® | Crispy Tacos | Food Review! 🍔👑🌮

peep this out guys it’s Ian K back
again with another one for ya’ cheaters cam-style headed into BK right now to
give something a shot that I’ve always wanted to but haven’t until right now…
and that’s their tacos that’s right guys select BK locations actually have tacos
on the menu and I’ve always been super intrigued to try them so let’s hit that
drive through right now and scoop some up yeah peep this out let me go for a
couple of those crispy tacos off the value menu and that’ll be it that’s it
thanks a lot alright now when you think of Burger
King I know you don’t think of tacos and actually that is the reason to check
these out right now how you doin’ good how you doin’ tonight yeah from the youtube yeah peep
this out you know it’s my first time trying these tacos I have never tried
tacos from Burger King ever so pretty tasty
alright I’m gonna hold you to that looks like I’ve officially been spotted here
at BK tonight thanks so much have a good night yeah we’ll see ‘ya alright so is BK’s version of a taco gonna deliver let’s peep this out BK looks to be bringing the value menu
love a little south-of-the-border with their crispy tacos and I got to say
guys for a little over a buck this is not bad in the size department
especially alongside my hand here what you’re getting here for the money is
pretty decent size wise very crispy tortilla shells on these tacos and a
decent amount of filling almost transparent looking right there you can
see how much meat is on the inside there let me see if I can lift one of these up
and give you a closer look I’ll do the best I can with the lighting here as you
can see it is a concoction of meat of some type on the bottom there and it
looks like an American cheese slice looks like we’ve got some lettuce and a
type of sauce on here as well I’m thinking that’s gonna be a little heated
but it looks OK I know it’s not exactly the most appetizing looking taco
you’ve probably ever seen so it’s most definitely gonna come down to the flavor
overall but I do have to say again the size is fairly decent for what you get
here they are very very crispy as you can see and like I said I really do dig
the value of what you’re getting here for a buck it’s not bad let’s give these
a shot here these are the crispy tacos here at BK let’s peep out this flavor
yup definitely pretty crispy and what feels like a pretty healthy portion of
filling in the middle let’s do this scratch this one off the bucket list
it’s the crispy tacos here at BK mmm well I gotta say right off the bat these
BK tacos instantly remind me of the ones from jack-in-the-box I mean the
appearance is very similar guys and you can kind of still see the transparent
filling through the corn tortilla itself there it’s actually very similar to the
way the jack-in-the-box does their version the similarities and the flavor
are very very close as well I want to say it’s not quite a meat type of
filling more like a refried bean type of thing with some spices and stuff thrown
in but that’s where the similarities end from there it looks like BK kind of
separates itself with the type of sauce they’re using it’s more of a spicier
type of picante sauce a little bit of heat to it which I really like and the
lettuce is a little bit crisper at the same time as well they obviously add
that after the frying process is done but the flavor seems to pop just a
little bit more and I really like that the American cheese on the inside is not
really there at all again it’s the glue I think to hold all of his stuff
together on the inside but I gotta say guys very hearty when you bite into it
there and the flavor if you’ve ever had a jack-in-the-box taco is instantly
gonna take you there it’s pretty similar there’s really no easy way to show you
this here considering how thin this taco is I’m hoping that you’re able to see a
little bit of what I’m looking at on the inside I’m trying to keep the lighting
in check so you can kind of see there it looks like it is super thin on the
inside the filling is kind of pasted up along the sides and it’s bunched up in
the middle there but it’s really just more tortilla than anything else but the
flavor like I said if you’ve ever had jack-in-the-box tacos I think you’ll
find this is pretty much the same thing just with some crisper lettuce and a
pretty decent sauce in here not bad for the value like I said guys pretty decent
overall as tasty as it is though I sure wish it had just a little bit of ground
beef in it just to separate it a little bit from the other guys yeah there’s
definitely no meat in this but I got to say for an after-hours snack right now
this is definitely getting the job done for sure for those of you who may not
have a BK in your area that’s offering these tacos let me show you the package
that these come in it’s very similar to their regular burger wrappers you have
all the ingredients on the very bottom here if you decide to leave something
off they’re gonna put the slash through it but I like the fact that it’s got
that taco graphic it’s not everyday that you see that on a Burger King wrapper
guys and like I said in terms of the size just pull this out here real strict
for you and we’ll keep that focus not bad for two of these actually for a
little over a buck that is not bad at all for a quick fix and there’s no
jack-in-the-box in your area if you’ve got a BK in your area and they offer
these definitely hit these up it is not bad at all
oh and if you’re wondering with the heat level is and say maybe a scale of 1 to
5 I’d probably say like a 1.5 to 2 at the most I mean
it’s got a little bit of sizzle to it it’s not gonna knock your socks off but
it’s absolutely gonna let you know that it’s there after the first bite and
that’s actually a good thing it’s a very vibrant type of picante
sauce and I do like that so if I’m gonna differentiate this from the
jack-in-the-box one the sauce is definitely gonna do it on top of just
the overall flavor that it adds to the party it’s pretty good but is it good
enough for you to check out well you guys tell me drop those comments down
below let me know what you guys thought of my look of these crispy tacos here at
BK right now after hours very curious to hear your thoughts on this especially if
you’ve had the jack-in-the-box version if you’ve actually tried the BK one on
top of it how closely do you think it resembles that light up the comments
below and make your voice heard and that’s my overall rating I’m gonna have
to give the crispy tacos here at BK a decent 7 out of 10 it’s a pretty
decent alternative to the jack-in-the-box taco and while it’s very
similar when it comes to the filling on the inside it’s that spicy picante sauce
that really sets this one apart aside from being just nice and crispy the
value is pretty good as well and guys it’s a taco at Burger King who knew
right and those are my thoughts on this one coming at you after hours cheaters
cam-style here at BK as we close out another episode of peep this out guys
and like I always say I’ve got brand new content every single week here on my
channel so why you stay tuned for that next review coming real soon in the
meantime stay frosty another cheaters cam episode in the
books along with scratching this one off the bucket list I’m so glad I finally
checked these crispy tacos out and I hope you guys enjoyed what you saw
because as always this was a blast to film at night alright guys until next
time I’ll talk to you soon

