British Woman Wakes Up With Chinese Accent

British Woman Wakes Up With Chinese Accent

(Image source: BBC) BY LOGAN TITTLE A British woman who went to sleep with a migraine
woke up feeling like a completely different person. Thirty-eight-year-old Sarah Colwill was rushed
to the hospital in 2010 because of severe episodic migraines. During her recovery, she
woke up with a Chinese accent. (Via The Huffington Post) “She literally woke up, opened her mouth,
and it was not her voice that came out.” “Fifty-five, sweet and sour chicken Hong Kong-style
… It’s just been such a horrible thing to go through.” (Via BBC) She was diagnosed with foreign accent syndrome
— a rare, neurological condition with no clear cause. The Inquisitr reports others who have suffered
from the same change in voice had severe migraines. Only 61 cases have been identified since 1941.
One explanation for the new tongue is that her migraines, which she experiences as many
as 10 times or more per month, are leaving her with neurological damage. (Via Daily Mail) The condition usually follows traumatic brain
injury or a stroke. Those with FAS also experience loss of vocabulary. But Colwill is not alone
in her struggle. Fifty-two-year-old Kay Russell, pictured here
talking to Colwill, woke up with a French accent after suffering a migraine as well.
(Via International Business Times) And singer George Michael says he woke up
from a coma with a temporary West Country accent in 2012. (Via CBS) Some cases have been known to clear up over
time. Colwill says she is still looking for a cure, but for now, voice therapy is the
only treatment available.

100 thoughts on “British Woman Wakes Up With Chinese Accent

  1. Doesn't seem really like a Chinese accent. More like some weird speech impediment that kinda sounds like a Chinese accent.

  2. This is super racist, no Chinese person sounds like that it's basically sterotype because their assuming that. But why df is she crying? 😂 😂

  3. Oh my God. Western govts will lie through anything because they love hiding the other intelligent species who live on earth. Theres no such thing as a foreign accent syndrome. How does ur brain learn a language it doesnt know instantly? How ridiculous!

    To put it simply, this woman was possessed by a jinn of chinese origin. Called jinn in Islam, they are also called spirits or demons or ghosts in english. But although the whole world knows them to be a reality they encouter everyday, apparently the western govts have succeeded in convincing their public tht these are fairy tales and feature them in movies. Ppl in the US are possessed on a daily basis, but the doctors will mislead ppl by diagnosing them with pschyzophrenia or other types of mental disorders and put these poor victims on a lifetime of medications.

    These beings as we have been informed were living on the earth before our creation. But because they were waring nations and disobedient to Allah swt, He decided to replace them with human beings. Which caused the holiest of them to become the most evil, out of arrogance. And tht was satan. Now some ppl mistakenly refer to them as demons. Just like us they have good ones tht obey Gods laws and the demons who follow their leader satan. They have different religions, cultures, languages just like us. But beside tht, they also have those tht are like animals yet intelligent, those who can fly and those who walk like us, as reported by our prophet Mohamed asw. The bad ones hate us with a vengence because we moved into their territory and have dedicated their lives to destroy mankind. Out of mercy, Allah sent the angels to push them into territories where we cannot live ie deserts, jungles, arctic poles. Also God has made them invisible to us. So we cannot see them, but they can see us. They have been ordered to stay away from us but some disobey, going to the extent of possessing a persons body. Those who disobey will be thrown into hell just like the humans who disobey God.
    They also live for thousands of years and thts why they are able to trick ppl when so called psychics tell u details tht only you know abt ur dead loved one. Quite simply, the psychic's demon communicates with the dead person's demon and thts how information is forwarded. They trick ppl by promising fame and fortune when it is God who can only give tht. And in exchange they ask you to forsake God, and/or slaughter a loved family member. They do much much more. And it is the magicians, psychics who are quite familiar with these beings.
    Anyway, it perplexes me so much tht there ppl out there saying these beings dont exist. Wake up ppl and go back to ur lord and worship him only. Put ur trust in him. He is our sustainer and no magic can ever help us. Sorry for the long read but i need for ppl to understand the knowledge we take for granted.

  4. Why does this syndrome sound fake?

    Its like im hearing lazy man syndrome.

    I dont know whats wrong with me

  5. Interesting story but I was distracted by the guy behind the woman sitting at his desk, bored out of his mind while trying to look busy lol

  6. "It's such a horrible thing to go through" she says while crying
    Really? A new accent is going to ruin your life? 🙄
    Also, accents can be learned or unlearned through voice coaching, many people learn new accents to avoid being judged in business settings.

  7. Love the Chinese food pronunciation part 0:24 . Just had to, huh? I’m going to hell with y’all for laughing my ass off 😂😂😆

  8. Probably acting alot and harnessing or making Funs of other people's business and accents to could make you being cursed from the god

  9. My brother was coming out of anaesthesia and was actually speaking in Spanish. He has never learned Spanish. He took French in high school. So strange…but it went away.

  10. This is the biggest fucking joke on the planet hahahaha…It almost embarrasses me watching it….
    A bunch of weird women with mental disorders…

  11. What do you mean by "Chinese Accent"? This is racist. You have to apologize. Right, by the way, as a chinese girl, I have never heard a chinese person talk like that.

  12. I am Korean but most people say I sound Chinese when I try to speak English. I can write in English, but my pronunciation sucks😂😂

  13. The title "British Woman wakes up with a Chinese Accent" had me smiling…then I click and started cracking up when news girl introduces herself as Logan Tittle… 😂😂😂😂 wtf is this..😂😂😂

  14. Maybe instead of fighting it, roll with the punches and make the best of it! Being stressed over it all the time probably does not help it either. I pray dhe finds peace.

  15. "It's just been a horrible thing to go through". Geebus Kristi, why? There are far worse conditions to "go through". You are lucky if a different accent is the only damage you have.

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