Bawarchi {HD} – Rajesh Khanna, Jaya Badhuri, Asrani – Superhit Hindi Movie – (With Eng Subtitles)

Bawarchi {HD} –  Rajesh Khanna, Jaya Badhuri, Asrani – Superhit Hindi Movie – (With Eng Subtitles)

Welcome. Welcome. Rupam Arts presents for
your pleasure their new movie.. ..’Bawarchi’ (The Cook). The cast of the movie.
Story: Tapan Sinha. Screenplay: Hrishikesh Mukherjee. Dialogues: Gulzar. Song: Kaifi Azmi. Photography: Jaywant Pathare. Sound: George D’Cruz. Sound-recording: Bhansali and Kaushik. Pre-recording: Mangesh Desai. Art: Ajit Banerjee. Editing: Das Bhaimade. Makeup: Shyam Handekar. Play back: Lata Mangeshkar.. ..Manna Dey, Laxmi Shankar.. ..Nirmala Arun.
Harindranath Chattopadhyay.. ..Kumari Faiyaz and Kishore Kumar. Dance: Gopi Krishna. Processing: Film Centre, Achyut Gupte. Dialogue direction: Virendra Tripathi. Associate Director: Anil Ghosh. Associate Producer: Romu N. Sippy. The voice from back.. ..I mean the voice
from behind the curtain.. ..I mean the commentary is mine:
Amitabh Bachchan. Music Director: Madan Mohan. Produced by: N.C. Sippy
and Hrishikesh Mukherjee. Directed by: Hrishikesh Mukherjee. This play is based in India. Anywhere in India. The time, present. And the characters. Come.
We will introduce you to all of them. All our characters live in this house. There are a few outsiders too. But most of them live in this house. The name of this house is Shanti Mansion.
– What is going on here? Now, don’t be misled by the name. When you go inside,
you’ll see a proper battlefield. This is my house. The owner of this house
is a retired post master. He had named the house Shanti Mansion
after his deceased wife. Come on, let’s meet him. He is Mr. Shivnath Sharma. In his youth he was very artistic! He even sang. He is Mr. Shivnath’s elder son,
Mr. Ramnath. He is the head clerk in this office.
He is a very kind hearted man. But he has a habit of drinking
country liquor in the evening. This is his wife, Seeta Devi. This is their daughter, Meeta.
Sorry, Meeta, B.A. Mr. Shivnath’s second
son Harinath and his wife. They died in a car accident. This is their daughter, Krishna. She is a very pretty and sweet girl. This is Mr. Shivnath’s third son,
Mr. Kashinath. He is a scholar and teaches at school. And this is his wife, Shobha Devi. She was so beautiful that Mr. Shivnath
didn’t even ask for a dowry. They also have a son, master Pintu. This is Mr. Vishwanath, a.k.a. Babbu. He is Shivnath’s youngest son. He is an assistant
music director in films. Till today he has stolen music from
innumerable English songs. But nobody has ever
been able to prove it. There are a few other people
taking part in this play. Like, Mr. Arun Kumar. Apart from bodybuilding,
he is studying for his M.A. exams. We don’t know his name. Everyone calls him Guruji. We still have to introduce you
to an important character. The cook. Come on, let’s go
back to where we started. Shanti Mansion. Ramu. What about my job? You will get it dear. What’s the hurry?
– Don’t ask. From a bearer, I became a cook. Now, I am neither a cook nor a bearer. I thought that one master in the house,
is better than ten masters in a hotel. When I came here,
there were still ten masters.. ..and the house is worst than a hotel. I feel that I’ve taken job
in some cheap lodging house. Darn it. There is one more job available.
But you won’t get this much salary. What do you think I get here? Fifty rupees, food,
clothes and a place to stay awake. A place to stay awake?
– What else? Where do I get the time to sleep? Therefore I go and sleep outside. Look, you’ll get Rs. 40 there. Also you will get food,
clothes and a place to stay in. Then come on.
Let’s go there right now. Atleast go and settle your account. What account? I’ve worked for one month
and three days. I don’t mind if I don’t
get paid for three days. Let’s go. But I feel bad for the old man. He’ll need tea. Munna (Child). Munna. Why is father calling
me so early in the morning? Munna. What happened? Did you hear him? Even you can hear him. What happened? Father. When will you people learn? I just fail to understand. I’ve been telling you
since you were in school. Try to get up early. I’m trying father.
I will slowly get in to the habit. Nonsense.
– Did you call me for this? Since morning this old man
has been waiting for a cup of tea. So then hasn’t the cook given
you tea as yet? If he had given me tea,
then why would I call you ? Looks like that idiot also ran away.
– What? Why? Did hell break loose when you heard it? In my times, the women
of the house would do everything. These days, the daughters-in-law
are not like daughters. They are like daughters in legal sense. Daughter-in-law. They are daughters
only in the legal sense. Now who will get into legal
matters so early? Therefore, I called you. Push the box inside. Father how often have I told you.. ..not to keep so much gold,
jewellery in the house. It will get stolen some day. Keep it in the bank. Forget about the gold and jewellery. And arrange some tea for this old man. It’s 7am.
The cook hasn’t served tea as yet. I hope that even he hasn’t run away.
– What? Don’t talk about such bad
things early in the morning. Oh my God. The cook really hasn’t come. Now what? What else? Again I’ll ask
someone to get me a servant. Krishna? Krishna?
– Coming. What happened, Shobha aunty? Please prepare some
tea and bring quickly. Why, the cook is not there? Has he gone? Don’t know whether
he is gone or he is dead. I will make some right away. Why are you strutting about? Can’t you see it’s slippery there? I forgot, Shobha aunty. Have you even forgot that
god has given you eyes to see. Look! I can’t handle this
everyday problem. Who will do all the housework now? Clean the utensils,
cook, wash clothes. You won’t be doing it all by yourself. There is sister-in-law,
Krishna and Meeta too. Enough. Don’t talk about your niece. As for your sister,
as soon as she hears this.. ..her joints will start paining. So, what can I do? A school teacher who
earns Rs. 300 per month.. ..cannot stay in a house
of his own either. – Why not? There are just three of us.
What are our expenses? It’s not a matter of expenses. If we leave this house, my elder
brother will poison father’s mind. I’ll be disinherited
from the house and estate. Have you ever seen
the box under father’s bed? Yes. I have seen that box. And I’ve also seen the lock on it. That is why I am quiet. Oh, no. Your younger brother’s
early morning noise begins. Is this a house or a fish market? Cook. Cook. The cook has left, uncle Babbu. Left? Very good. Didn’t he take a medal before he left?
– Medal? Why? Has anyone lasted
more than a week here? He was here for an entire month. Shouldn’t he get a medal? Are you preparing tea?
– Yes. Very good. Get it quickly. A very beautiful tune
being composed is stuck midway. When the hot tea goes inside
the stomach, it will come out. I will bring it right away.
– Okay. Sister..
– Come in. Come inside. Heard the news?
– Yes, I heard. My joints have started
paining since last night. Here nobody will let me die in peace. Grandpa. Hot tea. Hot tea. I knew that this would happen.
– What? Same. Everyone would sit back and relax. And you’ll end up preparing the tea. So what? What is the shame
in doing housework? Yes, yes.
Even they don’t have any shame. But nobody does the housework. Look grandpa,
don’t you dare criticise my uncles. Hot tea? Uncle Babbu, hot tea. Oh, no. You have ruined everything. I was about to make
a good tune for the song. Is this a tune?
It is just some stupid warble. Like a train running on the tracks. Look Krishna,
don’t give your opinion on music. How would you know what
sells in the market these days? Look! A heart-beat is in two-four!
Okay! But if this same heart beats faster,
its meter is six to eight. How? All these are technical complications. You won’t understand them.
– Yes, yes that’s true. It is such hard work. Like you get an English record first. Play it. Hear it. Record it,
and then fit Hindi words into it. There are so many
technical complications. Krishna listen..
– Yes? This is a trade secret. If revealed, my market will get ruined. For now, the tea is getting cold.
Drink it. Oh, God. The eggs must
have boiled into rocks. Oh, God. Oh my God. Hot tea. Hot tea. Uncle.. tea.
– Yes. Bless you, dear. Bless you. Seeta aunty, tea. Dear give some to Meeta too. No. no. Don’t wake her up.
– Why? Her dance ended at 2 am last night. Here. One shouldn’t drink tea
on an empty stomach. Uncle. Tea. Thank you.
– Shobha aunty, will you have some tea? Pintu. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up dear. Wake up. Please wake up. First give me a kiss. Give you a kiss? Kiss given. Naughty boy. Naughty boy. Okay? Come on. Get up! Climb up. Have you climbed properly dear?
– Yes. Okay.
– Krishna, here you are. Give it to me too.
– Freshen up first. Come on Krishna,
let’s wash the utensils. Now slog for the entire day. We didn’t find any servant
and even the cook ran away. So what?
We are here to serve, aren’t we? Why else did they get us married? Wash clothes… Clean the vessels.
Cook food… It’s not even a small family.
It as big as the Lanka. As if they are princesses
from Ayodhya! Wretches. Good. Don’t you know it is slippery there? Still you come from there. I forgot, sister.
– Are you hurt Shobha aunty? No. I enjoyed it. Sister-in-law,
so what’s the score now? Aren’t you ashamed?
Can’t you help her up? Why should I? Who vowed at the marriage
to always help her? Oh no. Kashi. Kashi. Kashi. Kashi. I’ll be late, brother. So won’t I be late?
