Aloo Samosa Recipe by Apé Amma(Eng Subtitle) | ‍සමෝසා

Aloo Samosa Recipe by Apé Amma(Eng Subtitle)  |  ‍සමෝසා

English recipe is available at the end of the video . soak the green peas using boiling water. coriander seeds powder turmeric powder chili powder black pepper salt This is my home made mango powder if you don’t have mango powder you can use some lime juice. chop the curry leaves cumin seeds when the cumin seeds are popping add the curry leaves and green chilies. cover this for 1 minute to soften the green peas even more. smashed potato and spice mix transfer it to another bowl and let it cool down. salt black cumin ghee normal water the dough has to be a stiff dough keep it aside for 20 mins after 20 minutes it’s a little soft now now make 6 balls from this dough. apply some water to seal this is pure coconut oil, when the oil is heated the flame has to be on low. the oil has to be on medium heat then only the samosa’s will be crispy. it took around 5-6 minutes to fry one 3 of these samosa’s turn it around while you fry this. when the oil reduces bubbles then it’s fried well. this will be much crispier if you keep them on a cooling rack. if you mix some semolina to this dough the samosa’s will be even more crispy. this goes really well with mint chutney. if you use ghee for mixing the dough this samosa’s will taste awesome! Leave a like if you like these samosa’s 🙂 share with your friend on facebook.

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