American Dream Burger Challenge in AUSTRALIA!!

American Dream Burger Challenge in AUSTRALIA!!

Hey everybody this is Randy Santel
“Atlas” with Atlas & Zeus Promotions and proud owner of! Very
very excited tonight it’s day two of our tour around Australia! I am west of
Sydney in Jamisontown near Penrith, Australia I am at Memphis BBQ Pit
I’m taking on the American Dream Burger Challenge! Now I’ve got 30 minutes to
finish everything here we’ve got about a pound of fries along with a 1.25 liter
bottle of soda to keep my calories down I went with coca-cola zero but this
burger here is freaking massive! It’s got 12 burger patties each 1/3 pound there’s
a whole bunch of cheese I think 12 slices 24 slices of bacon or something
like that and then yeah it’s fricking huge definitely not fat free but we’ve
got 30 minutes to finish if I fail it’s going to be 70 Australian dollars if I
win I’m gonna get it free I’ll get a sweet t-shirt down to my collection and
I’ll be the third person up on the wall of fame, so let’s get this challenge started! All right dominated that massive bowl of
ramen last night stomach is definitely ready for all this
burger tonight but we’re going for win number two in Australia and then overall
win number 487 my friend Isaac Martin Forster eats a lot and then my friend
Magic Mitch who just beat this challenge they’re the only two winners, Mitch just
finished in 25 minutes and 16 seconds gonna try to smash that but…
1, 2, 3. . . Boom! Lets get eating! 10 minutes 53 seconds in almost done
with the meat then we’ve got the healthy vegetables and then the bottom bun which
this looks delicious and then we’ve got all the fries and the rest of the soda
but we’ll get it done I definitely need to use it so to
get this down! All right definitely not getting the
grease so this is all good just over 14 minutes in done we call the burger and
now we just got the prize and then a little bit of soda (oh thank you). Last parts! 18 minutes in 58 seconds I think is the
official new record I’m not sure exactly what I said god but 18 minutes and 58
seconds I’m going to get the 60 Australian dollar meal for free which
was awesome it was pretty much an American’s dream as far as that Burger I
guess that’s why it’s called it but thank you to Memphis BBQ Pit
here in Jamisontown near Penrith, Australia which is a little bit west of
Sydney that was awesome! All that bacon on there all that cheese
that was a ton of cheese and then the beef was very high quality really well
cooked got it medium-rare and it was frickin delicious but 18 minutes 58
seconds I got the meal free I will be the third person on the wall of fame
joining our friend Isaac and then Magic Mitch and then I’ll get a sweet t-shirt
to add to my collection so overall in number 487 and then number 2 in
Australia so thank you guys for watching!

100 thoughts on “American Dream Burger Challenge in AUSTRALIA!!

  1. Hey everyone thanks for watching!! My first time ever pressing the timer and thinking I finished the challenge before I actually did lol luckily I finished well ahead of time and was still able to finish once the camera was off, before time expired. The next few weeks of tour videos will feature food challenges around the city of Newcastle, NSW!! 🙂

  2. Since your on your knees you should purchase those knee pads or some time of cushion so it’ll be more comfortable. You got this Randy!!!

  3. I appreciate the maps to let us know where you are , very nice touch you should do it on all your videos….start with the ones you are going to make on the south west tour…just out of curiosity what you getting your degree in

  4. Another brilliant Job Randy. I can't wait to attempt this when I'm in Penrith coming soon. Awesome, Awesome effort to you and Magic Mitch on the wins my friend.

  5. That was grt one dude…one day you could try indian briyani challenge…tht will be an awesome experience… keep rocking man… hoping you to do India meal soon…

  6. I remember when Randy only got 45K subs. Look at him now…his channel is growing. But overall, Randy is a lovely guy, he’s friendly.

  7. How about a twenty question video?
    1 where was your first eating challenge?
    2 most fun eating challenge?
    3 best tasting challenge?
    4 worst tasting challenge?
    5 how many shirts do you have now?
    6 have you beaten all eating challenges in st louis?
    7 hottest challenge?
    8 easiest challenge?
    9 hardest challenge?
    10 challenge you should have finished but couldn’t?
    11 any win suprise you that you finished?
    12 challenge that negatively effected you the next day?
    13 person you most like having along on a challenge to help?
    14 have you ever went back and had a “normal” meal to experience the food further?
    15 any challenge you would NEVER do again?
    16 do you eat anything else before or after a challenge? I know you have done multiple challenges a few times.
    17 who is your biggest supporter? Most encouraging.
    18 have you ever been invited to do a challenge?
    19 have you ever refused to do a challenge?
    20 have you ever done a food eating contest with multiple people to compete against?
    Thanks, Darrell from Dexter, Missouri

  8. He may get the meal for free, but he'll need way more cash than that to reimburse his lodging proprietor for the ruined plumbing system.

  9. No disrespect to Magic Mitch who is a great eater and a border liner hall of famer but u r the Babe Ruth of the eaters, if Mitch did it, so can you. In other words, it wasnt one of ur toughest challenges.

  10. Come back to the US!!! Find a burger challenge in PA anywhere from Poconos to Philly!!! I'd love to compete against you!! (Not that I stand a chance) but it would be awesome!!!!

  11. At 1:04 the burger falls down & look at the girls reaction but in split second at 1:05 Atlas catches the burger before it crash lands.#THUG_LIFE 😎

  12. $70!? Bloody Sydney. And they do seem to over charge here for "challenge" meals, which aren't that much of a thing here.

  13. Change it up a little bit randy it’s the same old same old, I’ve been here for a long time and barely watching these days, stick in some fan interaction, have a bit of banter, take us for a bit of tour of the restaurant, it’s too serious, well done on the challenge

  14. For your health….the diet soft drinks are more harmful for you than the regular. Do the research. 🙂 Enjoy your videos!

  15. Hopefully you had a huge shit on Penrith before you left , that’s why western Sydney was created , so we can all stick our unwanted shit there.

  16. I always drink that Coke zero. I would for sure do this challenge. What can be better than a giant bacon cb and fries with pop?

  17. Love the way he shakes 👍🏻 now and then….like the food is being shifted from side of the stomach to the other? 😳 and man he chugged that Coke Cola 🥤

  18. I've watched some of your training videos but how do you eat as quick as you do? Do you chew or can somehow just swallow as you eat?

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