Won’t I be going to the office? And is this any way
to rush into the bathroom? Come on, come out. If the teacher reaches
late to school.. ..then how can he enforce discipline? Does that mean you’ll
force your way in? What else should I do? You take hours. It is difficult to live
in this house now. Ruffians have taken over. It’s a zoo. Bloody idiots! What kind of food is this? Can anyone work for all day
after eating such food? Is this curry? Not a single grain in it! We made whatever was
available in the house. Do you also expect us
to go and buy stuff from market? What does Babbu do all day? Can’t he go to the market? He is always busy with
his musical instruments. Babbu. Babbu. What is it? You sit the whole day
long making noises. Can’t you bring some vegetables
for the house? Vegetables? Should I buy them? I’m an artist, brother, an artist.
Talk to me about art. Doesn’t an artist feel hungry? Everyone feels hungry
but everyone is not an artist. Don’t you find any difference
between potatoes and eggplants.. ..and a classical raga? Get lost. Artists like you
are available a dime a dozen. Now look, brother. I’m warning you..
– It’s okay. Now, don’t fight. I’ll bring something
on my way back home. Hello, Grandpa.
– Come, son. Sit down. Sit.
– Krishna. Krishna. Come with the books.
Arun has come to teach you. Krishna.
– What is it, Seeta aunty? Come here and help me. Nothing will go wrong
if you don’t study for a day. I will come right away. See that. You teach her for free.
They can’t tolerate even that. Here. You wash the clothes.
I will handle the kitchen. And this is my soap. Don’t waste it. Keep whatever is left in my room. Krishna..
– Yes? Wash these two clothes of mine too. And this is my soap.
Keep whatever is left in my room. These people have
made my life difficult. Sir, the boss has called for you twice. Good morning, sir.
– Good morning. Sit down. I am sorry, sir. I am late again. Mr. Ramnath, it is the most
interesting word in English. Sorry. A person thinks that
he can commit any crime.. ..and everything will be
rectified if he says sorry. No sir, that’s not true.
I am really very sorry. I have a suggestion.
Please don’t feel bad. As it is, there is just
one year left for your retirement. It will be better if you retire now. No sir. Please don’t say that.
I’ll face great difficulties. Being an officer,
I come 10-15 minutes early. And you being a head clerk.. are late every day. Sir this won’t happen again. What can I do, sir?
We’ve a servant problem and so.. ..none of the work
is being done on time. Please forgive me.
This won’t happen again. Okay. Please leave.
– Thank you, sir. Mr. Ramnath, that tender.. Sir, let me settle down, at least. Laxman.
– Yes, sir. That servant you gave us
has also run away. – What? No. It’s not his fault. The state of my house
is something like that. Now find me a new one quickly. Or I will lose my job in this old age. We will pay him five rupees
more if he wants. Damn! Not a single good news!
As soon as I read it, I lost my peace. What happened Mr. Gyan?
– Look at this! Two murders on the front-page itself. And look at this.
One, two, three, four. Four murders on the second page. And…not only this. Look further. There’s a murder even
on the playground. As if murders have become
a national event. Why national?
Call it an international event? Do you remember when there was
a newspaper strike some time back.. ..there was so much peace in the world. There wasn’t any drought or famine,
neither any war, nor any murders. You always look at the dark side,
Mr. Gyan. Have you ever paid attention
to the warnings in the papers? Did you read yesterday’s paper? A simple, sober,
handsome looking young man.. .. ran away from prison. Police has warned everyone.. ..that he is a dangerous
murderer and killer. And today, this news. Oh, god. A boy from a good family,
well educated, but a criminal mind. At times he’s a tutor or
at times he’s a music teacher. He barges into houses
as a servant sometimes. And after barging in,
he gains everyone’s confidence. And then he robs
everything and disappears. Think about it. Educated young man. Fruits of knowledge have
become the poison of the society. Correct. Correct.
– You are right. Come on. Thank god. Today I came on time. Ramu, bring the register. Here, sir. Yes. Ramu find me a servant. My house is in a bad state. Where are you going?
– College Seeta aunty. You are thinking of going
to college even today? Don’t you see how much
work is pending here? I will come quickly, Seeta aunty.
I have an important class. Give this to Meeta first.
– Okay. Sister. Sister. Wake up. God! I’m getting late. Get up.
– What is it? Will you get up or not?
It is 10 o’clock and.. – What is it? Is it 10 o’clock?
– Yes. Has the Vividh Bharati broadcast
started? Of course.
Would they wait for you to get up? Listen. Drink the Ovaltine. Okay? Seeta aunty, Shobha aunty I am going! Grandpa. How will you go? Aren’t you late? I will run and reach there,
it isn’t that far away. Sorry, Arun.
I was scared you might have left. I’m very late, aren’t I? No. There is some good news.
– What? Mr. Govardhandas has expired.
– Who is this Mr. Govardhandas? He is the Chairman of your college. What is the good news in that? I mean to say that happiness
is different and news is different.. The news is that Mr. Govardhandas
has expired. And happiness is,
that your college is closed. You won’t miss any of your lectures.
– Really? Let’s go and sit in the
University Park for some time. What if my family members find out? Then go home. I will go to
the funeral of Mr. Govardhandas. Oh no. You get angry very fast! You do talk like that. You made me wait for an hour and now.. Okay. Let’s go. I didn’t mean that.
– Then? I meant, sister Meeta will practice her
dance in some time. And I will hide and watch her.
– Why? I like it a lot. I really wish to learn to dance. Look, forget about the dance
and pay attention to your studies. What’s the use of studying? You won’t let me work. And how will dance help? After marriage.. Why are you laughing?
– Nothing. You’ll scold me. Tell me at least. Most men tend to stray after marriage. So? So you sit with a hookah like
a landlord and I’ll dance for you. Wonderful. Wonderful. Good. Very good. Bless you.
Nobody can defeat you, dear. You will surely win this year’s
night dance competition. But master.
– Yes. I am tired of dancing
merely to the beat. Please teach me something else.
– Surely. Surely. I’ll teach you a new song today. “The one who sits with his flute
in the beautiful moonlight..” “The one who has a very
beautiful and radian face.” Master, who taught you dance? No dear. Don’t call this dance. It ruins our culture. Who taught you to dance? Lambu Maharaj. Lambu Maharaj? I never heard his name. There are many talented artists
who have led an unrecognised life. Like me. Nobody knows me except
for you and your mother. And my master always said, one
doesn’t get greedy for fame in arts. One just devotees himself to art. So come on, dear.
Let’s begin our practice too. “The one who sits with his
flute in the beautiful moonlight..” “The one who has a very
beautiful and radian face.” “When He plays the flute
people who are asleep wake up.” “The whole world dances to his tune.” “The flute plays along with
the drum and the Mridangam..” “..making a very melodious sound.” “Playing the flute on the
banks of the river Yamuna..” “Playing the flute on the
banks of the river Yamuna..” “Playing the flute on the
banks of the river Yamuna..” “Oh, Krishna! Why do You force me?” “Oh, Krishna! Why do You force me?” “Let go. Let go.” “Let go. Let go.” “Let go of my hand.” No dear. Not like that, I’ll show you. “Oh, Krishna! Why do You force me?” “Oh, Krishna! Why do You force me?” “Let go. Let go.” “Let go. Let go.” “Let go of my hand.” “Oh, Krishna! Why do You force me?” “Oh, Krishna! Why do You force me?” I..
– I.. E..
– E.. E..
– E.. Sister. Oh, no. You stopped me
from behind once again. Nothing happens when children call out. Let it be.
I didn’t ask you to justify. Where are you going in the evening? There is a birthday party
at Rajan’s house. But why have you made
a nest on your head? Not a nest,
daddy, this is called a bouffant. Bouffant? Oh, my God. Even my dad mustn’t
have heard of this. Not just yours, even my
dad mustn’t have heard of this. Here, I got some vegetables. First tell me, did you get any cook? I have told some people.
We will watch for a couple of days. Look. Find a cook fast. Shobha has already said.. ..if we don’t find a cook,
she’ll go to her mother’s house. Go then. Why don’t you go too? I would have gone if I had parents. You say so because
you know they are dead. She starts as soon as I come home. Krishna, here.
– Yes uncle. Go. You go. Wait. Wait. Here are the papers, father. Where is the change? What change? You had given me Rs. 2.
It costs Rs. 1.95. Yes. So that leaves you
with five paise. Give it to me.
Give it to me. I’ll give it to you. Here you are. Why do you always sit with
these doors and windows closed? Why don’t you go out in the evenings?
It will be a good exercise. Exercise? Can one exercise on an empty stomach? It is nearing seven.. ..and nobody has even
asked me for a glass of water. Krishna. – Let it be. Let it be.
Now don’t call her. Otherwise,
nobody will get dinner tonight. Krishna. Krishna. Everyone calls out to her. Why can’t they call their wives? Henpecked husbands. Why were they all born in my house? Hey Pintu dear. Why are you hiding?
Come here. Come here. Pintu… come here son, come. Father will scold me.
– No. He won’t. Come. Come. This isn’t liquor. This is medicine. Pintu! Didn’t I tell you
in the evening… Not to enter my room?
– Yes! Why? Because I drink?
– Yes! This is a house not a bar.
Come on! Come on! Have you come to teach me? Is this a school,
or am I your student? Aren’t you ashamed to drink
in front of children? – Shut up. What do you mean by shut up?
Can’t you close your doors and drink? Come on.
– Why? Fearing you? You have to tolerate
if you want to stay together. Right. When you stay together
you should respect others too. Is it? Then what is your order, sir?
