🍭Special Crispy Bread Manchurian Recipe | Tea Time Snack Recipe Ep-39

Hai friends welcome to my youtube channel Jisha’s kitchenworld Today we will prepare a Bread manchurian White Bread – 10 slices You can either cut the edges or keep it on, for this manchurian..According to your preference Take one bread slice and dip it into the plain water, take it out immediately .. Gently squeeze the water Like this Transfer into a bowl Repeat the process to make remaining the bread balls Lets see the ingredients for bread balls Cornflour- 1tbsp (opt) Carrot- chopped Ginger garlic paste – 1 tbsp Green chilli- 3 (chopped) Red chilli pwdr- 1 tbsp Large onion- chopped Capsicum- chopped Now add Red chilli pwdr- 1 tbsp Add Cornflour- 1tbsp (opt) Now add all the chopped vegetables Green chilli, large onion,capsicum, carrot and Ginger garlic paste Add salt to taste Mix well Add 1 tbsp of Tomato sauce ..mix well Dough like consistency Now make a small balls..the size is according to your preference Heat oil for frying Fry in batches Fry for 2-5 minutes Now its ready Remove and keep aside Lets see the ingredients for masala. Tomato sauce – 1tbsp soyasauce- 1tbsp green chillies – 2 Garlic – 4 chopped Ginger – chopped Large onion – cubes Capsicum – cubes Heat 2 tbsp oil Add green chilli, garlic and ginger saute well Add capsicum and large onion Add 1 tsp of salt Add sauces Mix well Fry it for 2 minutes on medium flame Add fried bread balls fry it for a minute on medium flame Ready to serve hot Mouth melting Please SUBSCRIBE my channel…Happy cooking

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