10 Foods under $1 in Saigon, Vietnam – Street Food Dollar Menu

10 Foods under $1 in Saigon, Vietnam – Street Food Dollar Menu

100 thoughts on “10 Foods under $1 in Saigon, Vietnam – Street Food Dollar Menu

  1. Yo Besticles!

    Let me know what you think of the Street Food Dollar Menu. Should I do it in other countries??

    I love your faces!

  2. lol, the lady flipped over the spring roll she gave you because it was facing the wrong way, and you flipped it right back over.

  3. 3:36 roses are red Violets r blue I just got clickbaited and so did u too .-.

    Who else watching in 2019 ??? If u see this comment I hope ur future will be amazing 😃😄😊

  4. Lol I’m from Vietnam and we think Americans are…spending way to much money.
    You see, $2 is like 50k vnd and we can buy a smoothie at the cafeteria so…

  5. Me: trying not to watch cuz i get hungry

    Other people: watches normally and dont care what so ever

    Best Ever Food Review Show: num num num

  6. Hey dude, I have been following you for years. Really like your food review in Vietnam. I gonna go back to SaiGon in few months later ( January, 2020). Really like to join in your show and we can explore more places. Does it sound good??? If yes drop me a message via [email protected] . ;).

  7. Come to Surabaya, Indonesia and i will show you so many delicious food u can eat with 1$ and make your tank food is full sir

  8. I’m Vietnamese so here to know I am
    Xinh Chao ban
    Hello friend
    But too much plastic
    I know are poor but it’s pretty easy to rescue the earth with all of our help

  9. Just going through your videos. This one is one of my favorites. You got Long to step out f his comfort zone and he stepped up. The food lady feeding you was very endearing and you were able to showcase a number of foods. Great job Sonny! I look forward to watching more of your show.

  10. Spicy fruit menu could be found all over Indonesia. Rujak, fruit salad. Google it! And it has been there since stone age.

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