Tell us. What will we have to do? Sister, this isn’t
something to joke about. How will you feel if he keeps
the door open and drinks.. your daughter’s presence? What do you mean how will she feel? I drink what I bring.
I drink out of my own money. And then, he is drinking in his room,
not on the streets. That is all what is left now. What? How dare you. If you have a lot of problems,
stay somewhere else. Yes. That’s what I’m going to do!
Can anyone stay in this house? What’s going on? Idiots! I am not dead as yet.
This is my house. What do you think this place is?
A fish market? Father. Why do you meddle in this?
Go. Go inside. No. You go outside. As if they will go. This house. That box.
The jewellery inside that box. What happened? What’s this noise, father? Look, the great composer is here too. You also get married. Marry? Why? The fights will increase. Why will the fights increase? It has crossed all its limits. Will you heed my advice? Change the name of this house
from Shanti (peace) Mansion.. Ashanti (unpeaceful) Mansion. Worthless fool.
Son of a pig! Hello. What do you want? I heard that you need a cook? I heard that you need
someone to cook food? Yes. Yes. Grandpa. Grandpa. Grandpa. Grandpa, a man has come.
Who wants to work as a cook. He came on his own. Go and call everyone. For them, God has come.
– I will call them right away. Go inside. Please go inside! Uncle Babbu. Shobha aunty.
Seeta aunty. Come quickly. What happened? – Come down quickly.
Look who has come. Who has come?
– A cook. A chef. Did you hear that? A cook has come.
– What? A chef has come.
Come on, hurry up. Who sent you? No one. I came on my own. Can you give anyone’s bail? Bail? Grandpa bails are given
by criminals in police station. No. That is not what I meant. This is Raghu. Where did you work before? With Dr. B.C. Roy.
– Dr. B.C. Roy? Yes. He was the
Chief Minister of West Bengal. But he is dead.
– What? Yes. Where did you work after that? With Mr. Naik.
– Mr. Naik? Who Mr. Naik? Mr. V.P. Naik.
– Which Mr. V.P. Naik? Maharashtra’s Chief Minister?
– Yes. I used to cook there.
I’ll cook here too. The same food grains and vegetables. Whoever eats it but the potato
will remain a potato.. ..isn’t it, Grandpa? Whether you cut it or roast it,
it will stay a potato. Whether I eat it or a bear! You seem to be very jovial. Okay tell me.. ..what all do you know to cook?
– Everything. I know how to make rice-lentils mix,
pilaf and biryani among Indian dishes. In Chinese, I can make chow-chow
and mutton pow-pow. In continental.. That is enough.
We don’t like all these foreign food. We like straight
and simple Indian food. That is true, Seeta aunty. A man wears what the world
likes and eats what he likes. There is no end to Indian cuisine. I can make at least 300
to 400 types of chutneys. Eat one now, you can get to taste it
next year. That’s all right. But how long will you last
in this house. Wait father. Is there anyone in the
neighbourhood who knows you? Nobody knows me, but I know everybody. You are Mr. Ramnath.
Head clerk in Rupam Uttam Company. You are Mr. Vishwanath. Assistant to the Music
Director Rajnikant-Nyarelal You are Mr. Kashinath. You teach history in Ram Ratan School. You are a great scholar! It is said that the
subjects bow to the king.. ..but everyone bows to a learned man. That means.. A king is worshipped
only in his own country.. ..whereas the learned
man is worshipped everywhere. You work as a cook. Where did you learn this Sanskrit from?
– Yes? I got a chance to work
for the great and learned.. ..Pandit Rahul Shankri Tayan
for a few days. I was fortunate enough
to learn something from him. I hope you’re not lying. Sister, please fix the salary first.
– Yes. Start with forty.
– Forty? No. No. How will that do? In times of such inflation. You.. you give me rupees thirty. Yes. I can understand everything,
grandpa. It’s so difficult to run
a house these days. Come on. Show me the kitchen quickly. Otherwise, you will be late to school
and you will be late for the office. Come on, Come on.
Come on Krishna, come on. Pintu, what are you eating? Here’s an Indian chocolate for you. No. No. Don’t give it to him. No, no, Shobha aunty, don’t worry.
This is a very good thing. This has got jaggery,
gram flour, dried ginger powder. It has got castor oil too. It gives strength
and helps the digestion. Very good. It is a very good formula. Sir, from tomorrow I will
make a herbal concoction for you. You’ll see, your health will improve
within ten days. It is said, herbs are important
in a house without a mother. That means a house with no
mother should surely have herbs in it. And it is said. That a mother might get tempestuous,
but herbs can never harm you. That means a mother can get angry now
and then, but herbs can never harm you. This Ayurveda..
– Where did I learn it from? From well known Physician
Chandrashekhar Thakur. I had served him for a few days. What is there in this box? In this box, there is blessings of
Mother Annapurna, Goddess of Food. Annapurna? Yes. Take a look. Take a look. This is a strange story,
Seeta aunty, Shobha aunty. I was sleeping hungry by
the river Ganges, in Kashi one day. Mother Annapurna
appeared in my dreams. There was a smile on her face
and a vessel full of food in her hand. Mother said. Raghu. Hey, Raghu. Get up. Eat. I quickly put out both my hands. All of a sudden, I remembered the
millions of hungry people in the world. I said, I will only eat when
You arrange for all of them to eat. The Goddess said.. “Dear Raghu. There isn’t
a dearth of food in this world.” But when man becomes enemy
of man and eats his food.. ..then what can I do?
– Correct. You keep quiet. What then? I quickly fell at Her feet and said.. “..I don’t know about that,
first arrange for everyone to eat.” She told me,
“Let go of Me.” I said, “No.” She said, “Raghu.” I said, “Mother.” All of a sudden,
She hit the vessel on my head. And holding the vessel,
I fell unconscious . When I got up, I saw that
the Goddess had disappeared.. ..and the vessel was in my hands. That’s it. The other day, I melted
that vessel and made these utensils. So many utensils from one vessel? It wasn’t mine or yours, sir. It belonged to the Goddess Annapurna. Come on. Come on.
We will go to the kitchen. Oh my God. It is very slippery here.! Yes. We have a sweeper.
We have told him so many times.. What is the need of telling him?
I will clean it right away. No. You let it be. Seeta aunty, everyone works for himself. Work for others and
see what happiness you get. Is there any coconut kernel in the house?
– Yes. There it is.
– Oh, yes. Yes. Great. Now, even if someone dances on it,
he won’t slip. Seeta aunty, Shobha aunty
and sister Krishna. Come on. Show me to the kitchen. Come on. I think he is mad. Brother, the one who knows
everything about this house.. …won’t he know that the box
under father’s bed… ..has jewellery worth millions in it? Yes. Whether he wears clothes
of a military man or a ward boy. Talks in Sanskrit and
advices every now and then. I suspect him, brother. Yes. How can anyone
be trusted these days? We will have to keep
an eye on him, Kashi. Yes. Seeta aunty, everyone must be having
their food before going to the office? Yes.
– I’ll make something quickly. Yes tell me, what should I make? What will you cook?
There’s hardly anything in the house. There are some raw bananas
and elephant yam there. Raw bananas and elephant yam? This will do. Seeta aunty, is there
asafoetida in the house? Asafoetida? Yes, we do. So then what is there to worry about? I will put asafoetida in this
elephant yam and make such kebabs… Elephant yam and asafoetida?
– Yes. And with these raw bananas
I will make Dum Pokth. What?
– Yes, Dum Pokth. There will be fun in the house. Yes, the water has been heated. Seeta aunty, Shobha aunty,
we will do something. Instead of sending tea for everyone
can’t everyone come here for tea? What?
– Yes. Do one thing. You call everyone downstairs. All of them will sit together
and drink hot and piping tea.. ..and talk hot…
they will talk softly. Please go. Go. Go. Sister..
– Yes? I am very scared.
– Yes, Shobha. Is he some occult practitioner? He seems so.
– Oh, gosh. Didn’t you see how he was
cutting the vegetables? – Yes. Grandpa, tea. From tomorrow,
I will bring tea at 5:30 am.. 5:30 am? I used to get that,
when my wife was alive. No, grandpa. You get up early. You should get tea early. You understand that even
when you are a stranger. But my own people,
they don’t understand. No. No. Who said that
they don’t understand? Seeta aunty just told me. Son Raghu, give tea to father early. Seeta told you that?
– Yes. I can’t believe it. Anyway. Whether Seeta says it or not.. will be great if I get
a hot cup of tea at 5:30 am. You will get it, grandpa.
Why won’t you get it? I have come to serve you people. But from tomorrow, first I’ll give you
a massage and then hot tea. Sister Krishna.
– Yes? Quickly lay the covers here.
– Why? Because everyone is coming
here to drink tea. – Why here? Because today the tea
is like Prophet Mohammad. That means if He can’t come to us.. ..we must go to Him. Therefore, quickly lay the covers. The worshipping of the tea begins. Get up.
– Come brother. Spread it, dear. Spread it. Come, brother.
– Move. Here you go.
– Sit. Come on Raghu. Bring the tea quickly. The tea is ready. Yes. Please bring it. Wonderful. The tea tastes nice. Which tea is this? The same one which you drink everyday. Should I tell you the truth?
I came to know for the first time.. ..that tea has an aroma too. Yes. As if you have
been getting trash everyday. I’m not talking about you. I’m talking about
the cook before Raghu. Otherwise your tea undoubtedly would
be a heavenly experience. Raghu, your tea is the best. Brother, careful.
