100 thoughts on “2X Spicy Noodle Challenge #TaratellingTV #Bloveslife

  1. Tara Telling Tv that look spicy as hell lol but I love it I absolutely love spicy foods I gotta try this noodles 💕 tfs btw isb 😁

  2. Hi new friend saw you in the life thus morning cant wait till your next life 😎

  3. My children are begging me to do this challenge I refuse!! Lol just here showing you some love new family

  4. Your intro song is too cute!! I don’t know how you do Spicy! 🥵 I see these noodles on a lot of mukbangs though! Keep up the great work! 😁💕

  5. Wow, everybody I see doing this spicy noodle Challenge say they are good but they start sweating and nose start running and lips burning 🤣🤣🤣🤣. I can not do that!!! I to enjoy my food. Lol.

  6. Hello Tara oh no I want to do this challenge but the way my stomach set up😂you got it💪you did good…..enjoy the rest of your day peace&blessings❤❤

  7. Hey here from pusa studios lol I did the Spicey noodle Challenge with my family and I just quit😂😂

  8. Lol you keep say "y'all these noodles not good to me" omg great video my kids did this challenge on my channel. Part of the TaraTelling TV family

  9. Ohh noo i couldnt do the spicy i would be in the E.R by the first bite lol but u did good tho..keep up the good work fam

  10. You did awesome!! These noodles are hot hot but I still use the sauce on my chicken wings. Thanks for sharing❤

  11. hey there Tara. I thought about doing one of these with the noodles but wanted a lot like the originators LOL. I love your video . Its really good. All love . Good seeing you tonight.

  12. O my goodness. This stuff is hot. I love hot sauce but I cant eat these 2×Spicy noodles just cant do it…. but great video..

  13. Wow!… I like to spicy noodles but not too much maybe but you friend, you eat 2x and that is too spicy in your mouth and stomach too….. anyway I really eanjoy watching you …

  14. Tara you did a great job you eat that spicy noodles like a champ you made it look like you didn't even break a sweat I give you props I couldn't do it💖💖

  15. very nice challenge
    i eat those like every day and now it is not so hot
    have to add cayenne pepper to make it spicier

  16. Hey new family here! Those joints r hot! I did a video on this 2! Fire. Continue the good work ❤️

  17. You have an amazing channel, it always cracking me up when I see you enjoy your meals😅, that was one hot spicy noodle

  18. Yeah them bad boys ain't no joke! Lol… I thought they were somewhat tasty at first but you did good. Shoot them was hot to me. It hit after a minute.

  19. Hi. I knew it had to be too much, by the look on your face at 7:00. You did a great job, I couldn't do it lol. New friend here. Have a wonderful day!

  20. That looks a little to hot for me, dear. The kind of meal that burns twice, if you know what I'm saying!

  21. Hello, just joined your channel from Royal Live .. I will stay connected 💜👍I been trying to find those noodles I'll have to order online

  22. Hello pretty lady I came over from Ralph’s trucking livestream to support your channel new friend thumbs up hope we can stay connected new friend

  23. Very Great video thank you for sharing I have subs you 🙏🙏👍👍👉👉🔔🔔💛💜💖💗💜💗and I hope you Will support me

  24. Ohhh my God that's so spicy your so strong my friend your did it but don't cry hahaha thanks for sharing more power to you

  25. Heyyyy for the 2x spicy challenge. I love them lol even though i suffered during the blindfold challenge, I now eat them on the regular 😂. Great video looking forward to more of your content.

  26. Sister I love the video the singing the production keep doing what you doing I'm friend here now and will be watching

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