A busy Chinese restaurant owner finds time for family during the holidays | A Sweet & Sour Christmas

A busy Chinese restaurant owner finds time for family during the holidays | A Sweet & Sour Christmas

(soft holiday music)
♪ (party guests chatting) ♪ (wine glasses clinking) (speaking in Cantonese) Rachel: Hi, how can I help you? Okay, give me just one moment. (phone ringing) When I was younger, it was like
not really fun to be here right? Like my friends
would invite me to go out to Niagara
Falls or something and I wouldn’t be able to
go because I had to help and after the holidays you
return and your teachers ask you what you guys did
over the holidays and mine’s always working, like, I don’t’ have any fun
stories over the holidays. Lori: Me and one of my friends
we used to think it was fun coming to the restaurant
and working, so we were here like
in grade five trying to do little things
like packing orders or doing the side jobs
that my mom had for us. Every year it’s a reminder, like
you know remember Christmas eve, New Year’s eve, New Year’s day you’re working,
don’t make plans. (upbeat music)
♪ Rachel: People really love
sweet and sour sauce. For me, one bowl of sauce for an order of chicken
wings is so much sauce. But there’s people that
always order extra sauce, like three sauces for one
order of chicken balls, they kind of just go together. Lori: It really
takes them out of our lives even,
growing up as kids, it was our grandmother
that raised us. We saw them maybe a couple
of hours in the evening and even then that was
like past our bedtime and we probably shouldn’t
have been awake. They do a lot to
be here everyday and sometimes it’s
not the easiest day. Lori: Is that the rule? Rachel: Yeah because usually she
has a boyfriend around this time and she has to go to
the other person’s house. Mrs Ho: I believe Lori did,
Lori will do that. Lori: Do what? Mrs Ho: You’ll cheat me.
“Mom I have a boyfriend I don’t have time to work.”
Lori: Yeah, I can’t, sorry. -Yeah.
(laughter) Lori: So I need
to get a boyfriend so I don’t have to work-
-Every Christmas. Yeah. The day before hand,
hey, I need someone. Just like, “I see
what you’re saying but I have a boyfriend
now, I can’t work.” (laughs) (click) (laughing) (laughing) (soft holiday music)
♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ (people talking and laughing)
(phone ringing) Mrs Ho: Hello? No, we’re closed
today, Merry Christmas. Bye. (cheering) (commotion) (laughter) (laughing) Mrs Ho: Merry Christmas! (cheering) Okay, help yourself. (Christmas music plays)
♪♪ ♪♪ (speaking Cantonese) (commotion) (child crying)
(speaking Cantonese) (laughing) ♪♪ (speaking Cantonese) Rachel: Merry Christmas. (laughing) Lori: You miss out on a lot
family events and stuff owning a restaurant. (inaudible voices) All the kids have a running joke that after we leave
that Christmas party, it’s okay, we’ll see you next year, ’cause that’s normally the
next time we all get together. Like that one day
kinda makes it so you don’t miss all
those other days. (commotion and laughter) (soft music)
♪ Rachel: Until they actually
sell the restaurant, I don’t feel anything
out towards it anymore. Lori: I don’t think I’d
believe them either. Rachel: Yeah.
Lori: If they came up to us and was like, by
the way, we sold it, we’d be like okay, real funny, like when do you want
me to go to work then? Um, but, a part of me
would really miss it if we did end up selling it, um, this restaurant’s
been a part of our lives like literally since I was born. So I don’t really know
anything outside of this, like it’s such a regular thing,
like the amount of times….. Rachel: Then we’d actually have
to have plans on Christmas eve. (laughs) We’d have so much spare time. ♪ (slow thoughtful
music fading) ♪ (upbeat holiday music)
♪♪ ♪ We wish you,
a Merry Christmas ♪ ♪ We wish you,
a Merry Christmas ♪ ♪ We wish you,
a Merry Christmas ♪ ♪ And a happy New Year ♪ ♪

9 thoughts on “A busy Chinese restaurant owner finds time for family during the holidays | A Sweet & Sour Christmas

  1. Thank you so much to the family for sharing your time, space, and story. Much respect and love to you. Thanks again, and you will get offers to purchase the restaurant now, just watch!! 🇨🇦💖💚🌻🍃🍂

  2. Wow! I loved this doc. It's so true though, so many Canadians order Chinese take out for Christmas and New Years. My family doesn't order take out for the holidays but we know many people who do because they have a smaller family or they're divorced or going through a hard time and don't want to cook. But my family does order Chinese food at random times throughout the year.

    The owner is right in this video about the food being different in China. My dad went to China for a work trip for the first time few years ago, and he missed the Canadian Chinese food back in Canada. But he did like some dishes in China, but I think he's just used to what we eat in Canada. So my dad was sad lol

  3. Merry Christmas!🎁🎄🎹🍰
    What a happy and hard working family 👪 I'm glad they're taking time out to celebrate Christmas.
    I wish you and your family a happy and successful New Year!💚❤

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