BUNS AND BURGERS – Citizen Burger Disorder Animated

BUNS AND BURGERS – Citizen Burger Disorder Animated

Cupquake – Alriiiight! Got a new restaurant! Red – Yeah. Let’s.. Cupquake – You look like an angry manager! Red – I’M ANGRY! Alright, are you ready to put the bun on top of my burger? Cupquake – Making a burger! Is it right? Red – OHHHH GOD IT FLIPPED! STUPID BACON!!! Here, put the, put the pa-, put the, put the bun on top! Cupquake – The patty right here? Red – No, no, no! Put the bun, the bun. I NEED THE BUN. Cupquake – Okay, you need the top bun? Red – YES YES YES Cupquake – Okay, there’s barely any left. There’s-there’s-it’s too-TOO MANY CHEFS IN THE KITCHEN!!>:( Red – TOO MANY! Cupquake – TOO MANY CHEFS IN THE KITCHEN! Okay wait, here we need to at least do one burger! Red – Come on Team Red-Quake, let’s do this! Cupquake – THERE’S A FIRE! Red – THAT’S A FIRE, WHAT THE HECK?! WHO LEFT A TRAY ON HERE? GETETETETET OUT! Cupquake – THERE’S A FIRE 0_0 Red – Get this out of here! Cupquake – *laughs* Red – Put it out! Cupquake – I’m trying! Red – Okay good, good job babe. -_- Everybody, pitch in! Don’t just stand around! COME ON! Cupquake – *laughing* Red – COME ON! Money! Cupquake – Alright, how are those burgers coming along back here? Order up! Red – Anybody? Cupquake – Order up? Red – Is anyone making burgers back here? Cupquake – THERE’S A RAT!! (o_o) Red – Whe- Cupquake – IT’S A RAT! Cupquake – KILL IT! KILL IT! Red – How do we kill it? Cupquake – Oh my gosh! I don’t know! Red – Aaaaaaaaah! I’m gonna smash you! really Red -_- Cupquake – We need more buns, can we buy buns? Red – There’s buns back here babe. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Cupquake – Back where? Red – Back here! Cupquake – BACK WHERE?! Red – Come to the back! Cupquake – The very very back? Red – Yeah! Cupquake – Oh my gosh! Whats going on out here!? Red – This is, uh, the uh- Cupquake –
The buns! This is the back, uh, storage area. Oh i just ran into one of our employees and all the buns fell! Yeah this, oh my G- OH I’M ON FIRE. I’M ON FIRE! Cupquake – RED! Oh! Red – PUT ME OUT! PUT ME OUT! Cupquake – HOLD ON! Red – I’M ON FIRE!! Put me out-ahh, that feels so good… Oh man… Cupquake – The rat’s taking the buns! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Red – What? Cupquake The rat is taking the buns!( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Red – STOP IT! Cupquake – He’s taking the buns! Red – Get back over here! Dude, that thing is BOOKING it! Get over here! Cupquake – He’s taking the b-AHHHHHHH! Red – Get over here I’m gonna kick you out! You’re an embarrassment! Hey guys, there’s nothing to worry about, don’t worry, everybody will get a FREE burger on the house. FREE burger on the house. ~ Subtitles by the best community on YouTube ~

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  1. Easter egg: On the wall at 0:39, there's a poster for Jaiden Animations, who animated this video YEARS ago.

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