– Why? Otherwise he will say
that he worked with.. ..Mr. Brooke Bond
in the Lipton Company. That is the truth, brother Babbu. If you wish you can ask Mrs. Dengzongpa,
Resham Quarters, Tea Center.. ..Churchgate, Bombay number 1,
personally or through a letter.. ..that I have learnt
preparing tea from her. From Darjeeling. Who? The tea or Mrs. Dengzongpa?
– Both. Sister Krishna, serve tea to
Seeta aunty and Shobha aunty. No. We will drink it later. Why later?
Why not right now, with everyone? It seems so good when
all the family members.. ..sit together, eat and
drink together and talk together. Aunty these small things seem as
if they are meaningless. But if see,
they have a lot of importance. It seems that all are
living one life, together. Raghu, you must be a very
learned one in your past life. Why in my past life, brother? Do I look very stupid in this life? No. That’s not what I meant. Raghu please give me
another cup of tea. No. No. You won’t get any more tea.
You have to eat food and go to school. Come on. Everyone, get up. Elder brother, you are eldest. You will go to the bathroom first. Did you hear that? Learn something. Shobha, quickly have your tea.
We have to wash the utensils. Aunty, why do you wash them?
I’ll do it. No. Why will you do that?
It’s not your work. Aunty everyone does his own work. But you don’t know the pleasure
one gets by working for others. I will get paid for my work.
I work and I get paid. The account is complete. But aunty doing work for
someone will earn me real merit. It’s priceless. Aunty I won’t give up this merit.. ..even if you double my salary. Shobha, will it be edible? Wonderful. Wonderful. Wonderful. It is so good. Great.
– Wow! Please give me some
more mutton kebabs. Shobha aunty, give elder brother
some mutton kebabs. I will go and arrange
for grandpa’s meal. When did that fool go to the market
and fetch mutton in such a short time? It’s not mutton.
These are elephant yam kebabs. – What? That’s a limit! What did
he do that you couldn’t understand.. ..the difference between
elephant yam and mutton? Look, cooking is also an art. A good cook can make even
elephant yam taste like mutton. And make mutton taste
like elephant yam. Let it be.
– Am I right, sister-in-law? Let it be. Let it be. Eat. Who is it? Who is it?
– The two of us. Who two? Me and Ovaltine. Wait. Good morning.
Your Ovaltine. – Who are you? Your new cook, sister Meeta. Who told you my name? It is written on your certificate there.
– Okay. You dance Kathak, don’t you?
– Who told you? The photo there. Are you a cook or a detective? I’m a cook, sister.
Come on. You get ready quickly. Master will be here any moment. Greetings master.
– Hello. Will you have some tea?
– Of course. I will have some tea. A cup of tea in the morning keeps.. ..a man healthy and
happy throughout the day. Yes a cup of tea every morning.. ..benefits both the mind and the body. And you get energy to dance. Yes. It certainly gives energy. Tea is definitely good
for dance and practice. What do you mean? Dance and dance practice. Okay brother, but why do you speak
in such chaste Urdu? Even you speak very chaste Hindi sir. Hindi is our language. Even Urdu is our own language. Actually, Urdu and Hindi are sisters. Just like you and me. What? We are sisters? No. No. We are brothers. Just
as two brothers can live happily.. ..can’t two sisters live happily? The progress of the country
lies in staying together. I mean, the country will make progress.
Isn’t that what is said in Hindi? Yes. Surely. Certainly.
– Of course. Can I take your leave now?
– Surely. Sister will be here soon. Sister Krishna, Ovaltine. Ovaltine for me? Why not? When sister Meeta
can have it, why can’t you? Sister Meeta needs it.
She works so hard. Even you work so hard.
You use your brains. Nonsense. I am trying to solve
this question from the past one hour. Really? Let me see. Brother Raghu.
– Yes. This is algebra.
You won’t understand it. Let me see at least. Yes. Now divide the two sides by (a – b).
– What? A2 – B2=(a+b) (a-b). Divide it. Then take its square root. That’s it.
Simple. Brother Raghu,
where did you learn algebra from? I used to work for
a professor of mathematics. He was mad. He was always after me. He used to say dear Raghu. There isn’t anything
like pure mathematics. Come on sit down and study. What could I do? I had to learn it.
It was the matter of my job. Well! It proved to
be of some use today. But sister Krishna,
please don’t say this to anyone. Or I’ll lose my job. Okay? Bye. Genius. Hey brother. Let it be.
– Please give it to me. Everyone does his own work. But.. ..the satisfaction we get in
working for someone else is different. Kashi, today I’ll reach office
on time after many days. Me too.
– Come on, open your mouth. Open your mouth quickly. Brother. Life completely changes if
we get good food and on time. Right? Grandpa, I have brought food for you. Food and that too so early? Are we British to have breakfast,
lunch and dinner? Come on eat the food quickly,
or it will get cold. You have flooded me with
memories of my wife once again. Do you know how to
make margosa eggplants? Why not? But grandpa,
I’ll make a better dish for you. Do you know the name? Sukto. What?
– Sukto. It is a mixture of bitter gourd,
eggplants and bananas. A Bengali lady had taught me. Very tasty.
Come on. Come on, hurry up. Listen. Krishna..
– Yes? Is he still there or did he left?
– Who? That Raghu.
– Still there. Good. Listen your new cook, Raghu either
he is a great man or a great thief. He has brought so many
vegetables in just Rs. 2. Keep an eye on him. Saints and thieves don’t
settle in one place for long. Either they will give
a boon while leaving.. ..or they will rob the whole house. Here. Take this. Wait. C. D.
– Correct. Krishna.
– Yes? Is he there or has he left? Who, Raghu?
– Yes. He is there. What happened?
– Please wait. Here’s lime and coca-cola. Mix the lime juice
and coca-cola in this. You will enjoy it.
– What are you talking about? This is country liquor and..
– That is the fun. Drink it and see.
And these are fried pulses. If one has to drink,
he should drink royally. You start.
I will just pull down the curtains. Otherwise, Pintu will come. Actually one enjoys drinking
only when he is alone. But where did you learn all this from? I worked for a film lyricist!
I learnt this from there. Sir please don’t ask me his name. Or this poor guy’s reality
will be exposed. So? Did you enjoy it? Very good. Very good. You work the whole day. And on top of that the problems
and tensions of the house. How will you survive
if you don’t drink a little? You drink comfortably.
I will leave now. Dear can I get a cup of tea? Here you are, Kashi brother. Not only tea,
there is something else with it too. What?
– Yes. Hot and piping egg patties. After working for the whole day.. can anyone drink only tea? It is said that the soul is contended
if one gets someone to eat and drink. Wonderful. You have created
a good rhyme. Very poetic. Did you work with some poet too? Yes. I’ve worked with
the great poet Harindranath. He always used to say. Raghu, it is so simple to be happy.. ..but it is so difficult to be simple. Happy means happiness, right? No. Happy means happy. What is the meaning
of the whole phrase? Don’t you know?
– No. This means it is easy to remain happy. But it is very difficult to be simple. Wonderful. Wonderful.
It is such a beautiful thing. Previously, just because
I didn’t know the meaning.. ..the heart would rote it
like a parrot. Wonderful. Wonderful. Brother Kashinath,
I should take your blessings. Hail.
– Hey. Hey. Harindranath used to say. Raghu, the small things
in life are very important. You see,
the job of a husband is to earn. The job of a wife is
to look after the house. If the husband comes home everyday.. ..and helps her for five minutes
in the household chores.. ..or washes the utensils with her,
won’t it be great fun? The wife would say no. Let it be. You work all through the day.
And on top of that you are helping me. Go, You sit with our child. Kashi brother,
the wife will refuse to let him do it.. ..but in her heart,
she will want him to stay with her. Actually, Kashi brother these are the
small matters that are important in life. Waiting for some bigger happiness,
we lose these smaller happy moments. There are ten or twenty moments
of big happinesses. But it is these thousands and millions.. ..of chances of small happinesses
that we just lose. Whom am I telling this to?
You yourself are so educated and wise. Please forgive me. It’s so simple to be happy.. It’s so simple to be happy,
but so difficult to be simple. Great. Hey. Hey.
Brother Babbu, you eat eggs everyday? Even a hen will be
bored eating so many eggs. Aren’t you bored by now? Here. You have these kebabs today. Wow. Kebabs. Normally nothing is served
with tea in this house. Eat it. And these eggs, go and give
them to elder brother. – Why? He will like it. No. He will suspect me.
– Why? I haven’t given him
a single peanut upto now. And I will give him a whole egg today?
Won’t he suspect it? He will think I’ve
a hidden motive behind it. Then, give it to sister Krishna.
Krishna sister! Krishna sister! Look, Raghu,
I want to be in a sad mood now. As such do not speak
good things right now. Sad mood? Why? Why do you want to become sad? Because I want to
compose a sad song now. Raghu. You go. Babbu brother can I help you?
– You? What do you know about music? I had a chance to work
for Pandit Omkarnath Thakur. There by imitating songs,
I actually learnt singing. If you really ask me,
I like sad songs a lot. Happy songs are like sparks. They light and then drop off. But sadness. Sadness burns
like incense sticks, for long. And even when it extinguishes,
its aroma exists. Wow.
You speak just like Hasrat Jaipuri. What is the matter, brother Raghu? Silent. Sit quietly and eat eggs. Okay. Now think that
you are the hero of the movie. Me. No. No. Give me some other example.
