झटपट बनाये होटल जैसा टेस्टी वेज मंचूरियन I Veg manchurian recipe I [English Subtitles]

Hello Friends….. Welcome back to Shana’s Kitchen Today we will see how to make Veg Manchurian Recipe So Let’s start For This we will need 1 Medium sized Cabbage And I have chopped it very finely Next we will require 3 Tbsp Maida (All Purpose flour) 2 Tbsp corn flour 2 Green chillies finely chopped 1 tsp Soya sauce Salt to Taste And Orange Red food color 1 Pinch To make Manchuriyan Sauce we will need Some Spring Onion White part Some Spring Onion Green Part 2 Tbsp Tomato ketchup 1 tsp red chilli sauce 1 tsp vinegar 1 tsp soya sauce 2 Green Chillies finely chopped 2 Tbsp Garlic chopped And some Fresh Coriander Chopped Firstly we will prepare a batter for Manchurian balls For that we will add Green Chilles to the cabbage Soya sauce little Salt And 1 Pinch Food color And now we will mix it roughly If u don’t want to add food color then you may also add Kashmiri lal mirch powder (red chilli powder) Now to bind this mixture we will add to this 2 Tbsp Corn flour And 3 Tbsp Maida (All purpose flour) And we will mix it well to make the batter Always keep the ratio of Maida(All Purpose flour) and cornflour as 3:2 That means if we are taking 3 spoons Maida(All purpose flour) then we will use 2 spoons of corn flour In This batter I am not using any Water to mix But if Required, you may add little water and then mix it well Now our batter is Ready This is the perfect consistency Like we normally make the batter for Onion FRITTER So now let’s fry the Manchuriyan balls I have already kept the oil to heat in the kadai The oil is also hot enough now Now will make small small balls of the batter and add to the oil in the kadai Oil temperature must be perfect for this And will keep the flame on Medium-low So that this ball get perfectly cooked till inside We will not fry them all together Will fry them in Batches For 5 minutes we will fry them like this moving with the spoon So that it gets cooked from all sides Now Manchurian ball are perfectly fried Now to make them little crispy we will fry them for 1 more minute on HIGH flame Now we will Remove them on a tissue paper So that its excess oil gets absorbed In same way we will fry all the other Manchurian balls Now the Manchurian ball are Ready You may also enjoy them like this as snacks They Taste really Good Like this also Otherwise you can also have them by dipping them in Manchurian sauce So Lets make Manchurian sauce for this To make manchurian sauce I have took 1 nonstick pan here And will add some oil to it Let the oil heat nicely N keep the Flame on High now onward Next we will add chopped Garlic to this And will saute this nicely for 20 to 30 seconds Next we will add Spring Onion White finely chopped green chilly And now we will mix it slightly After that to this we will add Vinegar Soya sauce And Red Chilli sauce Now we will mix it really well And then we will add Tomato ketchup to this Mix well After this we will add some Spring onion Green And Some Fresh Coriander Mix It Little To make the sauce little thin, I have added Little water to it Now we will let it Boil And then we will add the Manchurian Ball to this sauce And coat it really well with the sauce Here at this stage you may check the salt While making Manchurian ball we have added salt to the batter And the sauces that we have added in this also contains enough salt So add salt at last only after checking it Veg Manchurian Is Ready to serve Now we will serve them Its So Easy to make Veg Manchurian at home Make them for you family And give your feedback about this recipe in the comment below If you are enjoying my videos then please ………… LIKE them SHARE them with your Friends and Family And don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to my channel Thank You !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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