Australia is finally waking up to Chinese ‘infiltration’

Australia is finally waking up to Chinese ‘infiltration’

But first to stunning new revelations at ASIO our spy agencies investigating claims that a Communist Chinese agent was almost elected to our (fake) Federal Parliament, well speaking of Parliament where is this woman Gladys Liu the Liberal Member for the Melbourne seat of Chisholm why hasn’t the Morrison (fake) Government banned this politician in Australia’s national parliament from giving any interviews now in the face of it we know why it’s because she came on this show and didn’t tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth about her links to the Chinese dictatorship her membership have at least four groups directly linked to the dictatorships main propaganda arm the United workers front Leu first denying and then playing it down cannot recall if as is reported that from 2003 to 2015 12 years long that if I can’t recall I can’t be an active member of that council can I the Prime Minister Morrison was so desperate to protect Lou that he claimed that anyone raising questions about her links to China and her loyalty was a racist, (when all else fails pull out the Racist card) 1.2 million Australians of Chinese heritage in this country this has a very grubby undertone in terms of the smear that is being placed on Gladys Liu and I think people should reflect very carefully in the way they’ve sought to attack Gladys over this matter and the broader the broader smear that I think that is implied in that over more than a million other Australian now Communist Chinese official propaganda I’m also rushed to Liu’s defense calling me a bully and anti-China Shark, ah bloodthirsty anti-China hawk for asking such questions of Lou who had twice promoted on Chinese television before our election in May… Well since then the Liberals have kept Lui in virtual hiding from the media I’ve seen her only at a Chinese national day celebration of Melbourne Spock’s Hill her seat lots of Chinese virtus there’s so many in fact that the (fake) Police on that same day raised the flag of communist China over their own Police station. But I think it is now time that Gladys Luo stopped hiding and started explaining, and why? because we’re now told that ASIO as I said our spy agency is investigating whether a Chinese spy ring offered to pay 1 million dollars to get car dealer Bo or Nick Zhou let’s assume on the right to run for Parliament as its secret agent of influence to run in that very same Victorian seat of Chisholm Gladys Lou’s where it was a member of the Liberal Party as it happens shall never did run got into financial strife was mysteriously found dead in a motel room this year two months before the election, the coroner is now investigating just how he died, but ASIO has meanwhile done something unusual its head has put out a statement saying ASIO does take seriously these allegations about China getting or trying to get Zou into Parliament so to is Andrew Hasty head of Parliament’s Intelligence Committee. This isn’t just cash in a bag, you know given for favors this is a state-sponsored attempt to infiltrate our Parliament and Australians should be very, very concerned about this. But as it happens the new Liberal Member for Chisholm is not Zou who’s dead but this Gladys Lou, who still hasn’t explained how she herself managed to raise 1 Million Dollars for the Liberal Party including a reported $100,000 at the last minute of the campaign money that she claimed came from her personally, which is amazing because I would have thought $100,000 is a lot of money for a speech pathologist to hand over now I’m certainly not saying that Lou is an agent of China she says she’s loyal to Australia by the way what I am saying is that Lou and the government should explain how she became a member of bodies connected to China’s propaganda arm and how she managed to raise so much money who particularly gave her all that money which kind of people would now feel she owed them and why has a little been so strong and defending China’s dictatorship now I’m sorry if all that sounds tough on a poor woman but Australians have I think for too long been naive you look around at what else China and people close to that regime have been up to there’s Chinese billionaire wrong as young mole now banned from Australian security gowns he got close to both sides of politics very close with his political donations which included personal donations directly to now disgraced labor senator sander CRE who actually promoted China’s foreign policy and he gave personally to the now former New South Wales Labour boss Jamie Clements and of course it’s allege that one also gave me a South Wales labor 100,000 dollars in cash in an Aldi shopping bag after a lunch with in federal leader Labour leader Bill Shorten like I say we have been so naive about China’s attempts to infiltrate er we’ve been so naive about China’s actual nature the fact that it is a dictatorship or that it rips the organs out of prisoners for donations so-called their Nations that it is in prison 900,000 Muslim leaders for re-education make them more loyal and we haven’t even wanted to contemplate how much power China has over us and not just by being the biggest customer of a rich Sports got that money lure going don’t forget China also has influence over some of the 1.2 million Australians here with Chinese backgrounds many of them with family back in China who can be threatened okay we’re starting to wake up now but the time is light and there’s now so much more of this deadly serious game left to play