Not the hero of any picture. No. I know that. If you could become a hero why would
you become a cook? – Yes. Correct. But does it cost money
to think like that? So think that you are a hero. Should I?
– Yes. Okay.
– Okay. And you live in a village. You love a girl there. You go to the city to study. And when you return..
– The girl is already married. And the path on which
the hero was coming.. ..on the same path, the heroine’s
palanquin was passing by. And when the heroine
peeked from the palanquin.. ..she suddenly saw the hero. How do you know that? This is what happens
in movies these days. As soon as they see each other,
the hero starts singing. No! No! No! This is where our
film becomes off-beat. The song is sung by the cart-driver. Oh. Can I take this tambourine..?
– Yes, you may. Okay. “What is this life without you?” “What is this life without you?” “If the flowers bloom,
the heart withers.” “If the flowers bloom,
the heart withers.” “Inspite of the rain
my heart is on fire” “What is this life without you?’ “Life without you..” “Ever since you’re upset with me,
my beloved” “Ever since you’re upset with me.” “I’ve become so lonely.” “The world has become my enemy.” “The world has become my enemy.” “Why should anyone share my sorrow?” “My own tears fall on my clothes” “What is this life without you?” “Life without you..” ‘Whom shall I explain?” ‘Whom shall I explain?” “What did I go through?
What I have suffered” “This world asks me!” “This world asks me!” “Who broke my heart?” “Who is responsible for all of this?” “What is this life without you?” “lf the flowers bloom,
the heart withers.” “Inspite of the rain
my heart is on fire.” “What is this life without you?” “Life without you.” Wonderful!
I tell you forget this cooking.. ..and become a playback singer. No, no. No, Babbu brother. But you know Manna Dey. He sings well. You please make him sing this song. But whose song is it?
– Mine. I made it in your presence. Not the tune! The words! Mine. I made them and sang. Great! Now you will say that
you worked with uncle Ghalib too. No, no, Babbu brother. No! Even my father was
not born at that time. But I was with Master Rabindranath
Tagore at Shantiniketan. With Tagore? What is your age?
– Thirty years. Tagore expired in..
– In the year 1941. Yes. 1941..
– Okay. I will leave now. Wait a minute. Come here. Tagore expired in 1941.
– Yes. That is thirty years ago. Okay.
– Thirty years ago. And you are 30 years old.
– I’m 30 years old. So dear, when did you learn poetry? You’re a strange Hindu Babbu brother! Don’t you know Abhimanyu’s story? When he was in his mother’s womb.. ..and Arjun was telling
Subhadra the way.. go inside the quagmire
and Abhimanyu learnt it. Similarly, my mother was expecting me
when she was working in Shantiniketan. I’ll tell you the
rest of the story later. I have to give food to grandpa. Goodbye.
– Goodbye. Great dude! Grandpa, shall I get you dinner?
– Yes. Okay. Come on, freshen up. Listen, who was singing this song? That… your son, the great singer. He has started singing
very melodiously. Why won’t he?
After all whose son is he? Come, freshen up. Come on. Come on. “Oh Lord! What should
I tell about your actions?” “Oh Lord! What should
I tell about your actions?” “Oh Lord! What should I say?
What should I say about your actions?” Mr. Ramnath.. Good morning, sir.
– Good morning. Please sit. You sing very well, Mr. Ramnath. No! My younger brother Babbu..
– Yes? He sings very well.
– Okay. What’s the matter, Mr. Ramnath? You come to the office early.
You stay happy too. Actually sir, the matter is that.. ..there is a lot of peace
in the house these days. – Okay. Oh yes, the report should
be ready by this evening. Why till evening, sir?
Take it right away. Wow! Good morning, sir.
– Good morning. I told you to prepare the
balance sheet yesterday. Bring it. I am doomed. I am doomed, sir.
– Why? He has been asking since two days. I’ve tried by best,
but still can’t tally it. Therefore, I came to the office early. I thought that I would do it today. But it seems that
I’ll lose my job today. No. You won’t lose it.
– What? I noticed you have been upset
since many days. Therefore, today I came early
and completed all this. Happy?
– Yes. I am happy too.
Do you know what Raghu says? Raghu says that everyone
does his own work.. ..but the true satisfaction
is in doing someone else’s work. Go. The boss is waiting for you. “What should..” Sir..
– What is this? You saved me. Please go. He is calling you. Really?
– Yes. You summoned me, sir?
– Please come, Mr. Ramnath. I have got a surprise for you.
– A surprise? I’m very happy with your work.
– Thank you sir. I’m giving you an increase in pay
by Rs. 30.. ..and an extension for three years. Thank you, sir.
– Best of luck. Thank you. Krishna! Krishna! Bring the clothes from the terrace. They must have dried up.
– Here you are, Shobha aunty. What is this? You brought them?
– Yes! And you ironed them too?
– Yes. There wasn’t any other work.
And I had spare time. I thought I would
do some of your work too. Why Shobha aunty? Didn’t you like it? I liked it. I’m very happy. Yes. I’m happier than you. Because I made you happy. Shobha aunty the happiness that
you get by making other’s happy.. incomparable. Try and help Seeta aunty some day. You will get immense happiness. Okay. I’ll make a move now. O God! Help me! What happened, sister?
– What else? The same old pain!
I wish I could cut away my legs! Wait! I’ll heat up
some oil for massage! Wait. You don’t need to heat the oil. There is that balm kept there. Get it. I will massage it.
– Okay. Where is it?
– It’s there dear. Give me. Give it to me. Let it be. Let it be, sister.
– Give me. It has swollen too much! This time, during the summer holidays.. ..I will tell him to
take you to Vajreshwari. There is a sacred spring there. I have heard that one gets cured
after taking a bath there. What happened, sister?
Is it hurting a lot? Then? Even my daughter didn’t
serve me like this. Am I not a dear one to you?
Am I a stranger? Oh no! You’re very dear to me. God has made such wonderful
things on this earth. He has made sulphur
springs to combat disease. But He Himself has
given us disease too. If He had not given this disease.. ..then what would be
the need of that spring? Sister, people chant God’s name in pain. And you are cursing Him? Then what do I do?! If it were
His legs, He would have come to know.. ..when He had to climb up
and down the stairs so many times. You summoned me, elder brother?
– Yes. Why? You didn’t bring coca cola,
lime and fried pulses today? You don’t need it today.
– Why? I know by looking at your face. What does my face tell you?
– Look.. Why does a man drink liquor?
To get rid of worry. But when the worries are done
with and a man is out of trouble.. ..the intoxication of happiness
is such that.. ..he doesn’t need any
artificial intoxication. Looking at your face today,
I come to know.. ..that you’re brimming with happiness. You are right, Raghu.
I have one very good news today. What? What? First of all, I have got an
increment in the office. – Really! My salary was increased by Rs. 30. And secondly,
I got an extension for three years! Therefore, you have bought these sweets! Come on, let’s distribute these
sweets to everyone. – No! No! I’ve brought these sweets just for you. Because I have got this
promotion just because of you. And listen, don’t tell this to anyone. Why? This is such a
good news elder brother. And the happiness
increases as you share it. Yes. But only if the people
who hear it have a huge heart. What are you talking about? Who will be jealous of you? Everyone. Everyone.
– That is the limit. Just now,
brother Kashi was telling me.. ..that he is so unfortunate
that he can’t help you at all! He has to work so
hard even at this age. If I would have it in my hands,
I would have told him.., please take retirement. I will earn and I will serve you. Did Kashi say that?
– Yes. Don’t you believe it? No! I know that Kashi loves me a lot. From our childhood. One day in school, while playing hockey,
I fouled and the referee chucked me out. After that, Kashi thrashed
the referee so much! – Is it so? He thrashed him so bad!
– Yes! When I forbade him
do you know what he said? Yes! I know! I know! Brother must have told you that
I am useless and don’t do any work. That I haven’t given a single
rupee more since the past three years. No! No! Elder brother was praising you. What? Praising me?
– Yes. Me?
– Yes. What nonsense are you saying?
– I am not speaking nonsense. Just this morning he was saying.. “..Raghu, look at Kashi.” He was such a brilliant student. I should have sent him
to Oxford or Cambridge. But I am useless. I couldn’t do anything for him.
It is said that.. ..the elder brother
is like the father. That means that the elder
brother is like the father. I wanted to do a lot for him. I could do nothing for him,
not even stitching a suit. Did he really say that?
– Yes. Don’t you believe me? No. It’s not so.
– Okay. Once, the referee chucked your
elder brother from the hockey match. And you had hit the referee? Yes, yes. – How do I know that?
How do I know that? Elder brother told me. But Kashi brother whatever be the case
it wasn’t right to thrash the referee. Why doesn’t it seem to be right? Why?
– No. The referee had taken a bribe
and removed our elder brother.. ..because he was the best player. Whatever is the case, he must
have fouled. That means cheated. See Raghu..
– Yes. Beware. Hold your tongue. Elder brother can never cheat. He is like God. God!
It is me who is good for nothing. He has to work even at this age. I can’t even tell him.. “..Elder brother, please rest now.” I’ll handle all the
responsibilities of the house. So what, brother Kashi? We wish to do a lot in life.. ..but we aren’t able to do it. Can’t we make up for it
by giving some more love? Now look! Today elder brother
has got an increment. His salary has been increased. Who told you?
– Elder brother. Oh! How much?
– Thirty rupees. Thirty rupees! Now what went wrong? Brother, I’m going away. First come inside.
You can leave later. I’m leaving this house.
– Why? Because I cannot tolerate
any more insults. Even I’ve self-respect!
