41 Thai Instant Noodles Convenience Store Taste Test [DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME]

41 Thai Instant Noodles Convenience Store Taste Test [DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME]

Hey guys, we’re in Thailand right now and since the most popular video on our channel is about a convenience store we thought we have to come to a convenience store to do some videos. I really, really love instant noodles and when we walked in we saw SO many different types of noodles. Why don’t we make a whole video just about Thai instant noodles? There we have it! Now, I understand that these are also called ‘instant noodles’ but we don’t have a pot. We’re doing a convenience store food video. You don’t want to have to go to a pot, boil water, and make an instant noodle. So today, all we’re going to do is just the cup instant noodles. [Lovely mood music being provided by Xander] Wow, we do have a lot. Thailand is super, super cheap. SUPER CHEAP! Because all this cost us 526 Baht. Which is about If you try and go into a Korean convenience store and buy 41 little pod noodle things it wouldn’t cost you 17 000 ₩.
[Haeppy] It would probably be about 60 bucks? Yeah, it’d be like a $1 to $1.50 per thing.
[Xander] CRAZY! We have different brands. This one is huge. This one has so many different flavours. I didn’t actually ask real Thais but I Googled it and Mama is the most popular instant noodle brand. This one is apparently the 2nd most popular. Yum Yum! I actually had one of these last night AROY.
[Delicious/tasty in Thai] Quick.
[Haeppy] Quick. This one is Serda.
[Xander] Serda. Wai Wai. Kaset. But this is not like these yellow instant noodles. This is vermicelli. Little Cook which I guess these are the ones from the different countries, right? There’s the Chinese noodle. There’s the Korean noodle. And there’s the Japanese ramen noodle. Then over here we have legitimately Japanese brand, Nissin. We thought, “Why not?”. It was in a Thai convenience store. It might be different. It’s tiny and cute. Cool, so we’re going to go through 1 by 1, try these all out, see what they’re like. We’re going to cook it the right but the convenient way. So we’re going to cook the noodles 1 round. Drain the water. Put all the powders and stuff in it and re-put the water in it. 41 times. Let’s go! So we’ve cooked all the Little Cooks all at once. Hopefully the texture isn’t completely fucked… OH WOW THERE’S REAL MEAT! There’s an ACTUAL piece of meat! [Xander] Oh MY GOOOOD.
[Haeppy] Look at that! Let’s just have a little bit because we have a lot to eat. This came with packets of little fat. [Xander] No way.
[Haeppy] Yeah. Really? First of all, the pork came in a silver packaging.
[Xander] Oooooh. with THICK sauce in it. 2 other packets, one of them was fat. What better way to eat cup noodles than in cups? *clink*
Glass cups… [SLLLLUUUUURRRRPPPPPP] OH THAT SOUP. WOW. That soup was fantastic. And there’s a kick to it. There’s spice to it. It’s REAL nice. AUGH.
[Haeppy] What else is there to say? It tastes like what it’s meant to taste like. Oh, that’s fantastic. The pork, the pork is obviously like, you know
[Haeppy] It tastes very Chinese-y. the stuff that you expect out of those sort of packets. But I would happily eat that. That’s fantastic. Real nice! The Japanese style one. Okay. There’s no meat in this one?
[Haeppy] No. Nothing at all?
[Haeppy] Nothing at all. Oh, I like this one BETTER. I prefer the pork one. But this is a very, very strong Shoyu taste. This is not spicy at all. No, it said it was going to be spicy. This is not spicy at all. But there’s no meat in it. I now have a high standard from the very get-go. But I think it’s nice. I’m not saying it wasn’t nice but you know… Oh, the spice is hitting now. No. Was that from the last one? No. No spice. No spice.
[Haeppy] Oh, spicy! So how Korean can this possibly be? We come from- We’ve been in Korea for 4 years now, pretty much. We can be experts at the Korean taste to see how accurate // [X] How gochu tasting this is, you know. Or how close to Shin Ramyun this tastes. Oh, you will know. Straight away. Okay… Smells like a weak Shin Ramyun. [SLUURRRPPP] Oh, okay… It reminds me of Korean noodles. but-
[Haeppy] Not really. Not even a little bit. To me it does. To me it tastes like Korean stuff. [Xander] It’s a very different taste
[Haeppy] Ooooh, it’s much more spicy though. *AHEM* They have the spice, but here’s the thing:
It’s not- It’s still not as spicy as a Korean one. No. But it’s spicy- it is the spiciest one out of the 3. You can tell by the way I can’t speak. Still nowhere near Buldak Bokkeum Myeon spicy. It’s not even close to Shin Ramyun.
[Xander] Or any Thai spicy that we’ve had. My favourite was still the pork one. This is satisfying in a different way. They’re all good, it’s just- Shoyu was mine. [Xander] Okay.
[Haeppy] Shoyu was mine. Which is a Japanese brand. These are Winnie The Pooh themed. Piglet flavour and Tigger flavour. Oh, no we don’t. We have Chicken with corn flavour and we have Seaweed flavour. Let’s try the Chicken and corn one because the Seaweed one I think is going to be stronger tasting. // [H] Okay. As far as I know, the noodles are different sizes.