100 thoughts on “Burger King® | Crispy Tacos | Food Review! 🍔👑🌮

  1. Jack in the box,and burger King has the same tacos…I was just in California and had them….I live in Florida and have a burger King across the street from me and just ate them and there exactly the same,down to the sauce,the cheese was shredded in cali.slice cheese at the king of burgers,man I must be bored

  2. No tomatoes, no hot sauce, no shredded cheese, no sour cream. WTF? Why even bother if you're going to half-ass it. You already have tomatoes. Charge more if needed. That's fine.

  3. Im quite curious as to why these are so different than the ones we serve at my location. Firstly, the price is different. You got two for 1.49, the locations in Houston sell them for $1 each. Secondly, we dont use a slice of american cheese but rather shreded cheddar cheese, the same that we use on our salads. Maybe theyre following an older recipe, I dont know

  4. I been get them for years hear in fort Collins and love them sometimes they run out but the nexts day they have them again

  5. They are looking quite a bit different than this now. I just tried them and the meat is more like ground taco meat rather than a half patty and the cheese is shredded now. Pretty much a completely different taco than they used to be.

  6. Omg… Definitely not eating this. They used sliced cheese and lettuce made for their burgers… Kinda cheap and thoughtless

  7. Crispy on the edges soft on the rest of taco. Greasy but good flavor. Hey, for a dollar its a Go for me!

  8. Don't forget to take a couple Pepcid AC about an hour before eating this or you'll pay for it dearly later. Looks like a soggy mess to be honest

  9. For what I read they are deep fried. That's why they look kinda greasy.idk I might give it a try. They reminds me of the deep fried mini tacos from 7-11

  10. I can't take this dude seriously after he started his order with peep this out. Please change your channel name. I know you're vested but you're putting too much effort into keeping that bullshit alive.

  11. I tried the tacos at Burger King in Byron Ga. and all that was on mine was refried beans and a taco shell,no sauce, no tomato, not much bean filling at all.Bottom line is ,it was crap!!!

  12. The Burger king taco commercial I saw on tv turned out to be a joke ! I thought they would use the same ground beef for the meat to give us that same meaty flavor i get when i bite into a delicious whopper (except lighter) but nooooo !! Not even close. The meat looks like cheap smeared, pasty cat food from a can and it taste more like mashed up day old refried beans ! And the shells tasted too freakin crunchy and old. There was nothing fresh about the tacos. They were nasty !


  14. dude literally went to the drive through…."hey peep this out, i;ll have a taco" ………… wtf lol

  15. Interesting review. My local BK has these also but they are $1.00 each, which is still a decent price. Mine also had a shredded cheese like Taco Bell not an American cheese slice. Interesting….

  16. I have tried these so called 'Tacos' in 3 different states. They were all the same, looked and tasted like they were made the nite before and then microwaved. A little meat, no other fillings or cheese. We had to eat the bottom where the meat was as the shells were to hard to eat. the 'King' doesn't know anything about Tacos. I feel the only reason there were any tacos in this review was they knew him before hand.