How much can I bear? But what happened?
Who has insulted you? You did.
– I? Yes, you. You! How did I insult you? You got an increment, right?
Thirty rupees. Yes, I did.
So how were you insulted by it? I certainly was.
– Why? You got an increment and
Raghu came to tell me about it. Why? Couldn’t you have told me? In a house in which one has to find out
news about his brother from the cook.. ..there isn’t any need
of living in such a house. Hey. Listen!
Come here. Come here, stupid. When could I tell you?
I’ve just come in. As soon as I came,
I met Raghu so I told him. Here. Have these sweets. Not only have I got an increment.. ..I have also got an extension
for three years. Hey! You are very stingy.
– Why? It is such good news
and you’re offering me one sweet? This whole box is mine.
– Listen, listen.. Listen, I have to give sweets
to others too. I’ll bring the sweets
for everyone else. But this box… this box is mine. He still behaves like a child. Okay go now. Where is that?
– What grandpa? Raghu, see whether it
is under the bed. – But who? Walking stick.
– Stick! Grandpa, here is the walking stick. Go grandpa. Go and have a walk
in the park. – Okay! Okay! Come on! Come on! Do whatever I tell you to.
Aren’t I your elder brother? Great! Will I have
to listen to everything.. ..that you say if
you are my elder brother? Yes, you will have to agree to that.
That is your duty. Look brother,
don’t teach me about my duty. I have a duty too.
I have a principle too. Look, Kashi. I don’t like this useless
argument so early in the morning. I’m telling you, you go first. You have an intellectual job. You just don’t sit like me
and do pen-pushing. Now how are brains and pen
connected with this? Stop your nonsense. Go. I know.
You can’t hold it since childhood. Even you take an hour. Now look..
– Listen, listen. The two of you decide.
I’ll go till then. Babbu! Babbu!
– Look at that! Try to be more formal! We both suffered a loss due to it. What happened? Shobha. Take this. What is this, sister? Wow! Spicy grams. Who made them? Who used to give you spicy grams? That Raghu doesn’t
let me enter the kitchen. Today he has gone out. So I made them
quickly for you. Have them. Why did you take the trouble? Aren’t you troubled from
the joint pain nowadays? Why shouldn’t I be worried? That rogue Raghu doesn’t
let me do anything. He has turned us
into good for nothings. Only Eat and sleep.
Only Eat and sleep. If this goes on for few more days.. ..then I won’t be able
to even get up from the bed. Yes, sister. My weight increased ten pounds
in the last month. – Oh gosh. If Raghu stays for
a couple of months more.. ..even I will become like you. Yes, Shobha.
We will have to do something. But you eat first. Why there are so many limes? Because you like them sour. That was because
I was expecting Pintu then. Seriously sister, you used to
pamper me so much in those days. You didn’t even let me miss my mother. But now you don’t love me at all.
– You mad girl! I still love you the same way. You were a child then!
Now you’re a child’s mother! At that time,
your feet didn’t settle at one place. Sometimes here and sometimes there. You used to roam around
all through the house. Dance is a type of devotion, dear. And devotion is what
makes a person successful. You have to come first in
the dance competition this year. It’s a.. It’s a matter of our honour. That means it is a matter of
our honour. So come on dear,
let’s begin our practice? Okay? One, two.. “Oh Krishna! Why do You force me?” “Oh Krishna! Why do You..
Oh Krishna! Why do You..” “Oh Krishna! Why do You force me?” “Oh Krishna! Why do You..” What happened, master? Our practice has been ruined.
– How? How?! Look over there! What are you doing here? Me…nothing. Just like that. What did you think?
A drama is going on here? No, sister. I was seeing the dance.
– Shut up! Fool! Illiterate!
Get lost from here! Get lost! Will you go or do
I take my sandal out? I am sorry, master.
I didn’t know how she came here. What happened, Krishna? Something has surely happened.
Tell me. If nothing has happened,
then why are you crying? Tell me. I will tell you, grandpa. Sister Krishna was looking
at sister Meeta’s dance. Sister Meeta got angry.
And vented her anger out on her! What is there to get annoyed? Her worship was disturbed. Worship was disturbed? Is she some heavenly dancer? She is getting very
egoistic these days. Raghu.. you have so many talents. Can’t you break her arrogance? I will give you 25 paise.
– Twenty-five paise? Okay not 25 paise,
I’ll give you 50 paise. You will surely give it to me?
– Yes. Really?! “He first stole, then lied!”
– Quiet. “My fair wrist… he grabbed” “Playing the flute, sitting
on the shore of the Jamuna River.” “Playing the flute, sitting
on the shore of the Jamuna River.” “Playing the flute, sitting
on the shore of the Jamuna River.” “Oh Krishna! Why do You force me?” “Oh Krishna! Why do You force me?” “He creates a hullabaloo,
he embraces me.” “He creates a hullabaloo,
he embraces me.” “He holds my fair wrist.” “Oh Krishna! Why do You force me.” “My eyes shed tears.” “My eyes shed tears.” “What can I do my friend?
My heart won’t listen to me.” “What can I do?
My heart won’t listen to me.” “My eyes.. My eyes shed tears.” “Every moment, I wait for my beloved.” “Every moment, I wait for my beloved.” “Day and night, I call out to him.” “On the banks of the Jamuna,
I look for him.” “On the banks of the Jamuna,
I look for him.” Wonderful! Wonderful!
– “My eyes.. My eyes shed tears.” “I shed so many tears,
like a river flowing.” “In the river flow I see my beloved” ‘Like the lotus, he smiles at me” “He won’t come to me” “Where will I go? Where will I go?
Where will I go?” “My heart is so restless.” “My heart is so restless.” “My eyes.. My eyes shed tears.” “My eyes…” Three cheers to Sharma family! Hip-hip hurray!
– Hip-hip hurray! Hip-hip hurray!
– Hip-hip hurray! Hip-hip hurray!
– Hip-hip hurray! What happened?
Did Meeta win the trophy once again? Not only Meeta, even Krishna
won this time. – First prize! Yes!
– Yes! Krishna? – Yes, sister-in-law.
Krishna came first in the dance. When did Krishna learn dance? This is known as a born artist. Okay! So you are the new teacher?
– Bless you. I had worked with Master Ellapa
Pillai of Kanchivaram for some days. That has benefited me a little. Oh dear you’re incomparable! Raghu. Come here. Come here.
Here you are. Twenty-five paise. But grandpa, the prize was 50 paise. It was. But did I promise
to give you all together? Here. Keep this. Keep this. I’ll give you the rest later. Forgive me, sister. If I knew that this
would hurt you so much.. ..I would never have
listened to anyone. I was fond of dancing… …but I didn’t want
to compete with you. Really, sister. This trophy has.. ..given me more pain than happiness. Just because you felt bad. Krishna.
– Sister. I don’t want to hurt you
even in my dreams. But both Grandpa and
Raghu brother insisted! But when did you learn dancing? Brother Raghu taught me in ten days. In ten days?
– Yes, sister. Really. Brother Raghu is a magician. Why don’t you learn from him? Will he teach me?
– Why won’t I teach? This man is always
willing to teach and learn. But in ten days?
– Can anybody learn art in ten days? Sister, it takes a lifetime! First, one has to become
a good human and then a good artist. And only a good human
can become a good artist. And that is the truth. Sister, can I say something
if you don’t mind? How can you be compared to her? You’re a better artist
than sister Krishna. But you lack one thing sister. What?
– Humility! Arrogance and ego can never
make you a good artist sister. An artist should be
like a fruit-laden branch. The more the fruits,
the more it bends. Brother Raghu,
will you teach me dance? I will surely teach you.
But there is a condition. First, you congratulate sister Krishna. No. Not like this. First, give a kiss on her cheek. First class.
Now come down. And have the food. Everyone is waiting for dinner! Brother Raghu! Brother Raghu!
Please teach me to cook. I don’t know anything. Wonderful! Wonderful! I can teach you to cook
food in two days, sister. Cooking food is such a good job. The taste reveals the quality of food. Look at this.
– Are you listening? Seeta aunty! Please wait here. Sister, you go.
Elder brother has come. What is it, father? What is this?
– What? You are coming out from the kitchen? This had never happened
in this house before. I’m learning to cook from
brother Raghu. – Wonderful! And that nest on your head
where has that disappeared? The bird took it away!
– Is it? Wait. Wait. Okay. Go now. Send Raghu upstairs.
– Okay. Brother Raghu, father is calling you. Sister, come here. Come here. Do one thing.
Keep a watch on these spices. When it turns brown,
just like this one.. ..put this vegetable into this. Master!
– Yes, ma’am! Now what’s the use of
teaching Meeta dance? – Why? She already got the medal
from the college. Congratulations, madam.
Your daughter has come second. And who stood first? Krishna! Krishna!
Who never ever mentioned dance! No. Madam, one doesn’t gain
any knowledge without learning. Definitely she has got
passion after seeing our dance. Okay then, even Meeta can also
watch someone and learn. You are not needed! You may go. Hey! You have come! But where will we study?
Grandpa is sleeping. Even this room is closed. Come on. We will go outside
and study in the park. In Park? Okay. Sister Krishna! You must not
go without permission. What else should we do then?
The exams are also nearing. Brother Raghu, should we
go upstairs and study in my room? What?
– In my room. Yes, go.
– Come. I am waiting since so long and you.. You are just making the boys
build their bodies and run the arena. Becoming the gym secretary
is like you become the Health Minister. Please don’t get angry! Please be merciful on your slave,
My Queen. The court has been adjourned. And all our slaves.. ..have been released!