They’re different noodles. // [H] Yes. Much smaller. We have 1 piece of corn. *clink* [SLUUURRRPPPP] It’s rather bland. Just straight up salty but it’s bland salty. BARELY get the chicken and corn taste. At all. Slightly oily water with cardboard-
[Haeppy] Salty. with carboard noodles. These are the worst ones so far.
[Haeppy] This is not good. WHAT IS THAT? Get outta here. // [H] Although I do prefer the noodle itself more than the Little Cook noodle. You like the thicker noodles?
[Xander] Aw yeah, I like it thick. I want some THICKNESS in my life.
[Haeppy] Hopefully the seaweed Generally, I like the seaweed taste.
[Haeppy] will be better. It’s quite nice. Again, this one also has corn in it. Guess the Japanese like corn.
[Xander] Was it seaweed and corn? Oh and it’s not corn. It’s little little things. It’s these little yellow things. You need one. Let’s go. [Soft Slurp] Does not taste like seaweed at all. Fucking mosquitos. Can you get that real quick? I didn’t get it.
[Xander] DAMN IT. This- // [X] OH WAIT! YOU DID! It went in my glass. [Haeppy] Oh wow. That’s uh… unfortunate. Do you want to use your finger? Oh, it’s still alive. I must have shocked it. That’s all I did. That’s nothing like seaweed. This is- Nissin is just bad. Usually Nissin is very good. but not this time. Oh, I’m pretty excited for the rice noodle one. The Why Why or the Whey Whey, I don’t know how to pronounce it. And then this other one. The Kaset, which you want to try first. Wuuuuuut. [Sluuuurp] MMMMMM.
(Channeling inner Trevor James) [Sound of Haeppyness] What flavour was this? Baked Shrimp flavour. Oh, I LOVE THIS. Well the noodles are very different.
[Haeppy] OH THIS IS SO FRAGRANT. The soup: Asian-y spices. Doesn’t remind me of baked shrimp though. It’s not like seafood-y. This is my favourite one so far. It’s above the Nissin but nowhere near… Like, I wouldn’t want this again.
[Haeppy] Oh yeah? I wouldn’t want to eat this one again. Is it because of the soup or the noodles? It’s a combination of everything. I just don’t really like it.
[Haeppy] Oh yeah? He doesn’t like cilantro, parsley, coriander, any of that stuff. // [X] I frickin’ hate that stuff. [Haeppy] This seems a little dry. Dry like my pussay. (Bwahahaha) Tom Yum is like the most famous Thai spicy soup. [Reluctant Xander] Okay… [SLUURRRPP] It’s very lemony. Very sour, which is what Tom Yum soup is supposed to be like. Do you get that lemon taste? I like it. Tom Yum is supposed to be spicy and sour. None of these are spicy. Do you like it though? No. Really?! I prefer *points to the pork one*
[Haeppy] I really like [Haeppy] spicy and sour. I prefer the other ones. I’m getting full. NO. We’ve gone through 7 noodles already. Serda.
[Xander] Serda. Yes, one is a Ahahaha ow, it’s hot.
[Haeppy] I burnt myself as well. [Unhappy sniffing] That smells disgusting. IT SMELLS HORRIBLE. It smells so strong. It smells very traditional. Is that what that is?
[Haeppy] That’s all I can say. UUUGGGHHH. THIS ONE’S REALLY SPICY. UGHM. This is the spiciest one so far. Tha oil hit me real hard. BUT the soup is great! It’s more sour than the Wai Wai. Yeah, it’s more spicy than the Wai Wai. You have to get the soup in to get the spice in it. ‘Kay, well we’ve got the regular Tom Yum, let’s get the Creamy Tom Yum. [Accented + Desperate Xander] Creamy Tom Yum, man. [Haeppy] Oh, it’s creamy alright. [Xander] I like how your portion of noodles has gone down. Oh, it smells like the stuff we had with Pleum the other day! [Horrified Xander] It’s that horrible smell from the other night. Ohm… Oh nooo… Oh noooo…. Oh no Creamy Tom Yum. Not for me. Aroy? You like the creamy one more? Maybe but- It’s less spicy. It is less spicy. Tom Yum for me.
[Xander] I’m really confused. [A beautiful rendition of Star Wars music] We were just talking about how, um, what was it? The Last Jedi. We’re going to try and do the same shot. Flying over the water. When we go to the island on the 24th or 26th, although we don’t know the name of the island is so… It’s like a heart-shaped thing in the middle of it. A heart-shaped lake thing. [Xander whistles le Star Wars music] All sponsored by Pleum from VRZO! Yes.
[Haeppy] WE LOVE HIM! He has taken care of us so much. And Bie, too! Bie’s SO AWESOME! Bie’s good

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  6. ต้มโคล้ง or Tom Klong, in english we called " Sour and spicy smoked dry fish soup". It's kind of Tom-Yam, but Tom Klong will add a smoked dry fish. 🙂

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  9. Tom Klong is basically one type of soup in Thai cuisine which is made of Tom Yum ingredients but all ingredients need to be grilled first to get more fragrance and smoky flavor.

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    Also, green Fanta is genuinely one of the best things I've tasted and if you haven't yet, definitely try it! They need to introduce it elsewhere!

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  22. Tom Klong is similar to Tom yam but mostly cook with dry fish. My family will grill dry fish a little bit before cook. And we use dry chilli for spicy flavour not fresh one.

  23. What made Tom Klong is different than Tom Yum is the cook will roast all ingredients so the soup would have more aroma of herbs.The taste is spicy and sour just like Tom Yum.

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