Blackstone Griddle Cooking. Cheese Burger

would you like fries with that look at
this beautiful juicy cheeseburger cooked on the blackstone griddle cooking we’re outside again
beautiful day to be outside I love cooking burgers on a griddle especially
the black stone griddle the key is you’ve got to get it hot so this is 5 500 degrees
right now I’ve got some blackstone griddle burgers meat that I’ve
already started to divide up I like to do it in 6 ounce patties and then the
key is to just loosely form these you don’t want to pack it too tight so I’ll
kind of get it into a ball like this and then push it down in the center just
form it so then once you’ve got it formed I just use salt and pepper keep
it nice and simple so we’ll get some pepper on there and then the salt they
use this pink Himalayan and then we’re gonna put it right down on the blackstone griddle cooking
we’re not gonna put down any oil or butter the 80/20 fat in here is enough
the 20% fat and what you’ll notice if you look at these little fat pieces
these are gonna melt and create little caverns real nice crusty voids in the
burger and then from here just treat it like a steak so let’s put it down I’ll
give it just a nice gentle push a little more pepper a little more salt we’re gonna let it cook for about three
minutes per side and while we do that I’ll get these other two on alright so
while those are cooking I can cut up my tomato and onion let me do that real
quick so I get a red onion just cut this some nice slices and that same thing
with our tomato and just like that our first burger
should be ready to flip nice crust that’s perfect
and you see what I was talking about that’s where all the fat melt it away
nice crust it’s gonna hold in all that juice and as soon as I flip mine I like
to go ahead and put my cheese on so I’m gonna put on two slices of deli American
dead on that beautiful now I shut the heat off and I
let them rest while they finish cooking for my bun I’ll go ahead and open this
up a little bit of mayo both sides and then we flip it over and toast that side
as well and after about 20 seconds we get this
Oh an off camera I cooked up some fries and ovens some shoestring fries and now
to build the burger got some fresh iceberg a little bit of that red onion some of that nice tomato take our burger some dill pickle rings I don’t know about you guys but I like a
little bit of mustard a little bit of ketchup put the lid on and now we eat
let me cut this guy in half ha ha ha man and have a bite here we go hmmm so juicy and flavorful everything
coming together but it’s simple hey if you like this Blackstone video you’re
gonna love one of these two right over here check it out and I’ll see you over

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