– ..have been released! Out of the question! Come on. We will go
to the terrace and study. Let’s start. The court has been adjourned. And all my slaves freed! Let me see it once.
– Hey, not by looking into the book! Let me see! Please!
– Not by looking into the book! Let go! Let go of it!
– No! Not by looking into the book! Not from the book! Say it from memory. Let me think for a moment. Please. Sister! Sister!
Please come quickly, sister. What happened?
– Come quickly. Get up! But what happened?
– Please come! What will be your reward? The permission to take your
lotus-like hands in my hands.. ..and present them with flower
like bangles will be my price. And washing your feet with the
aromatic water, will be my reward. What is going on?! What is going on? Shameless! Virtue-less!
Aren’t you ashamed?! You killed your parents and
now you want to bring us dishonour! Tell me! Tell me!
– No, Seeta aunty. Grandpa was sleeping and therefore,
we came here to study. Yes! Yes ! Didn’t we see
what studies were going on? Didn’t we see what studies
were going on? You think we are dead?!
– Please listen.. You keep quiet! Tell me. How dare you do this? How dare you do this? Tell me. How dare you do this?
Tell me! He was teaching me one
of our course’s poetry. You are lying again?
– No! The moment we slept
you brought him upstairs. Oh no!
– Where are you going? Today I’m going to hand you
over to the police. Grandpa! Grandpa!
– Yes? Come upstairs quickly. Both the aunties
are beating sister Krishna. – Why? They are upset because
she took Mr. Arun to her room. They should be angry!
Why did she take him to her room? Grandpa, Mr. Arun came to teach.
There wasn’t any place to sit. You were sleeping. Therefore,
sister Krishna took him upstairs. Oh!
– This world is so strange. You try to help someone
and he criticises you. Look grandpa! I am an outspoken man!
I don’t like this! You should be ashamed of yourself. Instead of giving this
poor innocent girl love… ..everyone is oppressing her! Grandpa. I resign! Yes. I am resigning. Hey! Don’t do this. Both the daughter-in-laws
will die of shock. But I can’t see sister Krishna
in this state. Can I ask you something?
You are not man enough? You are the man of the house. If anyone should beat her,
then it should be you. Correct! Raghu, get my cane.
– Will you beat sister Krishna? No. I will hit those two.
– What? I am the owner of this house! I can hit..
– No! Grandpa! That won’t be needed. You just go and scold them.
That’s all! You come with me. Come. Stay here. You won’t get
anything to eat or drink from today! Lock her up in the room! You look very innocent
but are these your deeds? What a dirty mind you have!
– What! My mind is dirty? – Don’t touch me.
Talk from a distance. Get out of this house!
Don’t ever come here again! Who wants to come here? No decent man will ever want
to come back. – What? Did you see his guts?
– Why won’t he have them? She is here to encourage him. Since how many days is this going on? Since how many days is this going on?
Tell me! Tell me! What is going on? What is going on in this house? How many times have we
told you not to encourage her?! Shut up! I know. I know everything. And who are you to hit her? What are you saying?
In broad daylight in this house.. This is my house! Get lost from here!
Get lost! Get lost! You don’t know how to give love!
You can only beat her! Is this your father’s house? Go away!
Are you going or not?! Why didn’t you wake me up, crazy girl? What is this?
You are sleeping at this hour? Are you unwell?
Why don’t you answer me? Do you have a fever or something? Forget it. Don’t show false concern. At least tell me what happened?
– What will you do after knowing it? Today your father abused me…
in my father’s name. What? Abused in father’s name?
– Yes. He said, is this your father’s house? But why did father say that? I made huge mistake. Your niece Krishna took Arun to her
room and was enjoying herself. What? Enjoying herself!? Yes! The eyes heard it
and the ears saw it! You mean the eyes saw it
and the ears heard it! Yes! The eyes saw it
and the ears heard it! When I scolded her,
that boy said whatever he felt like! What? How dare he! Krishna!
– Krishna! Why her? Go and tell your father. How can I tell him?
He is the master of the house. It’s better to die
than stay in this house! Shobha, Shobha, don’t cry, don’t cry. I’ll just go and ask father. Don’t cry. Don’t cry.
I’ll deal with it right away! Brother did you hear what happened?
– Yes. Come. We should settle this with father today.
– Come on. Brother! Where are you going, brother?
– To father. Shall I tell you one thing?
– What? Today grandpa scolded
both the aunties a lot. It was indeed quite enjoyable. What is enjoyable in this? Isn’t it nice when elders scold you?
I like it. It shows that they
love and care for me. I feel a sense of belonging. Have you ever heard
anyone loving his family.. ..and scolding the neighbours? One only scolds the one he loves. Yes, he scolds. But.. But it does not mean that he’ll
say whatever he pleases to our wives. No, no, this is wrong. If she is your wife, then
she is also grandpa’s daughter-in-law. Pintu is your son. lf grandpa has to scold him,
will he ask you prior to it? No, no, this is wrong. Think about it.
Tomorrow when Pintu gets married.. ..won’t you have a right
to scold his wife? And if you scold her and
he comes to you complaining.. ..then do you know what you’ll tell him? Get lost you henpecked husband,
you slave. And yes if Grandpa has over-stepped,
then think of his age too. And even aunty has not
committed any mistake. She has just lost her temper
and spoken harshly to Mr. Arun. Then in this…
– Yes, he is the real culprit. Right, It is the boy’s mistake!
Why should we say anything to father? Raghu, look. Henceforth that boy
shouldn’t be able to enter this house. Yes, tell him those are our orders. Oh my God!
– What happened? My curry is burned! Come on. Brother, no matter what,
but Raghu is right. Yes, as soon as we enter the house.. ..our wives begin provoking us.
That’s a limit now! Yes. As if we don’t have
any individual entity. What do we not have?
– Individual entity. I mean, a being. What is that?
– A being means, me. Am I not me? What is this?
If I am not me, then am I you? Kashi, you have gone crazy
teaching students. No. That’s not what being means.
Please, listen to me. I’ve had enough. Individuality.
– Go and tell your wife. A person has an individuality… Yes?
– About that, it is said… Hey. Sister Krishna, why are you
sitting so lost here? Come downstairs. I know him, brother Raghu.
He’ll never come back. Who will teach me now?
– Leave it to me. I’ll fix everything. Smile and behave normal as
if nothing has happened. How can I smile and behave normal
when my aunties are angry? You leave all that to me. Do as I say.
– What? Go and touch both aunties feet
and ask to be forgiven. Why? I didn’t do anything wrong. So what?
Even if you didn’t do anything wrong.. ..why are you ashamed
of apologising to the elders? Do as I tell you. Have some faith in me, my sister. Mother, did you hit Krishna? Yes.
– That’s very bad. Just because she took Arun
in her room? Even I go to parties. I go alone. And many times I come home late. You never told me anything. And you beat her for
such a small reason. Just because she doesn’t
have parents, right? If you’d done this with me,
I’d have left the house. I’ll drop her at her uncle’s place
tomorrow itself. No, sister.
I won’t go to my uncle’s place. If those who have brought me up,
have no place for me, then… It would have been better if I had
died with my parents in the accident. Listen to that! Listen to
the girl talking in the twilight. Really Seeta aunty, Shobha aunty.. ..I’ve done nothing to
make you ashamed of me. May I die on the spot
if I am speaking a lie. I’ll slap you if you
talk like that again! Come in. Crazy girl. Crazy girl! Keep quiet. “The dawn arrived and
the darkness vanished away.” “The dawn arrived and
the darkness vanished away.” “The whole world has brightened up!” “My heart sings with joy.” “The dawn arrived and
the darkness vanished away.” “The darkness vanished away.
The darkness vanished away.” “The dawn arrived and
the darkness vanished away.” “The dawn arrived and
the darkness vanished away.” “The whole world has brightened up!” “My heart sings with joy.” “The dawn arrived and
the darkness vanished away.” “The dawn arrived and
the darkness vanished away.” “The dawn arrived and
the darkness vanished away.” “The dawn arrived and
the darkness vanished away.” “The dawn arrived..
– And the darkness vanished away.” “The dawn arrived and
the darkness vanished away.” “The dawn arrived and
the darkness vanished away.” “The earth rejoices.
The gardens are merry.” “The earth rejoices.
The gardens are merry.” “The naughty bee
kisses the rose-buds.” “The naughty bee
kisses the rose-buds.” “The rays smile…” “The blue skies appear
beautiful and wonderful.” “The dawn arrived and
the darkness vanished away.” “The dawn arrived and
the darkness vanished away.” “With a message,
the Sun rises in the East.” “With a message,
the Sun rises in the East.” “He who bears the burden of work..” “..gets to share the fruit of labour.” “He who bears the burden of work..” “..gets to share the fruit of labour.” “Share your happiness together.
Have fun together.” “Share your happiness together.
Have fun together.” “The new spring has come,
blossom flowers together.” “If you think of one another
then you will enjoy life.” “Days you will spend in merriment,
you will be joyful.” “One gets just what
one gives another being.” “One gets just what
one gives another being.” “With a message,
the Sun rises in the East” “He who bears the burden of work..” “..gets to enjoy the fruit of labour.” “This is what the new dawn tells you..” “This dawn…” “This dawn…” “This is what the new dawn tells you.” “Stop fighting over yours and mine.” “This is what the new dawn tells you.” “A broken pitcher is all they carry..” “..those wouldn’t share their water.” “Do today, anything that you have to.” “Remember these words of wisdom.” “That lost times never come back.” “The dawn arrived and
the darkness vanished away.” “The dawn arrived and
the darkness vanished away.” “The darkness vanished away.
