hey guys retired at 40 today we’re
making some smoked stuffed cheddar pork burgers so load up your pellets grab
your favorite beer let’s get to cooking so not a lot of ingredients to this
recipe but the difference between this and a regular ol pork burger is night
and day so you’re gonna need two pounds of ground pork or ground beef you’re gonna need a cup
of cheddar cheese you’ll need two tablespoons of barbecue sauce make sure
you check out my homemade barbecue sauce on the traeger which is really good you
get a smoky flavor with it you’re gonna need two tablespoons of chopped onions
you can use fresh onions you can use the dried out type like this but it is
completely optional so if you don’t like onions you can just leave it up you need
1 tablespoon of traeger rub or some other kind of rub make sure you check
out the video on my homemade rub this is my go-to rub that I always use and last we need four hamburger buns we’re doing half pound burgers so make sure that you
adjust your recipe according to how many people you’re feeding now that we’ve got
our ingredients all rounded up we’re gonna go out to the traeger we’re gonna
start it up on smoke and then we’re gonna get the burgers ready first we’re going to add our one cup of
shredded cheddar cheese then we’re going to do two tablespoons of our barbecue
sauce then our two tablespoons of onion 1 tablespoon of rub I like to use gloves
for this part if you don’t use gloves make sure that you wash your hands with
cold water it just helps for the meat from sticking but you’re gonna take all
these ingredients and just mash them all up with your hands and get everything
evenly dispersed on here and then we’re gonna make our for half pound patties when you’re making the patties you want
them to be pretty thick through and through and then you’re gonna take your
thumb and you’re gonna make an indent on one side and just kind of dish it out
and I’ll show you why we’re going to do that here when we put them on the grill alright if you did this right should have
four big old burgers so normally this is where I tell you to go out to the
traeger and turn it up to the desired temperature these are actually gonna go
on smoke for thirty minutes so let’s take them out to the traeger oh yeah
look at those are perfect okay so now that our burgers are on I
showed you that these burgers need to have an indentation and what that does
is evenly cooks the entire burger even though the center is a lot thicker
than the outsides so you want this indentation to be down on the grill
grate if you’ve got a timer this is a good time to set it for half an hour and
that way you don’t forget about it I’ll see you guys in 30 minutes if you never
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hear from you now that we’ve been smoking for about half an hour we’re
gonna take it up to 300 and we want our internal temperature of the burgers to
be 160 and that usually takes about 45 minutes all right it’s been just about 45
minutes these things look absolutely amazing now is also a great time to just
throw some buns on to give them a little toast all right we’re gonna pull these
beauties off here so what you have to do is decorate these
with your favorite condiments then I can pretty much guarantee your friends and
family will be begging you to make these for them the next time they’re over in
the meantime this is retired at 40 remember to live life simple we’ll catch you next


  1. Hi been watching your videos for a while. Finally ordered my Med. Size harvests right and it arrives tomorrow and really excited and cant wait. Do you have and files you could send me on times tricks and tips I want to start it off right!
    [email protected]

  2. Thanks for this recipe. My family loved them. I also made your rub and I'm gunna try it on some ribs tonight.

  3. I have a quick question, what don't store your pallets in? Or do you just leave them in the bag they come in? Also what pellets do you use / like?

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