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welcome friends today on the channel we
are going to make something that I never thought in a million years I would ever
make for you it is a look deep and dark into one of my guilty pleasures and so
the impetus for showing you this comes from a couple of weeks ago one of my
cousins in Arkansas texted me a picture of a handwritten recipe called aunt
Pat’s Weiner soup so aunt Pat was my mom and I’d never seen the recipe written
down this was the first time I’d ever seen it written down and it’s a recipe
that I’ve been making my entire life and so we sort of figured that this was
written down 1976 or 1978 somewhere in there so I would have been 10 or 12
years old at that point I would have already been making this on my own
on weekends not a fantastic soup but it’s still something to this day that I
make even though it’s probably not the best thing it just brings me comfort on
those days you know when you’re when you’re starting to feel sick like you’ve
got a cold right into this pan I put a little bit of butter and some diced
onion and diced celery and we don’t want to brown it we just want to soften it
and because I’ve never seen it written down it was very interesting to me to
look at this recipe and say I’ve only ever made this from memory of what I
thought I saw my mother doing and obviously one of my cousin’s sat down
watched my mother make it and wrote it out and my memory has shifted over the
years of what this soup was and what I make has changed from what is written
down but it’s still essentially the same it’s still package of hot dogs and a
couple of cans of mushroom soup with potatoes and corn mixed in and you know
yeah I hear you but you know what somehow it all comes together and it
tastes great now I don’t know where my mother got this from I’ve always assumed
that it was a recipe that Campbell Soup put out in order to sell soup but who
knows so you take wieners and you just chop them up a little bit over the years
I have tried you know expensive hot dogs or expensive wieners you know the really
really good ones but time and time again I’ve come back to using just the no-name
wieners there’s something about the flavor that I just find fantastically
comforting so I’ve chopped up some of them and I’m
gonna put these in with the celery and the onion and just continue cooking that
down to soften it and then I’ll chop up the rest of these hot dogs okay so this
looks like it softened up nicely next goes some corn I’m using frozen corn I
noticed that in the written recipe my mother would have used canned corn and
canned corn would be perfect in this so there we go we’ve got a nice mixture of
corn in there I put in some cracked black pepper now the written down recipe says to put
in salt somewhere along the line I have stopped putting salty and I find that
between the wieners and the soup and the salt that I put in with the potatoes
it’s salty enough for me if you find that it needs some salt certainly go
ahead and put some in now we come to the soup cream of mushroom soup two cans of
cream of mushroom soup somewhere along the lines I switched from two cans of
cream of mushroom to one can of cream of mushroom and one can of cream of celery but you know when I went to the store to
get the ingredients to make this recipe there was no cream celery and I was kind
of surprised I don’t buy a lot of canned soup anymore and I guess that in general
is something that’s happening in the marketplace and I was amazed at how few
choices there were anymore for canned soups so if you’re a lover of
canned soup you must be pulling your hair out I know there’s two or three
that I do eat regularly or I keep in my emergency cupboard for you know just to
have but man that there’s really not much out there anymore I guess
everyone’s moving to what they think are healthier options which aren’t always
healthier so in go the two cans of soup next in two cans of milk oh just stir that together looking good
so in this pot I have some potatoes that I have I’ve done a small dice and then
just boiled them in salt and peppered water if it was pasta you would say al
dente you don’t want them cooked until they’re fully cooked or mushy you still
want to have a little bit of bite because they’re gonna cook more in this
soup and you don’t want them to fully disintegrate stir that in and now go in
the rest of the weiners or hot dogs I don’t know what do you say where you
live wieners or hot dogs packaging here kind of uses both words and then of
course we’ve got French and English together so that adds sometimes to the
confusion am i reading the French side of the package or am i reading the
English side of the package you reach a point where you just don’t know anymore
and it’s just all natural so stir that in now last ingredient for me is hot
sauce and over the years it’s been Tabasco it’s been Franks red hot it’s
been a bunch of different types of pepper sauce Julie doesn’t really like
this soup too much so she will put in sriracha which is great if you like
sriracha put that in as well and for me that’s it it’s done now we just sort of
heat it through and bring all of the flavors together the written recipe from
my mom she would have added carrots and you know what racking my brain for the
life of me I do not remember carrots being in it and that’s kind of to me
that’s part of cooking and that’s why traditional or authentic are difficult
words for me to use because you your memory changes over time and what you
think today is authentic could be completely different from what you did
20 or 30 years ago which is very interesting to me now you can finish
this my mom would finish it with a couple more tablespoons of butter might
be a little bit too much today I no longer do that
I think it’s kind of funny she says to put in one tomato chopped up my mom
would put tomato in everything didn’t matter what it was if she could put a
tomato in that recipe she would put a tomato in that recipe and parsley a few
sprigs of parsley on top when you serve it so I don’t do any of those anymore
but I think it’s a little bit too thick so I might add a little extra milk so mm-hmm
yeah this is something that just makes me smile it’s so simple it’s kind of
almost maybe sort of good for you but it’s certainly not something that you
would want to eat every week even though there were times in university where I
probably did eat this every week this just takes me back and comfort food I
mean every once in a while you need to find a comfort food that just makes you
feel like you’re having a warm hug and this is one of those things that does it
for me hmm so now this isn’t a soup that you need to simmer for a very long time
once it’s brought up the temperature it’s ready to eat
but just like almost every soup that you’ve ever made in your life stick this
in the fridge and tomorrow or the next day it’s gonna be way better all of the
flavors come together and it’s really good so there you go one of my darkest
culinary secrets hot dog soup or Weiner soup I love it give it a try if you’re
brave enough you might love it too thanks for stopping by see you again
soon you

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