The darkness vanished away.” “Good morning!” “Good morning. Good morning, oh papa.” “Good morning.
Good morning, oh daddy.” “Good morning.
Good morning, to everybody.” “Good morning! Good morning!” “Good morning! Good morning!” ‘My son!
– Yes, father!” “My son!
– Yes, father!” “Speak in our language!
– Yes, I am sorry.” “Greetings, greetings to you, father.
– Greetings.” “Victory to India!
Victory to India! Oh father.” “Victory to India!
– Greetings, greetings to everyone!” “Greetings, Babbu uncle.
– Greetings. Greetings.” “Greetings. Greetings.” “The morning rays are coming.” “The happy days are coming.
– What?” “The morning rays are coming.
The happy days are coming.” “Oh! I forgot once again!” “The morning rays have come!”
– Very good. “And they have brought happy days!”
– Very good, son. “The morning rays have come!
And they have brought happy days!” “Greetings, greetings to you, father!
– Greetings.” “Victory to India! Victory to India!
Oh father. – Victory to India!” “Greetings, greetings to everyone!” “Greetings. Greetings.
Greetings. Greetings.” “The time to fetch water has come.” “The time to fetch water has come.” “There is a crowd on
the banks of the Jamuna.” “There is a crowd on
the banks of the Jamuna.” “The time to fetch water has come.” Let’s fill..
let’s fill the pots with water.” Let’s fill..
let’s fill the pots with water.” “Says the tinkling bells
of the anklets. The tinkling bells.” “The time to fetch water has come.” “The time to fetch…” “The time to fetch…” “The time to fetch water has come.” Raghu! Raghu! Where are you all? All of you are slumbering! Come here and see!
Everything is ruined! What happened? What happened, Father? Go and look into the room. Raghu! Raghu! What happened? What happened? What happened? All the money and jewellery
has been stolen! What!
– Krishna! What happened, grandpa?
– Everything has been stolen. What? – The jewellery that I kept
for you, all of it has been stolen. I knew this would happen someday. I told you a thousand times
to keep it in the bank. To keep it in the bank.
But who listens to me? Even at sixty you treat me as a child! Took the whole box away..
– What happened? Someone opened the trunk
and took the box of jewellery. Brother, did you notice something?
– What? The lock wasn’t broken. It was opened. Which means the thief
is someone from the house. Meeta, where is Raghu? Raghu, brother Raghu is not to be seen.
– Okay. Now he won’t be seen either!
– Why? Dr. B. C Roy first.
Then, Mr. V. P. Naik! And after Pandit Omkarnath Thakur
etc., etc… Now he must be working
at the President’s house! President’s house?
– Yes. Yes in the president’s house
with Mrs. Indira Gandhi. No. Mrs. Indira Gandhi isn’t
in the president’s house anymore. It is Mr. V. V. Giri. What do you want to say?
– Very simple. Do you know it is 9 am in the morning? What?
– Yes. And didn’t you smell a strange odour
while waking up? – Yes. Yes. I was even feeling
a bit heavy- headed. Yes. So the good Mr. Raghunandan
made us unconscious and robbed us. No! Brother Raghu can never do that. Is this box belongs to your family? Yes, yes.
But.. but how did you get this? I’ll tell you. I was returning from
my exercise in the morning. I saw that brother Raghu
was taking this box away. I suspected his intentions. I went to him and asked him
whose this box was? All of a sudden,
he punched me and I fell down. Brother Raghu ran away with the box.
I followed him. And there was a fight between us. Till then some people gathered.. ..and brother Raghu ran away
leaving the box behind. I thought… this is your box, isn’t it? Yes, yes son. You saved us. It has jewellery worth lakhs of rupees. And all of you, good for nothings. You insulted this boy and
threw him out of this house? Dear Arun, we committed a huge mistake. Son. Today you’ve proved how wrong
we can be in recognising people. Yes. We thought Raghu
was so decent and honest man. He used to talk about goodness. Or else how could he cheat us? We should have realised it
at the very beginning. Who will be ready
to work in just Rs. 30? Yes, someone who knows Sanskrit. Who knows how to sing?!
– Who knows how to dance too?! Remember how he made us all dance. I thought he must be some holy person. And he turned out
to be a low-down thief! Thank god he was not a murderer. Or in our absence he
would have slit your throats.. ..and swiped the jewellery
from this house. – Sister! We must inform the police. Such a monstrous thief
must be arrested immediately. If I had caught him.. ..l would’ve beaten
him black and blue. Enough! It’s a sin to even hear
such things about brother Raghu. Brother Raghu… he is a God. He had made me swear that
I would not tell this to anyone. I don’t care whatever happens to me.. ..but I lied to you all. This morning when I was exercising.. Down and up. Down and up. Down and up. Mr. Arun.
– Brother Raghu, you? Yes, I came along to exercise. I’ve heard you’re a wrestling champion. I’ve won the inter-collegiate
award in consecutive years. You must have clearly
competed with a fool. Defeat me and I’ll accept it!
Shall we? You’ll get hurt brother Raghu.
I’m a free-style champion! I am free too. Then we
all have our own styles. Come on. Come on. Then remove your clothes.
– No, that tickles. I’ll wrestle with my clothes on. Okay, come on.
– Come on. Help me, O God! Wonderful! Excellent make-up!
You got beating on exact place! Don’t fight. Don’t fight. Mr. Arun,
you have to wrestle better than this. What does that mean?
– I’ll explain. You come inside. Let’s go. Let’s go. Take this.
– What is this? Grandpa’s jewellery box. Give it to him. And tell him: Raghu was running
away with it when you saw him. You caught him and bashed him. Why? Why this drama all of a sudden? With this drama only, you will be
allow to re-enter the house Mr. Arun. No need. There is no need for me
to re-enter the house. There is a need. For sister Krishna. She has no one in
this world except you. If not for yourself!
For her sake, you must go there. You are not aware Mr. Arun.. this world,
good is always weighed against money. That’s why I stole this box. So that you can enter the house
and marry sister Krishna. But this lie? Mr. Arun, don’t get too involved
with truth and lies. Always remember, what leads to
goodness of human, can never be bad. Brother Raghu, who are you? Me, my name is Raghu
and I am your brother. Don’t joke. Tell me, who are you? Where have you come from?
What were you doing before this? What will you do with all this?
– No, I want to know. I know after today
you’ll never meet me again. My name is Prabhakar
and I’m from Banaras. Even I don’t know more than that. I do not know who my parents were. That is why I merely treat myself as
a son of this nation and earth. An elderly man raised me. Hence I look upon him as my father,
my mentor. He had taught me one thing
that life is happiness and.. ..happiness is gained from Knowledge. Acquire Knowledge and distribute it. After acquiring knowledge,
I thought I was clever. I became a Professor. I learnt music, I obtained joy. Then I learnt dance
and became very happy. I loved to eat, so I learned cooking. I was extremely happy
and self-contained. Then one day, I asked myself. For whom is this happiness and joy? For myself, just for myself.. ..when there is so much
turmoil in the world? When people are pestered
by small dilemmas? That is because people have forgotten.. ..the smallest and
important thing of life, love. Suddenly,
I asked myself, what am I doing? What am I teaching?
Words, merely words. I gave up teaching. I found a house which had everything,
but not peace. I took up a position
as a servant in that house. Believe me,
I did not teach them anything. I only made them remember
those small things of life.. ..that they had forgotten. They all had love,
but it was coated with a little dust. I just cleaned that dust
and did nothing more. Happiness, peace,
all returned to that house. My own happiness and peace
increased immensely. That’s then it become my mission. Then I left that house, went
into a second, then into a third.. ..and so on,
till I entered this house. Where everyone is happy
except my younger sister. Her happiness is in your hands
and I came to ask you for it, Mr. Arun. Don’t delay it. May the Lord bless you. And yes, one more thing. I bind you with my oath,
just do as I say. Don’t tell all these things to anyone. Whether you let me enter
this house again or not. I don’t care whether you all
accept me or not.. ..but for God’s sake,
don’t insult brother Raghu. Wait. Wait, son. Raghu has done so much for us. Then can’t we fulfill his only wish? I’m the head of this house. I’m fixing Krishna’s marriage with you. What happened?
– What happened? Brother Raghu! Brother Raghu! Brother.. You are leaving us like this, without
meeting us, without saying anything. You gave us so much love!
You received so much love! Doesn’t it mean anything? You’re so heartless? No, dear. It is painful to
leave after such involvement. But what can be done sister?
I must go! Why? Why will you have to go? Your house is settled, sister.. ..but there are several such houses
in this world, which still need me. I must go. It’s my mission. The work which I am doing,
you both should do it together. Spread a lot of love
amongst the people. Save them from their petty dilemmas. In this way they will grow one to two,
two to ten, ten to thousand. Gradually, this world,
this earth will become so beautiful. There will be so much
peace in this world. And.. May I leave now, my sister? Be happy and at peace. The quest for a turbulent house
of Raghunandan begins once again. We hope.. least that turbulent house
will not be your house.

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  14. This movie makes me be a better human being wishing good health for the alive members and rip to the dead members of the movie

  15. एक बहुत अच्छी और शिक्षाप्रद फ़िल्म , सभी पत्रों ने बेहतरीन अभिनय किया है ,वाह

  16. some of the people now a days say that movies are totally for entertainment and not for knowledge.I request them to watch this movie and then think about again.

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