  17. You got screwed, bro. Even on the Burger King website it says shredded cheddar cheese. That American cheese is crap.

  18. Tried them, beyond the texture and look of a deep fried taco – these ones simply lacked taste and flavor – very cardboard like taste. 3/10 for me. BTW, not a fan of taco bells either which also have gotten worse over the years because of tomato and cheese quality going down.

  19. DON"T try it, this is the worse taco you will try, no ground beef, no cheese, taste like burnt oil and smell like burnt car oil – ingredients:
    burnt oiltortilla flour
    ground beans
    two piece of lettuce
    Burger King stay with the burgers

  20. Those are some strange tacos. They are definitely crispy. I ordered four of those today. Each taco is less than 200 calories. The filling inside the taco was strange to me. It had the texture of ground beef, but it tasted like refried beans. The tacos from Taco Bell are still better. They are tastier because of the cheddar cheese and ground beef.

  21. The BK taco is THE WORST TACO IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND!! The weakest, puniest, poorest quality fast food item ever issued by anyone. A sh*t smear of "meat," 4 squares of lettuce, 5 strands of cheese. A DOG WOULD CHOKE ON IT!!! This taco is a COMPLETE abomination!!! I'll take Jack tacos over BK anytime! I will do everything in my power to EXPOSE this rip-off and call out corporate powers that be!! BK YOU GOT SOME NERVE!!!

  22. I tried BK's tacos last night and was quite disappointed. They are pre-made and not made to order. Wilted lettuce and some kind of meat paste. It tasted okay but I'll stick with Taco Bell's crunchy taco.

  23. It's obvious that they bought the same tacos as Jack in the Box, BK's just add french fry flavoring, JIB has a separate fryer for their tacos. Plus BK's cost more.

  24. Well, they just started serving these tacos in my state this month (2019). The picture on their advertisement shows a taco full of what looks like ground beef, overflowing with meat, lettuce and cheese. The taco I tried today was hardly full, and was more tortilla than filling. It WAS NOT anything resembling the hamburger meat in their "fake" advertising, but instead some kind of "MYSTERY" meat that was so ground up, it was more like a spread. It barely filled the tortilla shell, had almost no lettuce or cheese. It's the most disgusting taco I ever ate. Won't be eating this garbage again.

  25. Nice informative video…good job… just so you know you have to go to another platform to actually like your video. If you want to check that out. So u can get your monetized check…

  26. The one I purchased had only a thin layer of meat and cheese stuck to one side in the shell no lettuce or anything else. Very hard shell , too hard to eat around the edges . Never again. I will drive the extra half mile and go to Taco bell.

  27. they have these back and now has stringed cheese in it assuming chedder instead american now or just sheared american?

  28. They don't have jack in the box in ny anymore but I remember when they did these tacos are great very similar and there are a whole bunch of burger King's in ny keep them on the menu forvever please

  29. I wasn’t that fond of the Bk taco I much preferred jack in the box but you have to peep it out for sure

  30. You should watch your own videos. I know there isn’t much to say but you should count how many times you mention value the price and size. It was so repetitive at the very beginning, I almost didn’t watch this. And bucket list how many times did you mention?🙄 so repetitive

  31. I was expecting the tacos to be burger meat mixed with taco seasoning. Wendy's would use broken patties for their chili and I figured BK would do the same to make the taco meat. Rather than throwing away the broken patties they reworked it to make the chilli win win since the that lowers the cost for food loss.

  32. You calling this not bad and decent at all causes me to distrust all of your other reviews. First of all, they look like someone emptied a diaper into a taco shell. Secondly, having tasted one, I imagine that a diaper emptied into a taco shell would taste better.

  33. That is not food.  "lots of filling in the middle" is not a selling point if it is garbage.  Jack in the Box is a horrible benchmark lol.  Peep the shits in the morning.

  34. You seem like a decent guy but after googling these taco reviews just to see if I wasn't crazy in knowing for a fact that these are the most disgusting thing I've had in decades, I chose your video first to look at. You tried to be fair in every detail, I understand that, but based on you not standing firm in saying that they were really bad, can't subscribe to your feed. I do get it that we all have different palettes and I rarely eat fast food but come on, people with damaged taste buds or don't mind eating anything anywhere are the only individuals I can accept could stomach this. Hey smart business move, well known for their burgers and fries they know a million people might try it once, bam a million dollars right there, so it's a win win for them but I've lost any respect now by them selling crap like this. Buyer be warned.


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