🤟 The Best Acai Bowl + Vegan Dimsum || Vancouver Vlog

🤟 The Best Acai Bowl + Vegan Dimsum || Vancouver Vlog

My last day in Vancouver and my twin is gonna take me out on an adventure We’re going to this Chinese vegetarian restaurant for vegan dimsum I just ate a candy and a little bit of brown…🤭 Shaomai~ shaomai~ hey~ During my stay here, I only get to hang out with my twin on the weekends so I’m really glad that I got to spend my last full day here in Vancouver with him So our plan before dinner was to simply roam up around freely Then I felt like eating in an açaí bowl, so I found this place on Happy Cow called Protein House What is this? Village Cleaners… oh it’s not a food place… Like the name suggested, it is literally a supplement shop selling all kinds of protein shakes They also serve fresh juice and smoothie with vegan protein option available 💪 Of course I ordered the Ultimate Acai Bowl and Jordan got the Banana-Cacao Bowl and man… they were huge 3 hours later, it was about time for dinner 3G Vegetarian Restaurant serves variety of Asian dishes and dimsum The three Gs stands for Graciousness, Gratefulness, and Generosity through vegetarian food These drumsticks were fucking unbelievable Other than the drumstick, everything else was pretty much standard Chinese food I mean they were decent but just not that memorable We ended the meal with steamed lotus buns as our dessert I just finished packing everything… I’m leaving here 🙁 It has been a fun three weeks in Vancouver Now time for a cute rewind I arrived in Vancouver on November 23rd and my friend Allan came to pick me up It was my second time in Vancouver but my first time as a vegan That’s my handsome twin fucking Shaomai and that was my first dinner an all-you-can-eat hummus platter Visited UBC campus and the Wreck Beach which is actually a nude beach, but since it was so cold…no one was naked Road trip! Got to see the disgusting yet artistic gum wall at the Pike Place Market Finally tasted the famous Beyond Burger from Veggie Grill 🍔 my favorite part of the trip Arrived in Portland Did Black Friday shopping Had this absolute fucking best grilled cheese ever from a food truck yes it was vegan I also suck…I mean ate a vegan doughnut Checked out the biggest Christmas market and met the most charming salesman ever Trevor who convinced me to spend $600 on a blender Met some fearless squirrels back in Vancouver Then I fell in love with Virtuous Pie drank the most sophisticated coffee ever Drove to the Stanley Park Did more time-lapse Drove all the way to Whistler but forgot to leash Shaomai Did snowboarding for the first time at Mount Seymour and it was fucking terrifying I almost died Visited the River Market Had a girly makeover by CiCi More Virtuous Pie Went to the Festival of Lights while being high af Reunited with Buzz Lightyear and spent the day at Capilano Suspension Bridge Jordan prepared a vegan burger that could seriously compete with the Beyond Burger It was fucking amazing I want to thank each and every one of you again for eating vegan with me and for all the fun and crazy memories this was one of the most unforgettable trips I had and I’m looking forward to our next adventure I love you guys Chu chu muah muah 😙 Thank you so much for watching My Vancouver series has finally come to an end 😭 Please give this video a thumbs up👍 leave a comment 🗣 and hit the subscribe button 👆 See you in my next vlog 😘

15 thoughts on “🤟 The Best Acai Bowl + Vegan Dimsum || Vancouver Vlog

  1. 好友聚一起真好!珍惜!美好回憶!

  2. Glad you had fun on your vancouver trip! All those vegan food! I had that vegan drumstick sold in frozen section here. Soo good!

  3. Love the videos! What was your favorite food place? I recently did a trip to Vancouver. Chickpea and MeeT definately topped the list!

  4. Andrea surely has a channel that has synergy with good vibes, fun & happiness. Her channel gives viewers something that is rare in life. What is that? Everything we want… & more. We get to experience new locations. We get to view new food. We get to be temporarily surrounded by new personalities. We get a video that isn't too short or too long. We get awesome vibrant instrumentals added. We get a voice that's legendary. Most importantly, we get knowledge. This knowledge helps us to become more aware of what is happening in the world in the category of mass food production in relation to animals. By watching her channel, you re doing yourself a favor. You are becoming more aware of healthier food choices. Healthy food assists in giving someone a healthy life. It's YaYa Time. & if you don't know, now ya know.

    Round of applause for creativity and the subtle promotion of 'food cannabis'. Contrary to what the majority thinks, it heals the body. Does tobacco heal? Did everyone peep the small exciting word annotations added when eating at the protein shop? Stellar creativity. The on the spot random 'twin song' clip was super cool. No doubt.

    The food at 3G was some of the most delicious food I've seen. I never want to eat at a fast food restaurant again. Misus YaYa is slowly changing what food we crave. I want that DRUMSTICK (3:38). You ALL ENJOYED IT! Orgasmic Food. Would surely get a passing test on the 'Food Wars' anime.

    The old-style review of Vancouver put the scenes in cinematic memory style, as if we were watching an old film. I'm a true fan. Thank you for not dying on the trip. Thank you for your Gold Star Vlog. Your effort is priceless.

  5. 我希望我一天可以跟您一起吃饭!您的下视频有什么事?

  6. Blessed to have so many amazing people in my life~~~
    For more of my Vancouver series, check out:
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  7. This video gave me a sense of nostalgia for some reason, and I've never even been to Vancouver! I love your vids. 😭

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