🔵 Sensational 888 Beef Lo Mein With Green Veggies

🔵 Sensational 888 Beef Lo Mein With Green Veggies

Hey everyone welcome back today in
studio for lunch I made beef lo mein or beef chow mein a whole bunch of
different names for this depending on where you are. Super simple; here’s how I
did it. I started out by making a quick marinade for the beef and that’s a
combination of soy sauce, baking soda, hot pepper flakes, and ginger. Then I moved on to the steak and I’m
using flank steak today, but you could use skirt certainly you could use pretty
much any beef that you want to, just slice it really thin. Toss the beef into the marinade and and make sure it’s fully coated. And then I move on to the vegetables and today I’m using
carrots and I just sliced them really thinly into matchsticks. Then I sliced up some green onions. I put the white parts to one side and the
green parts to another. And then I’m using some frozen asparagus today so I
just I just roughly chopped that into thirds, bite-sized pieces and then last
but certainly not least for the Mise en Place is the sauce that you’re gonna put
in at the end. That’s just a combination of soy sauce, sesame oil, and a garlic
chilli sauce. Give that a stir together and I almost forgot somewhere in the
middle there I cooked the chow mein noodles. And you just cook that according
to the package instructions drain them and keep them warm until you’re ready to
use them. Now I heat up my wok and I’m using a carbon steel wok but of course
I’m on an induction stove, which is not ideal for wok cooking. Into the wok goes
some oil and then about half of the beef and you stir-fry that until it’s about
3/4 of the way cooked. Take that beef out put it in a bowl and put the last bit of
beef in and cook that. Now, always in between cooking my meat
which has a heavy sauce on it, and cooking the vegetables I clean at the
inside of the wok. That’s just because there’ll be some residual sauce left in
the wok that will burn and you don’t want that. In goes some more oil and the
carrot sticks, and I just toss them around until they start to get a little
bit browned on the outside, and then the rest of the vegetables go in. That’s the
onions, the asparagus, and I’m also throwing in a little bit of edamame
today because I wanted a little extra green. Toss that around. If I was using
all fresh vegetables I’d put in a little bit of water to steam it slightly but
because both the edamame and the asparagus was frozen there’s enough
water in there released really quickly that they’ll steam. Back in goes the beef, then the noodles… then the sauce. And you give it a really
good stir to mix it all together. That’s where you end up with this!
Now the flavour is outstanding. Jules and I spent six months in China traveling by
train all across China, and everywhere we went there was a version of this dish.
Always called something similar, always had beef, always had noodles, but
everything else was completely different. Everywhere we went different
combinations of vegetables, different combinations of sauces, so there’s no
wrong way to make this. Come up with your own flavorings if you don’t like chili
garlic sauce don’t put chili garlic sauce in put something else in.
If you don’t like edamame, you don’t like asparagus, put in broccoli.
Do whatever you want this is a simple easy meal. Thanks for stopping by hope to see you again soon! Thanks for watching our Beef Lo Mein stir fry recipe!

11 thoughts on “🔵 Sensational 888 Beef Lo Mein With Green Veggies

  1. Looks like a very flavourful dish.
    Not a fan of the stuttering fast forward but I can appreciate you trying something new. Cheers

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  3. Smell-a-vision, haha. Seriously, I cooked mushrooms and onions tonight for dinner. The smell is still very strong in here, so it's like smelling your food watching you cook 😏 I love your travel history thrown in as part of the cooking episode! Thanks.

  4. I just finished a dish I did today. I got creative, and used left over vegetable. Next time, I'll add more.
    This recipe is succulent. I enjoyed my meal a lot, thanks!

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