$4 Burger Vs. $777 Burger

$4 Burger Vs. $777 Burger

– How’s it going, Keith? (swoops)
– Oh, it’s good. How are you doing?
– I’m doing awesome. – Where are we going? – So, we’re going to Vegas! – (laughing) We’re going to Vegas? – Let’s go (laughing)! Woohoo!
– We can’t just go to the (upbeat funky music)
Okay, well I think I packed okay for that. – So Steven brought me
in the car yesterday and just said, “We’re going
somewhere, pack your bags.” You haven’t really told
me why we’re in Vegas. – We had such a great time
on that sushi adventure. – Yeah, we had a great time. (rewinding)
– Who’s your boy? – Steven Lim – (laughing) Yes! – I was like, “We gotta do part two.” – So today we’re gonna get three types of burgers,
(swooping) a cheap one, a medium-priced one, and a super expensive one. In fact, it’s gonna be $777. – (sneezing) Oh, I’m
allergic to that idea. (laughs)
– But we’re gonna find out, “Is that burger really
worth the price difference?” – I like cheap burgers. – Maybe you just haven’t
had the right experience yet with the right person. – I like that you’ve made that about you. – Well, isn’t this all about me, Keith? – No, it’s not.
It’s literally a video comparing burgers. – With Keith and Steven,
best buddies for life! (upbeat jazzy music) – I’m Adam Baird, the
Executive Corporate Chef for Habit Burger Grill. Keith and Steven are out in Las Vegas enjoying our delicious Charburger. We cook everything to order, and we season it with a handmade seasoning in the back of the house. We caramelize onions all day long, toast our buns to order. Every little bit of detail has to be executed with the utmost skill. (bell dings) – It is gorgeous, I don’t want
to waste any time talking. Let’s eat it.
– It smells so good right now. – I don’t wanna waste any time talking. Let’s eat it. – Where the sun’s coming down.
– I’m not waiting. (paper crinkles) – Oh, it’s so juicy! – Very savory. – The mayonnaise was like this great layer of delightful goodness. – Your reaction after
taking a bite of this is to take (chuckling) another
bite immediately (chuckles). – This drink is delicious. – Also, they make their
own strawberry limeade here and it’s (bleeps) great. – Just go back and forth. – Perfect balance, like a Olympic gymnast. – You’re perfect, Keith. – Together we are the perfect dynamic duo! – Oh.
– And this burger is $4.15. – That’s crazy. What would you compare this value to? Theft?
$4.15. You can’t beat this burger. But the next burger is
not $4, it’s 20 bucks. So we gotta go there.
– Bring your family here, bring a date. (record screeches)
– Why do you cut me off? I had such a nice rounding.
– Okay, go ahead. Go!
– I tried to end the segment and then I had to start
over with a new bow. Why is this happening? You’re not going to find.
– (yells then laughs) (crew laughs) – Damn, that was a fine burger. – Burger Fact! – Burger Fact! – How many burgers did
America eat in 2014? – This is a question, this is not a fact. – That’s trivia. – You can’t say “Burger
Fact,” and ask me a question! – How many burgers (laughing). – Goddamnit, (lauging) that’s a question! (spring boings)
– did America eat in 2014? – I don’t know!
200 thousand. – What?
Are you stupid? – I don’t, I’m guessing. I was awaiting a fact. – Nine billion. So on our way now to
the Gordon Ramsay BurGR. – Wouldn’t mind some bacon. I don’t think we’ll meet Gordon, but we’ll certainly meet somebody. – I’m driving without hands, Keith. – It worries me. (upbeat jazzy music) – We are at Gordon Ramsay BurGR. Our featured burger today that we’re talking
about is our Hog Burger. This is the only burger
that we actually griddle, so we get a lot more caramelization on it. Our buns, they’re all
brushed with 83% butter fat, and they are toasted on the griddle. Our cabbage slaw is dressed
with a tarragon mayonnaise. A nice, beautifully
caramelized pork patty. On top of our pork is our
smoked barbecue brisket. – [Steven] On top of the pork. – Pork on pork on pork. Then comes our crispy
onions, garlic seasoning, paprika, and a little
bit of cayenne for kick, and we also need the acid of our pickles, so these are our house-made
bread and butter pickles. – Massive. – [Keith] It’s almost as big as your head. – [Harold] The best thing
about a burger is it’s simple. Everyone can identify with it but the way that you can take it through the roof is in the details. – When I eat burgers that
are this big, I smash them. – You are an animal. How are you going to enjoy
the flavors like that? – How are you going to enjoy
the flavors separately? Cheers.
– Cheers. – Wow.
It’s very, very porky. But with the onions and the
pickle, totally counters that. – Combine this many ingredients and put it into one item that you can enjoy together is a very hard task. And they managed to do that. – Balanced like a pig
on a tightrope, baby. – If I’m going to spend $18,
I want to see this much food. – It was as big as Steven’s head, but a really sexy Steven’s head. – Are you sure that’s not
just this guy right here? – Nah, I’m pretty sure. Two little piggies with Steven
Lim heads on a tightrope. I want to see that animation now. (playful music)
(oinking) If you were staying anywhere
near Planet Hollywood, and you want a bomb-ass burger,
this is just incredible. Now we gotta head to
this preposterous burger. – What would make this
next burger worth it? – I guess it’d have to be the best tasting burger I’ve ever had. – That’s not hard to do, right? – It is hard to do. I’ve eaten more burgers
than any other food. It’s too expensive. – No amount of money
can buy the friendship that we have together, Keith. Do you hear that?
– Yep. – We’re best buddies.
– I bet all the people on the internet are so
envious of our friendship. (grand symphonic music) – What we’re looking at
today is our 777 Burger. The best hamburger in town. – It’s 777 dollars? – It is.
– That is the most expensive burger I’ve ever heard of. – And champagne.
– And champagne, right. – Cause it comes with Dom Perignon. That burger gets a Wagyu
patty, aged goat cheese, pancetta bacon,
– Oh my God. – [Karl] foie gras, arugula, lobster, and it gets 100-year old
aged balsamic vinegar. – [Keith] How much is a bottle? – [Karl] This goes for
about $200 a bottle. – [Keith] I’m looking at it, I’m like every single item on
there is more expensive than a thing I would normally eat. – [Karl] You’ve gotta
live once in a while. – I know, I’ve gotta live!
I’m. – Ya gotta live. (romantic piano music)
– We are about to eat the greatest thing in the world. – For once I’m not super
upset that you’re touching me because I too am very excited. That’s not an invitation to re-grab. – Good afternoon, gentleman. I just wanted to stop
by and offer you first, our bottle of Dom Perignon Rose, and this goes exquisitely
with the finest burger on the planet, the 777 Burger. – [Steven] Yes. – [Waiter] You made a wonderful
decision today, gentlemen. Enjoy your meal. – I also like how romantic this is that we’re gonna share everything. It’s very cute, I like it.
– Yeah, I’m sorry, I couldn’t afford more than one burger. – No, I understand. – Which was actually my plan all along. You eat it first, Keith, I can’t. – [Keith] You sure? – I don’t feel worthy. – Well, well, well. – I want some of that champagne, though. – Oh, that’s delightful.
Oh, that’s good. – Holy (bleeps). – I’m going for it. (piano music crescendos) Wow. Steven that is crazy tasting. – I had so much pleasure just
watching you eat that burger. – It’s really good (chuckles).
– I don’t want to eat it. – Eat it.
– I can’t. – You can.
– I feel, I physically cannot eat this burger. – Alright.
– I would feel bad. (piano music slows) (gasps) I’m tearing up watching you eat this. – Dude, it’s so good. Balsamic vinegar is truly, like, God tears. – I’m doing it.
(piano music crescendos) – It’s a little overwhelming. – Wow.
– Every item on here has a strong flavor. – The goat cheese and the beef
really meld together well. It’s like one true pair. Like Keith and Steven, all together. You know, it’s best buddies for life. – He’s insane. Let’s not kid ourselves. That’s a lotta money. But if you’re in a place
to spend lots of money, you might as well go for it. I didn’t think that a burger could be an experience until today. – I don’t want this ever to end. (upbeat jazzy music)
– So, what was your favorite? – If I were to come back to Vegas and bring my girlfriend
somewhere, it would have to be the Gordon Ramsay Burger.
(bell rings) It was something super different and it was just a really good burger. – I’m gonna start going to the Habit. However, the best burger I had today was the 777 Burger.
(bell rings) – To share bites of that
burger, it’s worth it. – It’s Vegas, baby!
(trumpet screeches) – Did not do that. (funky jazz music)
– I’m gonna go to bed. – [Keith] It’s 5:30 in Vegas. You can sleep, but I’m getting (bleep) up. – No.
– It’s Vegas, baby! – [Steven] Stop (laughing), god! What is wrong with you?
(Keith roaring and laughing) – Get (bleep) up and die (laughing). Las Vegas, baby! – Alright, you’re scaring me.
I’m going to sleep. (metal squeaking)
– Vegas, baby.

