BowBow Steals the Spotlight?! 🎤 | The JoJo & BowBow Show Show Ep. 1 | Nick

Yo, yo!
It’s JoJo and BowBow! And you are just seconds away
from seeing us animated! Here we go go! Hey, everyone!
It’s JoJo and BowBow! And welcome to the
JoJo & BowBow Show Show! Yo yo! So we just got back from my huge concert
in our hometown of Omaha, Nebraska. And let me just say, oh-ma-ha! It was a crazy experience! First of all, I love Omaha.
It’s the largest city in Nebraska, and we even have
our very own Fashion Week. Oh-la-la! And one totally random fact is
that TV dinners were invented there. I didn’t know that! Well now you do, BowBow! Hey, do you want to hear me say
four fun facts about Omaha, but like really, really fast? I would! We have a huge Indie Rock scene, the zoo has the largest indoor rainforest
in the country, Omaha has the biggest
furniture store in the US. [breathing heavily] And it was the hometown of
movie legend Fred Astaire! That was faster than I expected. Anyways, back to the concert! It started out amazing. There was a huge crowd,
and they were all in the best mood ever! And I played all my favorite songs. Oh, and also all of my bows were color-
coordinated with the lights on stage! Ah! It was awesome! Oh, wait, wait, wait!
And the best part was we were so excited to see all
of our family and friends there! And Denny the mailman! Right, Denny. He was our mail man in Omaha. BowBow loves Denny!
She always used to chase him around. In the nicest way possible, of course. I chase because I love! This one time, BowBow chased
Denny down the block, and she actually caught him! She didn’t know what to do,
so she jumped into his mail bag and took a nap on the mail
while Denny did his rounds. It was so adorable. Ah, the letters are so comfy. Ah, I love that story. Where was I?
Oh, right, right, right! The concert. So I was rocking it, right BowBow? Totally rocking it! ♪ Like a kid in a candy, candy ♪ I love you, Omaha! And that’s where everything went wrong. There was this one really cool jump
that I do and I nail it every time. But this one time,
I messed up when I landed, and I twisted my ankle! BowBow, tell them what sound I made. Ow-ow-ow-ow-ow! Yup, that’s pretty much
the exact sound that I made. I still can’t believe that it happened. I mean, seriously, I’ve done that jump
probably like 700 million times! I guess I was just so excited
to be in my hometown, you know? And to see Denny the mailman! No, that was you, BowBow. Oh, yeah. Right. Anyway, I limped off stage
trying to keep a smile on my face, but inside I was all, “Oh my ankle!” I found BowBow and I said, “BowBow,
listen, you have to go on stage for me.” And BowBow said… Say what now? And I said, “BowBow, it’s the big finale!
And I can’t let everybody down!” BowBow was super nervous.
Weren’t you, BowBow? My nose was so sweaty! Luckily though, I had a special
BowBow-sized concert outfit just in case this ever happened. I always remember to pack
matching outfits for me and BowBow. For other situations, like if
we ever need to pass as twins. Could happen. Or if a surprise doubles
tennis tournament breaks out. Or if we’re on the airplane
and we need to look super cute. Or if there’s ever a surprise
dog and owner fashion show we want to enter together. Gotta be ready! Anyways though, BowBow looked so cute! And I felt better! For two seconds. Yeah, BowBow thought
she couldn’t do the dance, but I reminded her that I taught her
how to do the running man. And she was the best at it! Oh, yeah!
Uh-huh! Do the running man!
Do the running man! Woo! I didn’t think that
I could do it without you. But what did I say, BowBow? You said, “Yes you can!
I believe in you.” And then BowBow, all by herself,
bravely went out on stage. She took a deep breath,
and then she completely froze. In front of 30,000 people,
including everyone we know! Even Denny the mailman! I was so scared back stage. I had
to find a way to get BowBow to dance. And that’s when I had the idea. I called a very special guest
up onto the stage. Denny the mailman! And guess what?
BowBow started chasing him! Just like old times! Oh, yeah! The music was loud,
the crowd was cheering, and Denny and BowBow were doing
the best running man I have ever seen. Yeah, I called it the ‘running mailman’. It was really fun and hilarious. Even Denny thought it was funny. He was like, “Oh-ma-ha-ha-ha!” Even though I couldn’t dance,
I decided to go out on stage and belt out my final song! ♪ My high top shoes ♪ ♪ Na-na-na-na-na-na ♪ [crowd cheering] Thank you, Omaha!
And have a good night! So yeah, it was pretty awesome. BowBow and I put on a pretty amazing show. And Denny!
He’s got the moves! I love dancing with him. All right, BowBow.
Glad to hear it. Glad to hear it. Well, that’s today’s
JoJo & BowBow Show Show! We’ve gotta go go! But we’ll see you before you know know! Peace out! Hey, it’s me, the real-life
BowBow and JoJo! We hope you’re loving
our brand-new show show! Catch more episodes only on
the Nickelodeon YouTube channel. Make sure to subscribe. Let’s go get some froyo!
Let’s go!

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