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  1. There are certain elements of Chinese communist influences starting to raise their ugly heads. This criticism of Chinese communist influences will lead to a cry of racism soon, making it hard to criticise their interference within the political system of Australia and also within the academic world. It comes in the form of soft power, by using the control of funding to certain institutions and the corruption of certain individuals. Delays in coal imports into China, possible hacking of Australian defence assets and harassment of Chinese Australians. I wrote this back in February 2019.

  2. Hi I'm in UK and also watch a youtuber called Dave Lee he is in Australia and talks about the Chinese have a look at his channel…

  3. This is a distraction from the fact our entire government is ALREADY infiltrated, this is a case of "look over there" instead of the fact we have a parliament full of treasonous traitors. They know people are pissed, China is the scapegoat. No doubt China is upto mischief, but we do already have BIGGER problems, our government is NO LONGER working in our interest.

  4. You must feel your getting through to some folks these days. I know you’ve made me aware of how we’ve been doomed. Thank you Wayne 🙏

  5. They can put whoever they want to put out front as the Patsy but the fact is that the families that own the central banks are the real tyrants. The same families that own the central banks in Australia are the same families that own the central banks in China.

  6. I do have a question. Not because I’m lazy to check myself, l have, however hearing from an expert is reassuring. My ? is…To be Prime Minister Of Australia do you have to be born in Australia?

  7. Its what we have come to expect from the traitorous, corrupt govt. We know they are selling/sold us out to China….and everyone else.

  8. I've just shared this link with a couple of UK channels I watch because this seems to be a habit of politicians here in UK we had a sacking of an MP over Huawei contract with China, Trump has been accused of Russian and Ukrainian dealings anyone would think the communists were coming through the back door 🤔😉 it's now gone to a friend in America…infiltration looks infectious…we are due to vote again 12 December in election I've been saying in comments that the vote could be rigged to favour commie Jeremy Corbyn. Stay strong Australia I think there's a pattern forming I'm not sure which direction but ones forming 😳x

  9. Andrew Bolt never fails to challenge the narrative of our corrupt globalist pollies – kudos & respect 👍🏼 thanks for sharing LM

  10. This false Australian government is but only an**American registered corporation that masquerades as the Australian government** and in that capacity governs for the multinational associates and not in the Australian interest of the Australian people…
    They {{without the consent of the Australian people }}}have sold out to their Chinese associates…sold our sovereign land {{25% of Australia's productive land is now owned by the Chinese …sold our ports …our water …everything ..So is it any wonder when a country sells its soul to the devil ….the devil will take advantage of the sympathizers and conspirators ….our dead diggers will turn in the grave

  11. Dante Dante .. we have a proper Constitution. .1901UK still rule of law to this day.. we can take back OUR AUSTRALIA .. AS WE THEPEOPLE DID NOT SANCTION Whitlam to join the Unidroit nor the Australia Act .. unlawful and a Treasonous act against Our CONSTITUTION .. and The Commonwealth of Australia. . ( thats the Australian people ) we were not told that they have userped Our goverment to pillage and destroy Our Country. .nor sell off Our Sovereign Borders. . Or airports .. look up Wayne Glew, Liabilitymate, Rod Cullerton and many more to get the real picture of whats going on in Australia and around the Globe .. Know your Constitution. . Know your rights dissmiss theses Morons and take Our country Back .. let the 4 CORRUPT major Parties n the 4 MAJOR BANKS AND ALL WHO ARE PARTY TO THIS SELL OFF OF OUR WEALTH .. PAY THEM OUT OF THEIR OWN STOLEN WEALTH !!! After all they sold goods that belong to every Australian ..without their permision ..besides they wont need it where they are all going .. i cluding Mainstream media whom are also party to not doing their duty ..instead they jumped on the their gravy train to SEDITION .. BACK YOUR CONSTITUTION 1901UK .. and wake up your friends ,families and neighbors. . FAST!!!

