12lb King Kookamonga Burger Challenge in Memphis!! (18,000 Calories)

12lb King Kookamonga Burger Challenge in Memphis!! (18,000 Calories)

Alright everybody can I get your
attention please, We have an official King Kookamonga in the house, give it up
everybody, give it up, give it up!! Alright We have Randy Santel all the way from
St. Louis, Missouri and then behind the camera we have Mitch from Green Bay,
Wisconsin and these two gentlemen are going to attempt to eat the King Kookamonga which is 12 pounds or 18,000 calories of hamburger. Ready, set, go!! Let’s go let’s go!! Eey everybody this is Randy Santel,
Atlas, and i am very very excited because i’m going for overall win number
696, my second of the day on day two of our southeast USA winter tour. I am back
in downtown Memphis, Tennessee, I am at Kooky Canuck. This time I’m taking on
their team burger challenge with my partner Mr. “Magic Mitch”
we are at Kooky Canuck taking on their King Kookamonga burger challenge.
Many years ago before even my 200th win, I beat their solo challenge which was
featured on Man v. Food Memphis many years ago this team burger challenge is
twelve pounds about 18,000 calories total. Now this thing is massive it’s got
six pounds of delicious beef along with some cheese on top. There’s like 4 pounds of bun, definitely not gluten-free. Then we’ve got a whole bunch of healthy
vegetables. We’ve got lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, then we’ve even got more
pickles up here. We’ve got one hour to finish. If we fail it’s going to be 55
dollars, but if we win we’ll get this massive burger for free,
we’ll get sweet t-shirts, and we’ll be one of the few elite teams to have our pictures on the Wall of Fame Are you ready? I’m ready! Alright, let’s get this challenge started Alright they’ve got another location
in Cordova which is near downtown Memphis but only a few teams have won at this location Our friends Big Eater Mike and Brett who
did that burrito challenge with me earlier today, they have the team record
37 minutes and 58 seconds. We’re going to try to smash that so let’s go Mitch
let’s get it started 1, 2, 3, BOOM!! Alright I think we
we are going to cut it into fourths so Well we’re going to take this off to start. We’ll cut it into fourths and then we will go from there. Come on you can do it!! Let’s go boys, let’s go boys!! This beef is very very good, it’s very very tender and flavorful Yeah I’ll take them… some healthy onions!! Last few bites of beef. I remember from the last challenge years
ago the bread was good so we’ll see how it is Oh yeah Gotta make sure he’s trained and ready for the other challenges on this trip 14 minutes and 45 seconds in. We’re
almost there. 2 pickles, and we have a little bit of the bottom bottom bun left, and we just got this top bun half We’re 20 minutes and 40 seconds in now fizzling out fast but I still have some
room so I think we’re gonna get Lucky we started out fast because this top bun is taking us forever. We are going to beat 30 minutes though. Toast to a delicious burger The new record for the team burger challenge is 28 minutes and 18 seconds that was a delicious burger courtesy of
Kooky Canuck here in downtown Memphis Tennessee. Mitch would you think of it? I thought it was a fantastic burger. I really enjoyed that beef patty. Yeah the beef patty was very well cooked. we got it medium and it was perfect. The
cheese and all those vegetables on there that was a lot of bun but the bun
still had some good flavor to it. BIG THANK YOU to Kooky Canuck and all the staff for the wonderful hospitality Thank you guys for watching!!

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  1. Hey everyone thanks for watching this video!! It was great to eat with Magic Mitch during our trip and try this challenge that I had been wanting to try ever since attempting the solo challenge featured on Man v. Food: Memphis a few years ago. For anyone interested, here is the link to watch that video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHbNdDjE0cc

  2. Molly “ what’s the new team record “

    Sits down by herself “ and the new all time record is “ !!

  3. As usual boys, GREAT job! I want to thank the "Asshat" that thought it was a good idea to put their cellphone in the way of the filming at the end; right in the center/right screen. Grrr🤬🤬 Awesome job boys!!🤛👍👍💪💸😎

  4. where in fl u be next my daughter missed crestview tHt where she had her surgery 2 yes.ago Be great o see

  5. Randi eats goo again this time back home in America the American randi eating goo goo food well done randi of the universe

  6. He's a great eating partner. Not too cocky and great performance, unlike some other teammates/rivals you've had.

  7. Many people watching you will try to copy you …don't do things that others will copy and then ruin their health..do you understand how dangereos it is for the digestive system and also for the heart.

    Have some common sense man, don't behave FOOLISHLY and play with health and others too. these videos should be pulled out from youtube.

  8. You allways dip the bread in the water or soda … that is rule nr 1 to easy swallow it and soaking it up, but they didnt do it

  9. Not to be rude or cocky, on the hamburger bun!, you're supposed to compress it (as in squeeze it in your hand or under a plate almost like dough or flat), if it's NOT against the rules!! That's how I won a few challenges!!!

  10. You should livestream the entire video on twtich.tv and then edit and upload it to youtube. That would be pretty awesome no joke.

  11. Randy! I'm A Chiropractor And Know About Food! I Have To Ask , Since You Said A Degree in Nutrition! How Does That Work? What Is Your Prep Work To Be Able To Do These Feats! Or is it Feast! lol

  12. You know big guy the way you gobble your food down makes a person so hungry till me myself and I end up in a mad uncontrollable appetite and I love it💪👍

  13. Magic Mitch and Raina Huang are the best tag team partners for Randy…Would love to see all three of them attempting a challenge together…👍👍👍👍

  14. I never tried a Kookamonga burger before. How are they? Mmm this is a tasty burger! Vincent you ever tried a Kookamonga burger? They're real tasty.

  15. I dont like that Guy with you. First, he takes All his time. You eat way more than him and at the end he wants To finish before you. Dont take that Guy again

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