Black & Blue Steak Burger – Hand-Chopped Burgers – Food Wishes

Black & Blue Steak Burger – Hand-Chopped Burgers – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes
comm with black and blue steak burger that’s right not only are we gonna show
you how to make your own hand shot burgers and then flavor them with black
pepper and blue cheese but we’re also gonna prove our love to whoever we’re
serving these two by chopping up some perfectly good steaks which some people
might consider crazy but I’m pretty sure those people haven’t tasted this since
it really did make for an extraordinarily good burger so with that
let’s go ahead and get started with the aforementioned meat and what I have here
is a beautiful fatty ribeye as well as a less fatty but still lovely top sirloin
steak and the first thing we need to do here is slice up both these steaks nice
and thin and the reason we’re doing this is because we’re gonna have to freeze
this before we chop it and I think by slicing this first it makes that step a
lot easier alright some people like to freeze the whole steak and then try to
slice it but personally I think slicing this up first works better and since
we’re doing two different steaks that have different amounts of fat one sliced
we do want to give this a mix and that’s it once our sliced steak has been
randomized we’ll go ahead and transfer that back onto the plate wrap it in
plastic and pop it into the freezer until it’s very very cold and very firm
but not quite frozen alright let’s say half frozen and
speaking a half frozen we probably also want to pop a couple ounces of blue
cheese in the freezer because it will be a lot easier to crumble okay if you try
to break this stuff up when it’s too warm you’re gonna have more on your
fingers than you do in your burgers so make sure that is very cold as well and
then what we’ll do once we think it’s ready is pull our partially frozen steak
out of the freezer and proceed to give it the old choppa choppa and for that
any big old sharp knife will do but if you have one a cleaver like this works
the best and please be very very careful if you try to do this with one hand
especially when you first start because what will happen is larger pieces will
sort of fall away from the pile and you will reflexively reach for those with
your free hand and long story short probably chop off a finger tip so what
is a much safer technique is to place your free hand on top of the knife or
cleaver so that there’s zero chance of cutting it Plus by using two hands
you can cut through this stuff even easier so that’s how we should probably
do it at least until we have everything in nice small pieces then if we want we
could switch to one hand to finish it off oh and if you’re wondering where
we’re going through all this trouble and not just buying ground meat is because
the stuff from the store is almost always overworked and overground which
can make for a very tough burger so by taking a few extra minutes and doing it
this way the texture is going to be much better I had to mention we’re easy
steaks and who knows what kind of mystery meat they’re grinding up alright
that’s why they don’t let anyone watch but anyway what we’ll do once we have
that chopped to resemble coarsely ground meat is stop and crumble in a couple
ounces of partially frozen blue cheese at which point we’ll use our cleaver to
kind of fold everything together and then give it one last quick chop until
we feel like that cheese is fairly evenly mixed in and usually when people
talk about a blue cheese burger they’re either stuffing the cheese in
the center or they’re just topping the burger with the cheese Bob I actually
chopping it into the meat like this something fairly magical is gonna happen
when we fry these as you’re about to see and that’s it once our chopped meat has
been cheesed we can go ahead and portion that up and start cooking or what I’m
gonna do portion them up using some damn hands of
course and then wrap them and pop them in the fridge until a raid eat and as
usual the plastic makes it really easy to flatten these out and because I
started with about a pound and a half of steak I ended up with three big
beautiful burgers so we have one for you one for me and one for we and that’s it
we’ll pop those in the fridge until we’re ready for final production at
which point we’ll pull one out and press it down to as thin as we want and I
generally like a less wide thicker burger but for this black and blue steak
burger I’m actually gonna press it out fairly thin all right I’m gonna
sacrifice being able to cook this medium-rare and keep a nice pink Center
so that we have a lot of surface area to achieve an extra severe crust a vacation
which I think really makes this burger what it is but regardless before this
goes in the pan we’re gonna go ahead and season it up with some salt as well as
an extra generous amount of freshly ground black pepper and if you don’t put
that you’ll only be able to call this a blue steak burger which is just not
nearly as catchy of a name but of course suit yourself
I mean you are after all the Big Daddy this patty and you go ahead and season
this up any way you want including but not limited to adding some cayenne which
I’m not going to so that people leave lots of comments under the video but
anyway once we have that seasoned and pressed we’ll head to the stove and
place this in a dry but well-seasoned pan set over medium-high heat
and yes make sure that pans hot before you place it in and once we place this
down do not touch it or try to move it alright we have to give it at least
three or four minutes to form a crust and what’s happening here is that blue
cheese on the surface is melting and basically forming a blue cheese butter
in which our burger is searing which as you’ll see creates some very impressive
crust if ocation and in case you’re wondering sure you can start with a ball
of this and then flatten it out with your spatula using the smash burger
technique but I think because this has the blue cheese I like to flatten it out
before we start and because this burger is so thin we don’t have to worry about
trying to catch it at medium-rare medium we’re just gonna cook it through and
that second side is probably only gonna take a couple minutes and as soon as it
stops feeling mushy and kind of springs back it’s probably done which mine was
so we’ll go ahead and pull that off and transfer it onto a toasted sesame bun
that has been swipe with some mayo and of course these are homemade so we can
get the exact size we want and thickness all right a thin burger needs a thin
fast-food style button and then the only garnish I’m gonna do here is some
pickled red onions plus just a little extra crumble of blue cheese and this is
one of those things that you look at and you think that needs something else but
then you bite into and you realize that did not need anything else okay so while
was tempting to dress this up with some lettuce and tomato to make the pictures
look prettier that would not have made it better
and I wanted to show this exactly how I would eat it which is what I’m about to
do and that my friends is just an amazing burger all right that beautiful
crust we got frying it and that melted blue cheese gives it the most beautiful
texture or a super crusty and a little bit crispy around the edges and then
inside we have all these little molten pockets and melted cheese and because
this is fairly rich a little bit of acidity from our pickled onions balances
everything perfectly so I just love everything about this experience
and even though we sacrificed a couple perfectly good steaks the gorgeous
flavor and tenderness of this I think makes it all worth it plus people aren’t
bragging to their friends you made them a regular burger but you made them one
out of hand chopped steak that is a story that’s going to get told and many
times but whether you’re gonna make this to get included in people’s burger
related anecdotes or you just want to taste what hamburgers were like before
machines were invented I really do hope you give this a try soon so head over to
food wishes dot-com for all the ingredient amounts of Martha as usual
and as always you

