whoa I’m shaking mama and eateth jerk girl honey and today to be eating 10 10 times nuclear fire noodles so let’s dig in cuz I’m so hungry so today I made not one not two not three but ten nuclear fire noodles you guys so Tom now sent me this seven-year anniversary 12,000 Scoville level units many nuclear fire noodles and since this is mini I decided to make 10 so let’s put in our sauces dudu nuclear [Music] [Music] is this going to be the perfect amount of spice for honey we’ll find out but first thank you against her now so much for sending me these noodles and I am going to have a giveaway and I’m going to try to announce the giveaway while I eat these noodles so make sure you guys stay tuned and get ready to rumble first bite Jonny bite mmm so far it tastes like the six times nuclear fire noodles that I tried do you guys think I can finish this I would say nuclear fire noodles definitely has a different kick than the ghost pepper noodles but they’re both really yummy and I’m also going to try something different today you know how I usually finish off with drinking milk a lot of people have told me that sugar helps alleviate those spice so I’m going to actually try eating a honey spoonful of sugar so I’m going to be giving away two of these nuclear mini fire noodles – two of my honeybees who the spice is kicking in giveaway rule number one you must be subscribed to this channel of course if you’re not subscribed to this channel make sure you guys hit that red subscribe button and that notification bell as well so you know when I upload my videos rule number two subscribe to honey ants I’m armed the link is in the description box who did you guys know I had an ASMR channel don’t forget to the like button if you think I can’t finish all these noodles whoa kickin in it’s getting really hot you guys there’s someone turn on the heater whoa it is very tasty though have you guys ever tried those spicy foods that are spicy but don’t taste good I’m sweaty whoa okay I might have to drink some sparkling water just water you guys won I can do it I’m starting to tear up whoa am I even halfway done let’s go help me honeybees take a bite ha ha it was a spicier than the ghost pepper noodles what I almost forgot last giveaway rule follow me on up follow me on a skirt jab this over a honey underscore eat like them like this video and comment emoji honey bee fire woo the love how many beads I don’t know if anyone wants to win this giveaway if you guys like suffering please enter whoa no I’m shaking my best friend watch my ghost pepper noodle video and she told me how at that time she loved seeing me suffer are you guys enjoyed this can you honey make it oh my tongue whoa whoa look at my lips I think I ate at least five or six noodles that’s good right handy beat I’m really shaky whoa laughs bye shit back to the rest you sure they’re helping a little I say I feel my tongue anymore thank you guys so much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did please go to hit that subscribe button if you haven’t already and to become a honeybee and like this video guys like this and I’ll see you guys in my next video bye [Music]


  1. You have something (round yellow) in the side of dish I want to know it's name what does it call… Wanna have too😍

  2. I thouht hyunne said 10x 10x spicy fire noodles and i was like "Is she eating 200x spicy fire noodles 😆😂😂😅"

  3. The spanish subtitles are really disrespectfull and dumb, they don't even translate anything, your videos don't deserve such stupid subtitles

  4. I’m 8 yrs old and new to YouTube! I been watching your videos and they look very yummy! I would like for you to watch my spicy noodles challenge video..I added more spices to it and did it!! Btw, you got a new subscriber here 😁

  5. 완전 복스럽게 맛있게 잘 드세요!!
    실례가 아니라면 혹시 국적을 여쭤봐도될까요? 영어발음이 너무너무 좋으신데 한국어까지 잘하셔서 궁금해서요

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