Americans Try Vietnamese Street Food

Americans Try Vietnamese Street Food

– If it’s anything like pho. This is gonna be fun. I tried. (giggles) (fun music) – I don’t know what
Vietnamese street food is. – Mm mm. Definitely expecting a lot of spice. – I’ve never eaten Vietnamese
street food before. – And I have it a lot. – But we’ve both eaten food
that’s fallen on the street. – I grew up eating
Vietnamese and Chinese food so I’ve definitely had some of these. – [Voiceover] Cheers, buddy. – God damn! – This isn’t the fault of the food, but there’s cilantro in it,
and so it takes like garbage. – The meat is so big in it! – I think I’m in love. – Not lipstick friendly, this spring roll. – I don’t even wanna like, keep eating, ’cause I just wanna have it forever. – Hmm, hmm. – Okay. – This smells amazing. – Smells so good. – I’m excited because– – Shrimp! – Your parents would make it like, fresh? And they’ll bring out a
batch and it’s like hot, and you’ll finish it, and they’ll bring another one and another
one and another one. – Is the fish sauce made of fish? – [Voiceover] Yes.
– Okay. – Mmmmmm, that fish sauce, though, son! – This is dope, this is very, very tasty. – Are you gonna eat that onion? (laughs) – [Voiceover] There’s pig
three ways on this plate. – My Mom used to make this
too, like in a big bowl, and literally, I’ll just
eat it for meals and meals. – It sounds like your whole
life growing up it was your Mom turning out food and
you’re just eating it. – It’s like Thanksgiving all the time, like you get so much different kinds of foods everywhere all the places. – You realize that combining
things makes them better? – I do know that. That’s why I’m combining
all this [bleep] in my face. – I want it to be a little firmer. – Ooh, no I love the softness. – I would drink fish sauce. Wouldn’t you? – No. – My breath is gonna
smell like this for days. – [Voiceover] Oooh. – [Voiceover] What? – Colors – The brown black stuff is chunky. Is it beans? (slurping) – Oh, God. – The texture of the green
stuff is really weird. – I really like it when the
desserts are also an activity because it’s just fun for the kids. – It’s crunchy, it’s
chewy, it’s like gooey. – It would be really
awesome and refreshing for a summer day. – I love that it’s like ice cream, but not too cold to
give me a brain freeze. – It brings me back home,
so like my family and my Mom and I love it so much. – Asian people always do– – You just know what you’re doing with it. – Their food’s so good. – The fish sauce, really– – Yeah, that was the cream of the crop. – I wanna eat Vietnamese street food for the rest of my life. – We out, we did it! Good job, sorry.

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  1. 10 fun fact about veitnam

    1. Fish sauce is fish guts

    2. Veitnam is the closest country to Asia

    3. Most Vietnamese people go to tempo

    4. Every Vietnamese celebrates Chinese New Years

    5. Veitnam people don't celebrate lots of American holidays

    6. 75% of veitnam uses motorcycles

    7. Most of the food stores are street food

    8. Most people who are Vietnamese that come to America are most likely to be a rich family owning 5 businesses

    9. Your not suppose to drink fish sauce

    10. There's lots of pho stores in veitnam and California

  2. NOTICE: Bánh xèo should be serv with rice noodles and fired pork. U put a piece of banh xeo on lettuce and herbs, roll them up by a piece of banh da (which is like a paper but made of rice) and then dip into the sour and sweet fish sauce. This is how we eat it in Vietnam.:D

  3. Advice for you if you come to Vietnam: good dishes often NOT come from restaurant, they appear on streets.
    Vietnamese street food is da best (but you 'd better have a vietnamese friend who tell you where to find good dishes when you come to Vietnam if you don't wanna go to wrong places. lmao )

  4. che is so good oh my god, i love the jellies in it, being vietnamese and growing up with these foods and deserts are great. im quarter chinese as well so like yeah. i grew up eating asian foods mainly, not really american foods

  5. More reasons for you guys can date a person from Vietnamese. Cause almost all of them know how to cook stuff on video ( or more like me )

  6. It's disgusting to pour dipping sauce over food in Asian cuisine. You're meant to DIP in it! It's not a salad dressing!

  7. I love the blonde girl. She's having so much fun with eating that it makes me happy. I'd love to watch her trying out more food.

  8. vietnamese food in america is not as good as vietnamese food in vietnam, just want to point that out

  9. But dont eat dogs please
    Vietnam and other Asian Country eats dogs and cats! Yuck!
    I am Vietnamese and i still dont know why they do that!

  10. I dont see the appreance of some popular street foods like Bánh tráng nướng, Bánh tráng trộn, Bánh mì thịt, Bánh nếp chiên, Hủ tiếu, Bún riêu, Bún đỏ, Gỏi khô bò, Bò bía,…
    They are the most popular and also the best !!! Let me see ur hands Vietnamese 🙌🙌

  11. the popular vnese street foods should include mixed paper cake, banh mi, stir fried combination corn, combination sticky rice, rolled rice cake,….

  12. For local food, if you eat in the wrong way you can't enjoy how it is delicious. Specially, you shouldn't drink fish sauce.

  13. I'm just glad that they didn't call spring roll an egg roll because in some places like a fancy place I went to. They called an egg roll a spring roll. I was kind of triggered.

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