100 thoughts on “Black & Blue Steak Burger – Hand-Chopped Burgers – Food Wishes

  1. Every time I watch a Chef John video, I feel like I’ve been invited to come on down, because I’m the next contestant on the Price Is Right.

    Which makes sense: nothing he makes is ever wrong. 😋

  2. Next time could you please put a "No Cayenne Pepper" warning. I almost had a stroke, aneurysm and a heart attack. #sheesh

  3. Is this more of a technique video? My fiancé doesn't like blue cheese. What other cheeses would you recommend?

  4. We save our strip loin fat for months and grind it with grass fed lean beef, plus some bacon..real Canadian burger.
    I'm gonna try this very soon tho!

  5. Hi chef John, this looks delicious. Could I put the steaks through my KitchenAid meat grinder instead of the good ‘old chopa-chopa? I usually like doing everything by hand, and it sounds better, but would it change the texture and flavor?

  6. Why not just use a chuck steak for half the money and the same flavor and almost the same tenderness?

  7. Turning steaks into these heavenly burgers is not a waste. If someone said that to me I'd eat their burger myself.

  8. Hi Chef John. Just to let you know I watch your videos with my grandson (He's three) and he loves to help in the kitchen and we cook together. So not are only giving wonderful recipes and tips to the rest of us foodies you are creating a legacy. Thank you for your channel!

  9. My favorite burger. Is a lamb burger with fetta cheese mint in the patty.
    On top of a home made pretzel bun. With spinich red onions and. Sliced beets.. with a mustard hummus.

  10. Using the closed captioning feature gets interesting : @3:24 – ''… portion them up using some damn hands …''

  11. Looks delicious. You always give us wonderful ideas for cooking. We added blue cheese to our shopping list. 🙂

  12. I don't have luck with burgers in a pan. I'll just wait till I have my backyard with proper grill.

  13. Your fucking crazy! How dear u do that to a rib eye!… yea I'm sure it's good but no that's bad shame on you call yourself a chef? John you should know better I take your license away if I could!!!

  14. NOOOOOOOOOOOO! At least use some bad triangular cuts, not some steak I want to eat almost as-is!!!!
    … I think I still have some blue cheese and I just got a new grill for the ol' BBQ… running to fridge to thaw some meat…

  15. Love the technique of making the burger. My new preferred method rather than buying mince for almost anything. ie: Chilli con carne. Thanks. I added some finely chopped onions and chilli powder in the seasoning. Not cayenne though some seriously spicy homegrown ones we dry and powder. For we like them spicy. Then can use tomato sauce instead of chilli which we needs otherwise. Nicer this way.

  16. Man,
    This looks absolutely incredible. Definitely gonna give this a try. Might chop my own burgers from now on, lol

  17. Just made these for dinner… Used brioche buns lightly toasted – It was amazing. 10/10.

    Since the steak was quite lean, the blue cheese really added some delicious fattiness.

  18. This literally made my mouth water. Beautiful! I'm absolutely going to try this. Thank you so much!

  19. Made a ‘variation’ of this burger on 7/21/19. Used the ‘scraps’ from a beef tenderloin I bought recently. I chopped it with a cleaver that’s been in my drawer for years. Formed patties, chilled them, then fried them in a very hot pan into which I’d added a bit of vegetable oil. The result: the best ‘hamburger’ my wife and I have ever eaten. I’ll never buy ground beef for ‘hamburgers’ again. I seasoned the meat with kosher salt, pepper, garlic powder and ‘Beau Monde’ (celery salt.)

  20. This looks AMAZING! I have a very dear friend from who visits from Sweden and when in the states, he loves a good burger… daily! Very important to have a "Real American Burger," you know! 😉 We shall make this one!

  21. Never mind the cayenne pepper, you ate the burger upside down 😉….on a serious note, that looked fecking amazballs 👍

  22. chef john what's it gonna take to get you to convert to full metric? everyone has a price chef john. name yours

  23. Chef John, what will happen if the burger isn't chopped so finely? Is a less fine chop with bigger chunks in the patty a bad idea?

  24. I was a bit disappointed to see a burger sin in a Chef John video – topping distribution! Spread out that cheese and those onions!

  25. The 3rd Commandment — Thou shalt add Cayenne — has been VIOLATED. This is your final warning. Risk not ye immortal spicy soul. Add Cayenne!

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