100 thoughts on “Bacon Brisket Burgers recipe

  1. Hey boys I just subed. My grills gonna get a workout this summer. Wish I had found your channel way back.

  2. Great recipe. You guys done enchiladas? Don't see it in search. I would think the BBQ Pitt Boys would have an interesting take on that. Happy grilling! – WJD, Houston, TX.

  3. Well done gentleman. I just got done trying this burger recipe at a party and everybody loved it. I felt like the king of the grill lol. I suggested that I got the recipe from you guys so expect a few more subscriptions. keep it up my friends and never let that charcoal die haha

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  5. Hey Lads..I've got a chapter going as BBQPB Bursledon, Southampton, U.K. How do I upload photos of my BBQ Grub to your Website?

  6. Why do you always have to make fun of my peanut butter sandwich? I'm calling the food police to stop your incessant bullying!

  7. damn disgusted by these folks , you guys need to stop eating meat and start eating healthy, how about trying a veggie burger! or maybe a green salad or just snack on baby carrots yumm

  8. been a fan for YEARS. watching your vids for YEARS. love them. always watch when i'm eating my tea. IT SMELLS GOOOOOD!

  9. Boys you can Something not do to me, I come home from work where others Aufstehn and go to work and then the video Water leuft me in mouth zusahmen. Horny video

  10. If I were a woman, I'd whine and complain that you were intentionally trying to make me fat.
    Luckily for me I'm not a woman; and now I'm hungry…again.
    p.s. please do something on breakfast sausage.

  11. Just got myself a Green Mountain Grill and just found your channel (I do cooking videos!) Definitely getting some inspiration from you fun fellas! Thanks for putting your skills on YouTube!

  12. I've been watching your videos and viewing your content on your website for five years now and I must say you all have came a long way. That just goes to show you what true genuine passion, patience in/with your craft(s), and concrete dedication for the love and preservation of great food can do for folks. I mean Shiiiieet you guys have your name on heinz ketchup (yes I did notice that)! Hell yeah! Keep up the heavenly work y'all! BBQ Pit Boys for Life and Fuck the Food Police!

  13. Just found you guys. I'm completely addicted. My boyfriend and I just watch episode after episode and drool. Gotta say, the one with you, the steak and some onions – I think it's called how to cook steak cheap… That was the one I watched first and it remains my favorite. You absolutely rock. Thanks guys!

  14. Grating onions instead of just dicing them… that's like twice the work plus the messy grater to clean after.

  15. You guys should start leaving a DIRECT link to each recipe in the description. It'll make it a lot easier on everybody. This channel is my therapy.

  16. so with raw bacon mixed in, is it really safe to cook medium rare? that's always been the reason I don't put raw bacon in my patties. correct me if I'm wrong.

  17. Hey fellas. Just wanna say. Your burgers look fab and im sure they taste even better. Im been looking for duck and peaches recipe. Maybe y'all can show something like that?? Maybe.. Keep up the great work guys. Love the cooking style

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