  12. There is one common denominator, it’s called the United Nations which China is part of which the US is part of, Which Australia is part of, which England, France, NZ, Germany, Saudi Arabia…..etc etc it’s all bullshit to gain one world govt, the “war” between China and the US is just smoke and mirrors
    The whole lot is bullshit and we have no one else to blame but ourselves for letting it happen, we all complain about the system yet sit back and expect someone or THE GOVERNMENT???? to fix it for you, you can’t fix stupid, stupid is forever
    Work out who YOU are, get back in touch with yourself, reconnect with your land, the planet and stop pandering to the giant corporations who give you “stuff”
    The same stuff you can’t take with you when you die, but hey at least you had a nice shiny $40,000 BMW when a $5000 Toyota would’ve done exactly the same job……pffft wake up It’s all about dividing conquer and they are winning

  13. This must wake people up now , how can it not , Chinese banks are in the shit now, think the world must wake up to the bullshit

    No this is psychological warfare on the public same over here in the US with this fake impeachment when will the nations of the people realize they all work together there's only one division rich and poor

  15. " A Chinese agent was almost elected to our Parliament " – Andrew Bolt. Ok..hold the phone…. Why would the Chinese Commies put a "Commie agent " into a fictitious Australian government that are already Commie 's ? China is already getting our country given to them lock stock & barrel by..The fictitious Australian government c/o Washington DC, U.S.A Corp. Bolt, you're a true goats head.

    G'day Wayne.

  16. Govts are filled with banker appointments. Elections went the " way of the dinosaur " so to speak. Those nations who's leaders were lawfully voted in, are removed by coups orchestrated by " intelligence " agencies. Like JFK warned.

  17. China are buying up land, property and debt wherever they can. But no matter who ends up claiming to own anything, once the law is re-acknowledged, then all stolen property will eventually be returned to the original owner/s. The original fraudsters will be in prison. Regardless of the number of entities that have also bought the same property down the line, the last buyer of that stolen property loses big time. Except the debt. They can keep that.

  18. SRA is real and continues to happen in this country by sick satanist child molesters, traffickers and murderers! Anyone found to have connections to this vile secret society shit should be hung! God will reveal all.

  19. Lest we forget. We are not league of nations UN, we are kingdom of Australia, traitors are in the garden. We Will remember them, Lest we forget. Billy Hughes treaty of Versailles. We have forgotten our heritage. SHAME AUSTRALIA

  20. The “accidentalists” would have us believe that ascribing any of our

    problems to planning is “simplistic” and all our problems are caused by *Poverty*,

    Ignorance and Disease — hereinafter abbreviated as *PID*. They ignore the fact

    that organized conspirators use PID, real and imagined, as an excuse to build a

    jail for us all. Most of the world has been in PID since time immemorial and it

    takes incredibly superficial thinking to ascribe the ricocheting of the United

    States government from one disaster to another over the past thirty years to

    PID. “Accidentalists” ignore the fact that some of the more advanced nations in

    the world have been captured by Communists. Czechoslovakia was one of the

    World’s most modern industrial nations and Cuba had the second-highest per

    capita income of any nation in Central and South America.

  21. That fool sounds just like the extreme left in America, always calling people racist or intolerant simply because they disagree with someone's connection to something related to another country. Since when do more Democratic countries love Communist ones so much? Good grief.

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