Best. Burger. Ever. | Marcus Meacham

Best. Burger. Ever. | Marcus Meacham

Alright. So today, we’re making my version of the best burger ever. I smell bacon, but I don’t see it. I’ll show you where it’s hiding. Let’s make it. So, I’m starting with two cuts of beef. I have chuck and sirloin. The reason behind this is because the chuck has a little more fat; the sirloin’s a little beefier flavor. And then this is a secret cheat code right here. Ground bacon. And the reason for adding the bacon, you get this nice, smoky tone. Everyone was a bacon burger, but when it’s in there already, mixed in, it does a beautiful thing. Now, I’m gonna move on to my spice rub and my umami bomb. Dried shiitake mushrooms, ground to a powder. When you eat them, it’s like natural MSG. Just keep eating if you’re hungry. You like it. You love it. You don’t know why. It’s because of that. Now, I’m gonna add garlic powder, some dried thyme, little earthiness to it, and some onion powder; pretty standard when it comes to burger rubs, and then a little bit of liquid. Not too much, so you don’t want the burger patty to break down. A little bit of Worcestershire. Make sure it’s nice and mixed. Corporated. You don’t wanna eat like, a packet of onion powder. It’ll ruin anyone’s day. I’m just going to move on to our “secret sauce.” Starting with ketchup, a little bit of yellow mustard. You definitely wanna use yellow mustard for the brightness. Cream it out a little bit with a little bit of mayo. A little bit of sweetness. A little bit of maple syrup. Cheek over here. Chico. And then, a little bit of heat. And you take these already pickled jalapeños. I’m just gonna run my knife through them real quick. You want the pieces to be nice and small so it blends in with the sauce. And add this straight in here. A little bit of salt. Couple twists of fresh black pepper. Give it a little bite. Llittle more sharpness. And a dash of sherry vinegar. Just gonna mix this all up. Kind of looks like, you know, Big Mac sauce, a little bit. But trust me, it’s a lot better. It’s kind of make patties. We’re making small patties. I like nice, thin patties for they’re gonna be double burgers. So, each patty is about 3 ounces. Man, I am so hungry already. Nice and mixed up. You don’t want like, a chunk of bacon sticking out because that part will cook fast in the beef so we’re gonna be nice and corporate. So we’re making patties nice and thick. Now, I’m just making some burgers. While those are going, I’m going to toast my bread up on this grill pan. A little bit of butter, and oil. The whole reason for the oil is to make sure the burning go up a little higher. Turn up my heat a bit. Give it a nice char. Tiny bit of salt, to make it smooth, salty, in the patty, and a little bit of black pepper. Now you go over. You just kind of see them kind of breaking apart a little bit, but don’t worry, we have the cheese as our glue. I’m just using straight up American cheese. Just like Mommy used to make right? And once I put the cheese on, I like to stack them. These are double patty that helps to cheese in the middle melt quicker, and it gives us more room to make another burger. Alright. Now, it’s time to just assemble. Nice and cheesy. Beside all of the smokiness and all the richness going on with the burger, bread and butter pickles. Nice sweet accent. Pickles. We’re almost there. Adding in these pickles on, we’re adding sauce, and that’s it. The best burger ever. Nice toasty bun. Crispy, chewy on the inside, juicy burger. There you go. Let’s bit around it.

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  1. i hope this is just for display purpose i see alot of cross contamination action going on here not a lot of soap and water hand wash touching the meat bread and vegetables …and i would of checked te meat first to see if its cooked before adding cheese ….not bad looking tho they have a very homemade feel to it{ but don't worry i could be wrong who knows if certain parts are just not shown in the video} i mean no offense by the way… i would probably pre prep the other things away from the raw meat to save time and less risk of upset

  2. i love it when people show there own genuine personalities and not try to be the person that others think they should be. it takes alot courage. my hat off to you sir.

  3. Hi,

    Did you just food process dry shitakes? I have been looking for that spice. I’m going to try this burger.

  4. they are breaking up cause you didn’t add any egg to the meat… who taught you to cook for Christ’s sake?

  5. This is a badass burger, as-is. I do mine similarly but instead of the sirloin, I use brisket. It’s to die for!

  6. I think you should ONLY grill the buns. Instead, also steam them using some water. Also cheddar tastes better than American. American cheese isn’t ever real cheese. Also how about adding an egg into the burger to hold it together? And that yolk got taste. And how about a little butter? 🙂

  7. Good burgers but not cool with cross contaminating everything in the kitchen lol all he did was wipe his hands with a towel after touching raw meat.

  8. It can’t possibly be the “BEST BURGER EVER” because it has swine which is unhealthy and not for human consumption, God says so in the scriptures Leviticus 11 :: NIV. You may eat any animal that has a split hoof completely divided and that chews the cud. … And the pig, though it has a split hoof completely divided, does not chew the cud; it is unclean for you. You must not eat their meat or touch their carcasses; they are unclean for you.

  9. a complete master piece!!..that can get you a trip to the hospital!!!…if you're lucky enough to make it there in time!!😢

  10. Those singles aren’t even cheese. Why go through all the trouble to make the burger mixture, seasoning, and sauce just to throw some fake cheese. Come on man.

  11. I bet them hamburgers taste so good but you probably won't live long because it's so unhealthy all its sodium and fats to top it off he asked bacon pork to it that makes it even more worse unhealthy it really must taste good when something tastes so good it is so unhealthy

  12. All that sodium and fats wow that's a new weapon the military should use that is a very clever way of killing someone

  13. You stack them as soon as you cheese them. So the top burger does even get a sear on one side and might not even get cooked.

  14. You clearly have not seen the YouTube video on the chese you used as you cant even burn it with a lighter…idiot it's not cheese

  15. I mix bacon cubes to my burgers too 😀 that's such a great thing to do. The burgers get juicy af. But I still need them extra slices of bacon for the burger xD

  16. If a person eats enough of these burgers eventually your blood pressure is going to raise Sky High or eventually you're going to die of a heart attack

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