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  1. Let’s be real, Keith is a dick. He’s a loveable one though. He’s loveable dick-ishness fits perfectly with the try guys who all are dicks in their own ways (Eugene is the cold dick, Ned is the competitive dick and Zac is the awkward dick).

  2. I love Keith, but honestly prefer Steven with Andrew for the Worth It series. Also not right without Adam!!!!

  3. Watches Gordon Ramsay burger, $18. So how exactly is a burger supposed to beat this? Ahh.. I see. Don Parignon. I see what you did there.

  4. whats same in every season is that steven is always making the other person confess that they are best buddies for life

  5. Everyone hating on Keith. That’s literally his personality and he has to try to entertain a new viewer. Plus Try guys is way better then worth it💀

  6. This test is so bad. It should be a 4-7 dollar burger, 15-25 dollar burger, and a 50-60 dollar burger. I say this because only a handful of people will ever be able to buy a burger for 777 making it useless. But I guess.

  7. Thank god you disposed of this autistic inbred idiot, just by looking at him almost everyone has the urge to punch him and shut his mouth so his saliva wouldn´t fall off and wouldn´t flood the room. Not to mention his very poor behavior. Wasting oxygen for the rest of us – literally.

  8. The habit definitely some of the best burgers ever! Right up there with five guys and way better than in and out. Had the guac burger — life changing!

  9. The first one probably tasted best. Tomatoes,pickles,onion,cheddar and salad. Thats all the toppings I need. 100 year old vineger? No thanks.

  10. "I don't want to waste any time talking, let's eat it."
    The moment he said that and didn't wait for Steven to finish explaining, I paused and look for another Worth It video.
    Steven's look and reaction to what Keith did tells everything, it was worth it that Andrew tagged in.

  11. Dude that $777 burger is a joke. Clearly paying for the wine. No way in hell those ingredients add up to even $100.

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