Annoying Orange – Top 5 Ways to Make MONEY!!

Annoying Orange – Top 5 Ways to Make MONEY!!

– Hey, hey, hey! A to the O back with the top
five countdown that’ll leave you with more bucks than
you know what to do with. – Yay, I love deer! – Not those kind of bucks. The kind that you can use to make it rain! (laughs) Money, money, money, money, money. (rock music) #5: Rent out your pad as a vacation spot! – Hey Orange, check it out. I just got this brand new book at… Oh, sorry. Wait, you’re not Orange. – Oh no, I’m a Kumquat. – Okay. – Oh yeah, I rented my spot
on the counter to Kumquat on! – Hey buddy, would you mind
rubbin’ some lotion on my back? I’ve got this weird peel condition that– – Yeah, I think I’m just
gonna go back to my spot now. – Oh sorry, you can’t do that. – Why not? – I rented it to Grandpa Lemon. – Oh hi, Pear. Don’t get too close,
I’ve got some wicked gas. (farts) Uh oh. – Eww! I’ll pay you $20 to get
them out of here now! – Yeah, success! #4: Have a yard sale! – Orange, check it out! I just got two tickets to Fruit Direction. Whoa, what’s goin’ on here? – I’m selling a bunch
of old, useless stuff for cold hard cash! – Hey, how much for this? – $0.25. – Wait a second, is that my book? – Sweet! – Hey, it is! Those are my socks and
that’s my pocket protector and all my books! You can’t sell my stuff! – Sorry Pear, all sales are final. – But that’s my stuff! – Finders keepers, losers weepers. – Grr, fine, I’ll give you
$5 for all my stuff back. – Yeah, success! #3: Make a product to sell! (farts)
– Ugh, gross. What the?
(farts) (laughs) What are you doing?! – Just seeking my fortune
with a hit new product. – What product?
– Fart burgers. (farts)
(laughs) It’s the toot that’ll make you hoot. – I will pay you $10
to stop that right now! – Yay, success! #2: Get a part time job! (humming) – Hey hey, Pear, need some help? Pear, hey hey, I can help! I’ve got a broom too. – Uh okay, I guess, – Yay, I’m hired! What’s my starting rate?
[Pear] What? – How many hours am I looking at, 30, 40? Is there overtime?
– [Pear] Huh? No. – Vacay, 401K? Gotta get those bennies. You know what I’m talkin’ ’bout, right? – No, I don’t! – Is this a bad time to ask for a raise? I feel like I’m a real
asset to this company. – That’s it, I’ll get you $5
to leave me alone right now! – Show me the money, yeah! And the #1 way that you
can make money fast: Gamble! Hey Pear, how much you wanna bet I can touch my tongue to my eye? – That’s impossible. – I bet you $10 I can do it. – Deal.
– [Orange] All right. Here we go. Almost. Almost there. – That’s it, I’ll give you
$10 to stop that right now! – All right, success! (laughs) So there you have it. With these easy suggestions, you’ll go from broke to
rollin’ in the dough. – Oh no, no, no, no, no. No one rolls up on me
without my permission. I will forever be
morally-opposed to such a thing. – I’ll give you $5.
– [Dough] Deal. – [Together] We need Megamorph Power now! (rock music) – [Orange] (laughs) Knife.

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  2. Let's add up how much money pear gave orange threw out the episode!
    5. $20
    4. $5
    3. $10
    2. $5
    1. $10
    -$5 for dough
    So that's $45!

  3. hey orange somebodyelses STUFF if pear had arms he would grab knife and cut you clean open

  4. Hey AO I downloaded your ask orangd on my iPad on holiday to watch you (your the bomb )ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!
    #so is the best

  5. Did anyone notice that when orange was having a yard sale in pear stuff he has socks seriously how can pear wear socks he doesn't have any feet

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