10 Common Scams to Avoid || CHINA TRAVEL TIPS 🇨🇳

10 Common Scams to Avoid || CHINA TRAVEL TIPS 🇨🇳

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  1. Hi guys🙋🏻 getting scammed is something we'd all like to avoid. I wanted to bring attention to this problem in this episode of my China Travel Tips Series. Please feel free to share your own stories and experiences so we can all become more aware of scams to look out for! If you prefer reading, I wrote an article on this topic: https://herewithdia.com/scams-in-china/

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  3. Excellent informative post, a breath of fresh air compared to the absolute garbage posted by Serpentza and his immigrant boyfriends. It’s not just foreigners that get scammed, if the opportunity presents itself, scammers will not discriminate!

  4. Biggest scams in the US: 1) the american dream, 2) Freedom, 3) democracy is good for the country 4) we have a democracy, 5) all non-anglo countries are evil 6) equality 7) no racism 8) freedom of speech/press/expression

  5. Thanks for the tips. I will be visiting China soon. I am very nervous about fake money. But thank u for giving me tips

  6. 2. Taxi scam: I experienced , paid 400RMB from airport to my hotel. Driver super friendly tried to gather all my information like I'm from which country, profession , how much I'm earning, for how many days i will be here etc etc. When he asked my profession and my earning that triggered my mind and I stopped responding.
    Noted your all suggestions. Thanks.

  7. Say no to a Chinese massage?! No way! I have Chinese massage every month nearly. The best tip is to carry cash for tips and to barter!

  8. In Istanbul, Turkiye I was warned if a Turk asks you to come to a bar with beautiful Russian women don't go! One or two will sit by you and buy you a few drinks. Once you get up a gorilla sized Russian or less often Turk stands in your way and demands $3000. Pay or you'll get pulverized. I was once approached but having been forewarned I said NO but when I'm in a strange place here or abroad I'm more cautious. I doubt I'll ever go to China but never say never. If I ever go to China I'll listen to the whole video. My focus is South America now instead of Europe.

  9. Just joined up , i like to travel , im Tim from England , can i just say you are Sooo Beautiful , im not trying to chat you up , i am just paying you a compliment

  10. It's just another confirmation for me what borders still exist and real in some countries. For some time I thought what there is no real borders and world is running by corporations. Now I see I was mistaken.

  11. i went to shanghai in late 2017…and fell for the 11th scam…i was roaming around in the bund area (not far from my hotel) when a young lady approached and befriended me, she took me to a small bar (at around 11 pm), and then led me to a moderate sized room, and two other ladies joined me, they sat beside me on a sofa (i was the only diner), we ate (they hardly drank anything), i became tipsy, they invited me to kiss and fondle them, and then the bill appeared, it said 90,000 rmb, i countered, the ladies went away and 4 men came in explaining the account, i said no, altercation broke in..until i was roughed up and forced to pay the money using my card!!! next day i managed to revisit the place with a cop..i recognized one girl (she said i wasnt there the day before) about the men i couldn't find any familiar face (maybe those men weren't there, or i was in a drunk shock when they hit me)..anyways nothing happened (later i checked bank details it mentioned a different address where the transaction took place)….PLEASE FOREIGNERS (especially men travelling alone) WATCH THIS OUT (btw i am from india, went to shanghai first time alone for a small talk about business).

  12. It is so odd to hear stories as a kid in China as you dont look Chinese at all. More Japanese/Brazilian than anything. Maybe even Thai or Singaporean.

  13. Thank you for the video! As a local Chinese, I have to say that some scams even local people fell in it! Especially for man, "the Badger game" in Chinese:"Xian Ren Tiao", don't push your luck! ( after watching this video, I'll never ask foreign friends"How long hv u been here" LOL)

  14. Why do guys make these cheesy posts to attractive women on Youtube? rolls eyes What are you guys thinking? That catering to a woman's presumed vanity will win you favor with her? Please, be real now… I mean, come on guys, this is an absolutely, incredibly gorgeous woman and clearly of superior intelligence and not just beauty. She is way too smart to not see through your obvious tactics of flattery. She deserves a man that will see her as the individual she is and not judge her for the ample abundance of pulchritude and comeliness she possesses and try to draw attention to those facts. It's shameful.

  15. Never forget that Chinese people (especially older generations) don't like you and generally look down on you. Their culture is openly racist, and the only things that they care about are keeping face with their own immediate family members and getting rich at any cost. Your safety and well being are of no concern to them whatsoever.

  16. My wife told me about her first time at Guangzhou for a business tour. Turns out almost most of her money and time there is just wasted..

  17. being too careful and too cautious spoil the fun and the adventure. also it's so rude when doubting genuine people that are welcoming you to their country.
    if you have a dirty mind and looking for dirty suff; of course you will find dirty people.

  18. although this video is old, its incredibly useful…Knew these stuff from lonely planet when i went to China in 2011… Thank you Dia 🙂

  19. ….Countries all over the world are reporting the "inflated restaurant price" scams….I've heard now from Poland, Turkey, Vietnam, China, Ukraine, Tokyo and is probably very wide- spread….

  20. many pervert men below, I want info, not romance. yes, you were correct I experienced these scams and it was difficult to get rid of them they kept followed you. Very annoying, police should get rid of these for better travel.

  21. So just because there are some fake beggars you don't donate to any of them? Its not that your donation is in hundreds of dollars. Btw there are a lot more beggars in places like LA, London or Vancouver. Ive hardly seen any in China.

  22. When my dad brought me to mainland China as a holiday I learnt the horrible truth that sometimes children beggers are abducted children that are forced to beg for money 😭

  23. Thanks I guess I had a bit of this in India I will be on the look out in Feb 2020 when I visit next year. Thanks again

  24. Thank you for these tips! It helps a lot of folks like me who would like to travel to China. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  25. Why do you apply this to China alone??? This happen in Mexico, Egypt, France and Amsterdam, New York….where else have you been?

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