Best Udon Noodles in Japan | Epic Noodle Tour

Best Udon Noodles in Japan | Epic Noodle Tour

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  1. Hi guy Suzannah from the UK . I LOVE YOUR SHOW SO MUCH ,, MYSELF I WOULD GO WITH A PUFF OF SMOKE TO LIVE THERE AS HOW CLEAN AND THE AIR MUST BE VERY CLEAN . SUFFER FROM CHRONIC PAIN SYNDROME AND COPD WHICH MEANS I AM GOING TO DIE FROM COPD THERE IS 4 STAGES OF THIS TERRIBLE SLOW DISEASE AND THERE IS NO CURE this disease is as common as CANCER Depending which sort Cancer you have , but still COPD is not known it is a Lung Disease which I have 6 Small Cancerous in my left lung .the reason I am telling you this the first place went to is the rice farm , and that is the sort I would live . WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ITALY SPAGHETTI AND THE NODDLES AND CHINESE NODDLES,

  2. Udon, always udon. I know Kagawa is famous for udon, but if you ever head into Ehime into Matsuyama, there's a shop called Tsuruchan that does some really cool western flavoured udon. I just love Shikoku in general!!

  3. OMGEEE! I’m seriously drooling over here!! I absolutely love udon, so much more than ramen, then to top it off with tororo! YUM! I loved the dashi cart at the airport too…….What a great way to represent what Kagawa is all about—amazing udon! Very cool! Thank you for sharing all of the yummy bowls of deliciousness, boys!! Sister, Erin Uber would so love the mochi-an udon! ❤️

  4. The only udon store that I know, which i frequently go to is Marugame. Maybe thats the reason why the line there is always long. 丸亀は安くて おいしい 店 です

  5. Shinichi, I just have to say you have a sexy voice! Please don't take that wrong😂. I personally prefer ramen noods. Give me carbs, please! 😂. Thanks, fellas!

  6. Unfortunately I do not remember how the place was called, but near mount Haruna, the south part I believe, I had the best udon with tempura I ever had. It was this big hall with benches and long wooden tables. It's location was a bit remote, but the place was packed. And all they served was the udon with tempura and it was super good. I miss it almost every day.

  7. I'll let you know when I have soba next time at the restaurant I visit I have only had ramen so far but I'm going to have soba next time then I will know my fave noodles lol.

  8. Thank you for the wonderful video, guys! I'm definitely adding Kagawa to my must-visit list. Also, udon noodles are by far my favourite type of noodles! This video made me really hungry, haha

  9. Hola chicos cómo están qué bonito lugar y la comida Rica Rica Rica 😘😘😘😋👍✌👍✌👍👌👌👌👌👍👌👍✌😀✌

  10. Thank you Satoshi and Shinichi, I've been following you since 2 or 3 years ago and I love you guys and your videos so much!! Before going to Japan for the 1st time 2 years ago, you made me want to try all the food and now it's the same, but also to miss Japan a lot (in a good way) and to remember all the good memories I have ^A^ All the udon dishes in this video look SUPER delicious, I hope I can try them the next time I'm in Japan! Again thank you and please keep showing us more delicious food and your smiles!

  11. I'm learning so much about what can be in a bowl of udon! The tempura looks great too! All the foods look soooo delicious and scrumptious! I would love to go on a noodle tour too someday! I enjoy watching you two describe the foods and how much you guys enjoy it, it's infectious!

  12. I love noodles I have love noodles and all types of pasta since I was a baby I love noodles I love chicken noodle soup and I love noodle soups

  13. I love udon because I love chewy foods, and I love ramen for the flavors! I love all noodles though and will gladly eat any kind

  14. はじめまして!

  15. Really enjoyable, I really like the descriptions of the food; without smell-o-vision or slurp-o-vision, your descriptions are really helpful 🙂
    Perhaps a "recreate these Kagawa Udon dishes at home" cookery video could be in the pipeline please?
    Thank you gentleman, another wonderful video 🙂

  16. Long time ago I saw how Satoshi eats Udon, this gentle slurp and then lead the Udon with help of the chopsticks to the mouth. I copy that, since then it's not a horrible mess with soup drops all around me anymore, thank you Satoshi ^^//

  17. All these yummy foods have been making me hungry! I'm pregnant right now, so I'm craving it badly! I miss Japanese food so bad 🙁

  18. I L-O-V-E udon! Those looked so good, especially the ones with the naga imo. That was a such an enjoyable video! Thank you. Watched it twice already.

  19. OMG! I'm so jealous! I moved to Costa Rica and they have nothing in the way of amazing noodles! NOTHING! I So miss having great Japanese noodles! Weather it's ramen or udon!😭😭
    P.S. my favorite noodles are RAMEN! WhooHoo!😉

  20. I have never really had a good udon noodle soup. I tried making some once but it didn't taste too good. I messed up the seasonings somehow. I have been wanting to taste some good udon soups. I really love ramen, soba noodles and any kind of pasta or and pho is delicious too.

  21. I have tried Udon noodles twice before and both times they were thick and round. I found a package of Wel Pac Udon noodles in my local grocery store but they are flat like fettuccine 🙁 Do you have experience with flat udon noodles in Japan?

  22. Aw man I love Satoshi before he eats/drinks something he likes. Love watching you two both. It's like being among friends. I enjoy seeing people happy.

  23. I visited Kagawa for a while during my working holiday, but only had a couple places while there. My favorite it's cold noods and cold soup but in winter I want cold noods in hot broth.

  24. Udon and Yakisoba are my favorite noodles! I’m learning to make my own udon from scratch because it’s hard to get where I live, but we do have a really nice hibachi shop nearby that has amazing Yakisoba.

    I’ve always wanted to try oden. They have oden kits at the Asian market. Next time I’m in the area, I might swing by and get one.

    I knew you were going to say the red bean mochi udon was your favorite. I could see on your face how much you loved it!

  25. I like all those noodles. Last year we we're hunting for the best ramen. We are a little burned out on it now. Udon is our new go to. Soba is great at home for a quick satisfying meal. Pasta is comfort food all around. Thank

  26. My favourite noodles are udon, filled pasta, and ramen (particularly tonkotsu) – miss your ramen hunt videos! 😘
    Love the look of all these udon dishes, must add to my list to visit in Japan.

  27. good morning to you guys and to all watching this vlog …just a piece of advice before watching this vlog make sure that your stomach is full lol..have a great day

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